1. Just so you understand, this has nothing todo with any second amendment.
    The second amendment does not say what sort of gun one is allowed to arm themselves with, in fact it doesn’t even mention firearms.
    The government could outlaw any firearm and the people can still arm themselves with whats on the market.
    The only thing stopping that is capitalism.

    1. @Colin Head you could own a cannon back then. The constitution and Bill of rights was made to restrict the government and not the people

    2. @Relentless Living as far as I’m aware, you can own a cannon today.
      Indeed, you can apply for a license to purchase fully automatic rifle.
      Like I said, you can apply, then if you pass the criteria, you will be given a license.
      That doesn’t mean you will necessarily be legally able to fire it.

  2. Listening to these people makes no sense to me … they need to defend themselves from what an army assault??? The lady thought process of guys punching her and her needing an assault raffle to defend herself is mind blowing and plain stupid.. is sad and dangerous how they market this weapons as toys

    1. You make no sense. When someone is trying to kill you, do you want it to be a fair fight? Does she not need an ar-15 to give criminals more of a fighting chance?

    2. Apparently we in the states live in a war zone … like Afghanistan or Ukraine… I thought this country was one of the safest in the world.. but I guess im wrong we need to survive is all about survival … 😂🤣😂🤣

    3. @Camo Ospi You are wrong. Whoever told you this is the safest country in the world needs a reality check.

  3. I bought one because it was like the rifle I learned how to use in the army. Light and easy to use. Got bored with it after a while and sold it back.

    1. @Angel Celis I live in London and know nothing about ant mass stabbing. What did I miss. In fact I can’t remember any murders of any kind where I live in Hackney, East London.

    2. @Scott O’Reilly in Norway there was a bombing that killed over 80 people in one time. Not a single gun was used except to stop the criminal who killed all those innocent people. So please tell how gun control couldnt have preventive that all it would’ve took was one good guy to stop a suspicious person. A mass shooting in the us has never even killed over 30. I would hate to live in fear knowing people have bombs in my country while I’m merely left to die. Last year a van was used to run over and kill 60 people in France. Could’ve easily been stopped by a civilian with a gun but guess what lol. That’s already more deaths than a mass shooting in the us has ever caused.

  4. So whats wrong with semi auto rifles?

    Can we only use bolt action because criminals break laws??
    Give up our gun rights, lose all our rights!

  5. They are so emotionally attached to them, that’s what makes me nervous. They love their gun like a family pet or a memory of an old love. That’s scary irresponsible

  6. anyone who has to tattoo a machine gun on his arm is a try hard, wanna be tough guy. But is actually screaming, I’m an emasculated little sissy.

    1. So, are you saying an AR-15 is a machine gun? You think this is what the military uses?
      You are Like Brandon, you know nothing & spew these lies around like their fact, just stop.

  7. In the words of the first interviewee, the gun gave her “incredible confidence” and is “incredibly powering”. In the words of her husband “it almost feels like shooting an air gun”. Then there is a 3rd guy who has a tattoo of the weapon on his hand. Everything about this is extremely disturbing to say the least.

    1. @Gerard Flynn it does, and every civilian has a duty to the milita! The second amendment acknowledges your God giving right to “keep and bear!” It doesn’t grant it because it’s a natural right! And “well regulated” means in good to excellent working order, not well restricted as some tend to think.

    2. @Nera Kar gun violence in America is widespread unfortunately. Best is to move out of the country. But that is not even an option/possible/cross their minds for most Americans. Im not born in America so I can see the difference. People in USA in general doesn’t take much for them to get angry. combine that with guns and its deadly.

    3. @Gerard Flynn did you just say the Second Amendment doesn’t cover civilians? Wow LOL stay in school kid

    4. @James Cebedo lmao she probs lives in a gated community surrounded by other white suburban folk

  8. “Give a proper gun range the ability to coach them through what an AR-15 is capable of, and what you can do through proper training and proper coaching, you can see that it’s a proper sport, and it is a proper sport”. Well we’ve seen what such weapons are “capable of” through the many mass shootings we continue to have, but if he’s arguing to use it for sport, than have a rule that they can only be kept at the gun club, and are not allowed to leave the premises, so they can enjoy the “sport” of it.

