George Conway: This trial should be a vote of conscience

In part four of his interview, George Conway said he hasn't talked with any GOP senators about President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, but that he can "only assume" they are working together on impeachment to the benefit of their own individual situations, and to the disadvantage of the Democratic party. #CNN #News


    1. are you saying trump doesn’t exist? or that he’s fake?…..If bigfoot does exist, i know he’d do a better job

    1. Like this:
      “Gamma Kelly has dementia, it started to show itself when she worked in that sh%t stains administration”

    2. Grandkids will love the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. The Conways probably love each other, just not each others politics!

    3. Wow, Grandma worked for such a great President who Made America Great Again. Tell us about this great man Grandma.

    4. @ckaz007 Grandkids just might not care because Grandpa can show them these CNN videos that he was against it. By then Grandma and Grandpa will have their own show on CNN. Ever hear of James Carville and Mary Matlin. James loved Clinton even through all the rape allegations but Mary was Republican and would trash Clinton.

    1. @Dan Van Nuys And a conviction based on ground truth, not cosmic theories that spew from the other side of the dining room table.

    2. George Conway brilliantly makes the point that you can disagree on political views but never on the respect and preservation of the constitution, the rule of law and personal integrity.
      George Conway makes the simple point that no matter your political beliefs, as a member of Congress or Senate, you have a responsibility to act in accordance to the oath of office where you swear an oath to preserve, defend and protect the constitution and execute your office according to this oath. You never take an oath to be loyal to any individual and especially not if this individual is corrupting the constitution or the rule of law.
      Republican senators and congress members may be considered traitors today in their attempt to protect Donald Trump and to prevent the truth to come out. What they fail to realize is that the truth will always come out. It is merely a matter of time.

  1. Why dont we question the camera man taking all these pictures of Trump and all his friends he doesnt know?

    1. @Amy Fox – No…we can’t win. But it doesn’t really matter. Impeached Traitor-Trump’s presidency is stained, and he will have to carry being impeached through an entire election cycle. There is going to be SOOOO much ammunition for Democrats. The only way Democrats can screw up is by nominating someone bad, like Do-Nothing-Biden.

    1. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. We repeated this as kids, but as we can see being played out here, full grown adults are afraid of tweets and one tiny puny bully of a “man”.

    2. In social experiments if there is a line up of 10 people and the experimenter shows the color white and 9 people say it’s black, 9 times out of 10 you as the 10th person will say it is black. This is the human being as a social animal.

    3. @Ruth Sikorski As the 10th person I would have failed that social experiment in the most horrible way. The scary idea that people have lost the ability to see things as they really are and have been lead to believe that what they witness first hand is not what they think it is, is un-nerving.

    1. I don’t know about that. You only get to live for 24 hours, if you can evade the flyswatter or sticky tape. You get to see more than most, but you can’t hear a damn thing. You would probably regurgitate more than usual as flies do. Keep in mind you would be seeing Kellyanne in all her glory in each and every eye lens on your head. With 5 eyes and 4000 lens per eye, that is 20,000 distorted visions of her daily. I’ll pass.

    1. Credit must go to his Filipino roots. Class and humility – a rare combination in a world full of shenanigans!

  2. As a European watching this soap opera from afar I had begun to lose faith in your country . Thank God for decent , honest people like George Conway .

    1. @pugetwitch Trump has been dismantling the very Constitution. He has dismantled every single thing, from the previous government. President Barack Obama.
      Trump is insane.

    2. @Mae Gary Trump will be away sometime, hopefully soon. Unearth your Hope once more, for you & for your country. Trump has to be removed, nothing more nothing less

    1. If I was tweeted at by the Pope or the Dalai Lama that I was a bad person, I would be truly hurt. If I was tweeted at by Trump that I was a bad person, I would just consider the source.

    2. Imagine if Trump sat with the framers of the Constitution; Hamilton, Franklin, Madison and Washington.”Hey Donnie, get us another pot of covfefe, and try not to trip on the rug this time.”

    3. @Phatkillz It is amazing with all of his lies and false accusations that anybody pays any attention to what he says.

  3. His and his wife’s marriage intrigues me.

    He’s clearly a Republican and yet he strikes me as a person in which compromise and common ground can be found.

    Whereas his wife is the opposite.

    How that works is a mystery to me.

    1. I must say! I have been very wary on George Conway and his wife, these last 3 years,
      Well, I most certainly have no words for his wife. But, George Conway has been consistent from day 1
      he says it, as it is. Over the years I thought, is this man for real. Is he & his wife and Trump in on something. here. Bravo Mr. Conway, sir, your the real deal. Three years. Your real. Thank you

    2. @Irepair Of pc It Doesn’t matter which party Mr Conway votes for. He has been remarkable in being totally real, honest, and spot on, the politics, and the establishment as a whole. Well done Mr Conway

    3. James Carville and his wife are also baffling, but Carville’s Republican wife is not as crazy as Kellyanne. I think Carville’s wife voted against Trump.

  4. Over 20 billion in taxpayer money to farmers as a payoff for their silence on lost markets is not welfare socialism????? HEARTLAND HYPOCRITES

    1. It’s not called socialism I think you mean social Democrati (welfare)system.
      Sosialisme is something else like you call national sosialisme (hitler)

    2. The exact figure is $28 billion. In order to ‘balance’ the ledger, $5 billion was cut from the food stamp program.

    3. @Willy S I dunno who you’re addressing but I mean socialism, socialism is an economic system and trying to connect it to Nazis or Hitler is a way to smear it.

  5. “When you go to work everyday, is the test for you to keep your job, whether or not you commited a crime, well it shouldn’t be for the President of the Unitied States”… George Conway, 22-Jan-2020.

  6. George Conway – thank you – excellent at just putting out the facts, very professional, no trashing of others just stating how it is.

    1. So true. He probably sleeps with a one eye open and a handgun in his right hand and a knife in his left hand.

  7. While he is doing this interview..his wife kelly conway is with AG Barr swearing in a new police coalition with a first duty to demand the Senate reject the impeachment

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