1. When Trump said “I’m the Law & Order” President, he meant “I’m the Law & Order breaker President.”

    1. Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order and everything becomes chaos – Joker

  2. Mr. Conway always provides a very rational, well-informed perspective. He’s an example of a Conservative who has integrity and brains. Quite rare these days. As for his wife…..well, that’s another story.

    1. @Michael Oooh, wouldn’t it be ‘convenient’ for you and your ilk that the rest of us ‘got past’ everything that happened on Jan. 6??? Fortunately, we have very good memory and witnessed it with our very eyes…

  3. Did he Say that it would be real nice if the committee constructed The narrative that he wants LMFAO 😂 how about they go over the facts and stop playing political games.

    1. @Susan Gordon Does it matter. He speaks his truth. He can’t help who he married.

      They just happen to be public figures. Lots of married couples disagree greatly on their various views on on any subject.

    1. @kathy Adrian. Seriously. I would agree with you if she was a private person. But she is not. She is a public figure and put herself front and centre and lied to Americans. She gets no respect from me. Get a grip.

    2. Leave her out of which discussions? Comments about her looks and that sort of thing is low rent and I’d agree about that. But comments her public policy statements, her filibustering and lying rather than answer questions, her supporting Trump and having a peculiar public relationship with the press in opposition to what her husband says in public about her former boss. Yes— that we get to talk about.

  4. There are many who do not know they are fascists but they will find out when the time comes
    Ernest Hemingway

    1. @Laine Richardson
      Thanks professor!
      And all this time I thought he was the first astronaut to land on the sun.

  5. My favorite Republican George Conway. Always coherent, knowledgeable and offers it straight.

  6. I love George Conway; he is one of the honest, respectable republicans. Is he a dying breed? I sure hope not! We desperately need a 2 party system where opposing views can be fairly and intelligently discussed, unlike what we have now!

    1. For two parties I would suggest Progressives and Democrats.

      Considering modern Corporate Democrats are where Republicans were 40 years ago.

  7. I agree ..that my favorite attorney in dc, George Conway is a gift to all of the people ..who wish …he would just shut up. (Granted his marriage is to one of former President Donald Trump’s senior advisors.) She quit …due to family members ..needing her then …as I recall then. Doesn’t matter. All the best ..to the colorful Conways of dc. Yup. 💓💟☮️❣️

  8. I would like to see if any of the people who got tours of the Capitol building, while there weren’t supposed to be any tours, show up in the video of those involved in the attack.

  9. George please let us know what is happening to the “Lincoln Project”.
    I hope they would be twice as effective in 2024.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Meh. They lost a lot of credibility when the co-founder was outed sexually harassing the young dudes on the job. Unless you’re down with that kind of thing.

  10. Does anyone living in Washington, DC, reading my pithy post, have any “Insider Information” on how and why this man is still married to that ridiculous woman..? I am sincerely asking – If anyone happens to reply, thank you in advance.🙏

  11. I can’t wait. I’m watching all of it. We all should watch and listen. This is one of the most historic moments in American history.

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