    1. @Rick Sanchez I never said it did. I was commenting on one of the gun dealers comments… try watching the clip before commenting.

    2. @Edmondson Ave Firstly, I never said the 2nd was about sport, I was commenting on what on of the gun dealers was saying. Secondly, there’s nothing in the constitution that specifies people are allowed semiautomatic assault rifles… ALL constitutions have limits, and it’s up to the government to craft laws to determine what those limits are, for example, just because your freedom of speech is protected under the constitution, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to verbally harass people. “next civil war”? We’re already in a “civil war”, between Americans who believe in the democratic process, and the kind of people who support the insurrection and that kind of authoritarian political model.

  9. 1:36
    Why did this lady just start pointing at every guy in the room and tell the reporter any of them could punch her, and that’s why she needs a gun?
    That’s a little presumptuous, no?

    1. “He, he, he . . . any of those guys could punch me.”

      Guy: ‘Hey! What the h-ll, lady?!’

  10. From 6:00 to end. The military analyst who was a 3star general & is a gun owner is right about the ar-15. No keyboard militia or couch potato “patriot” can dispute that.

    1. @tree501 point is, he’s an expert about weapons & know what he’s talking about ar15. Not an online wannabe weapons expert who keeps saying ar15 is different from a military m16.

    2. @Doug Corcoran the 3 mass shootings in Buffalo, uvalde, and the one in the hospital that happened in 2 weeks, the weapon used is an ar. And what he is suggesting is common sense gun regulation, red flag & other regulations, not banning it.

  11. I am a responsible, legal, and experienced gun owner.
    I maintain my weapon, I store it safely, I practice annually-at a minimum, I am aware of the damage it can cause when used without care-or with intent. We purchased our weapon from a private seller, at a licensed shop-where background checks were run on us before legal transfer.
    Every person in our home has been trained in safe handling and proper gun etiquette. Every member of our home has practiced and then practiced some more, until comfortable using it.
    I am a vet, as is my spouse. We were trained by the military on the proper use of the M-16, similar to an AR-15. There is ZERO reason for a civilian to have this type of weapon, especially ‘just for fun’. Not even for home protection. This weapon was created for war-its purpose is to kill with maximum damage to the human body. It is not meant for hunting.
    Experienced, licensed and regulated use at sporting facilities can be achieved without letting the general public have access. Without training and practice, these weapons are not for looking cool or for ego boosts.
    The Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd amendment does not mean unlimited use, nor unrestricted ownership of weapons for everyone. Scalia recognized there would be individuals and specific weapons that may require lawful restrictions.
    A well regulated militia (to defend state or individual rights) should be interpreted to mean well trained and experienced citizens-who can be armed when necessary.
    The military does not issue weapons to every active duty member to walk around 24/7 with it-unless we are in a war zone or there is imminent danger that could require that specific response. Each member is required to keep up training and qualifications for every weapon we may use-at all times.
    There are armories to hold our weapons between times we are either deployed or in training.

    You can’t earn your ‘tough man card’ without doing the work.
    Find a different way to build your confidence.

    1. @George Lenny No. That isn’t what it says. Sorry. “Don’t matter”? I believe, it’s “doesn’t.”

  12. People honestly don’t care what you like tbh. The people just don’t want criminals with a weapon that can take a crowd. Military weapons for a regular civilian isn’t needed. Raise everything to make it harder to get access/own one or take it away. And background checks should of been better.

  13. I’m a gun owner in CA. I live in an extremely diverse neighborhood where I barely know my neighbors (they are Black, Japanese, Indian, White, and Chinese). I never fear for the safety of my family, not because I have guns but because if anyone does have a gun here they are safely stored. I don’t get the perspective of people who live in relatively small communities (usually with little diversity where they likely know each other) who feel the need to have guns for self/family protection… who are they afraid of? Fear or weakness (the need of a gun to feel strong/secure) is the worst justification for having a deadly weapon.

    1. I life in a very small subburban village 40km east of Munich Germany. No one, except police and a professional ranger owns a gun. Police carries a pistol and the ranger has got hunting gear, non got an assault rifle of any kind. And I feel much save and protected beside the fact i can be rolled over by a car or get bitten by a dog. 😉

    2. @Rick Sanchez Defend against what? Even if the “defenseless” get guns what happens when the bad guys also get guns? An arms race, too many guns.

  14. I agree with the guy at the end of the video. “Responsible gun ownership.” In my opinion that means that every person who purchases a gun should be required to take a safety course and pass both a written test and a practical test.

    1. You just want to put as many obstacles as possible in the way of gun ownership because you’re opposed to it… Criminals don’t follow laws

    2. At one point of my life I was in a really dark place… If I owned a gun (really any gun) I would not be here today and so would a few other people.
      Luckily I am in a much better place but those thoughts of “what could have been” sometimes give me pause… And I know an 18-year-old version of me would be dead or in jail for a mass murder.

      Think out your actions.

  15. Any long bullet with a sharp nose, which includes almost all rifle bullets, will tumble when hitting the human body, because the gyroscopic stabilization imparted by the rifling fails when the environment density increases from air to water (flesh is mostly water) by a factor of about 1000. Unless the bullet has a strong jacket it will also fragment in the process, and usually .223 bullets have thin jackets because they’re small, so they will tend to fragment more than a .308 or bigger bullets. Also the muzzle velocity is higher, which also increases the forces acting on the bullet, and thus fragmentation further. In fact this is the main weakness of the M4, because of the shorter barrel the muzzle velocity is lower, and the distance where it will fragment reliably is also shorter, compared to a full length M16. Civilian AR-15 rifles usually have barrels of between 16-20″ due to legal requirements – shorter barrels require a special stamp from the ATF – so they don’t have this issue. Also civilian loads for the .223 are in general lighter than the military load for the 5.56 NATO, so the muzzle velocity is also higher due to that factor. Those weak, frangible bullets will often fragment when hitting barriers, which means they are paradoxically safer than a handgun to shoot inside your house, since overpenetration of walls, even lightly built ones, is unlikely. But I consider that having a high capacity magazine is overkill both for small game hunting and self defense. In most countries civilians are not even allowed to possess rifles with detachable magazines, and internal ones are usually smaller than 10 rounds; they are as low as 3 in some countries due to hunting regulations and this is reasonable even for self defense.

  16. We own several firearms. I’m a correctional officer and husband is police officer. We both have proper training in using our firearms. AR15 is nice to shoot and great accuracy. That being said, not everyone should own an AR15. Certainly not 18 yr old kids.

  17. AR-15 is exceptional for Varmint hunting for many reasons: its semi automatic action allows for quick follow up shots on hard to hit targets or multiple targets in rapid succession. Its small .223cal cartridge isnt overpowered like larger deer hunting rounds but yet carrys enough power to still ethically kill small game. The .223cal projectile it fires travels fast reducing the amount of elevation compensation required for longer shots. Its Direct impingement operation produces good accuracy allowing for ethically placed shots at further ranges. Its ability to take detachable lightweight mags means the hunter only needs to bring and manage one mag for the trip potentially. Its aluminum design, compactness and good balance makes the AR-15 a handy lightweight and comfortable gun to carry while hunting. Its modularity allows the hunter to configure it to fit their particular shooting style. Its priced competitively with many purpose built hunting rifles. Its dual purpose, an AR-15 used for varmint hunting can also be used for competition shooting, fun target practice and for defense. Ultimately saving the owner the cost of buying multiple guns to do multiple things.

  18. I shot the standard conventional M16 back when I was a serviceman, and it was pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind shooting with it for sport and pure fun, especially if someone else cleaned my rifle afterwards. Or at least wasn’t as particular as the army was about it. Since it would now be for fun, and not a matter of life and death.

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