1. @jeff mci thats why 2018 was a landslide i know i know you probably didn’t hear about it in your trailer with your sister wife

    2. @johnny walker ……yes…..I definitely can understand why you can’t imagine why anyone would vote for him in 2020…..it is for the same reason you still won’t be able to imagine after he is re-elected, too…..

    3. @johnny walker ….yeahhhhhh…..your not johnny walker…..you’re that rock-gut dude Old Grandad in a fake bottle…….

  1. The HOUSE speaks for the people the Senate states so when you hear the house shouldn’t provide witness or evidenceTHERE SAYING THE PEOPLE HAVE NO RIGHT


    2. @MyrnaMinkoff keep dreaming President Trump is not going anywhere anytime soon it’s going to be a long 4 more years for you and 1 more supreme court justice too real soon

    1. @CaneFu …….OHHHHH, poor little grasshopper SOOOOOO silly……OBOZO THE CLOWN SHOW cancelled 3 year ago…..people who used to like now not know why…….maybe cause it was KID SHOW?????

    1. @MyrnaMinkoff No I don’t have it backwards, and no they did not give him due process! It was a complete bunch of malarcky, just a ploy to have our President impeached, so he can’t run for re-election! It won’t work, he will acquitted in the Senate, and he will be President in 2020! Just for laughs, same I’m right, and everything you’ve been hearing people talk about the democrats is true, lying cheating, totally against the American way, would you still buy into their BS? And if I’m wrong I’ll apologize, and eat a slice of humble pie! Just do some more research, don’t turn a blind eye to the demise!

  2. This man has to have one of the most *interesting* marriages of the last 100 year’s? A mystery worthy of a best seller after this is all said and done with 45.

    1. @Creator
      Smiled reading your comment. Wouldn’t it be a bombshell if she turned out to be the author of “Anonymous”….

  3. Everyone needs to quit looking for a golden egg and know…..we have every potential to do this again BUT worse.. new norm🤠

    1. Welll…. yes, but I’d say we had an “imperfect storm” when it came to Trump. First, he’s an idiot. Second, he’s a sucker for any ACTUAL rich person who pays attention to him; especially Russian oligarchs who are SIGNIFICANTLY richer than he’ll ever be. Third, because of #1, he’s also gullible and easily manipulated. And fourth, we underestimated (or ignored) just how much foreign interference (of EVERY kind) there was in elections. I don’t think four years is long enough to establish a new norm, and there are plenty of people who voted for him that not understand what they have wrought and are kicking themselves for it. All of this hingest on him not winning in 2020. If he does, we’re doomed.

    2. Sue Brown … So right.
      Our election system allowed Trump into the Oval Office.
      This could be repeated with a clever person like a Putin instead of someone as dim as Trump.
      That would be even more chilling.

  4. 6:24 I agree with George Conway. I’d love to see what else is in the ultra-secret code-word server. I’m sure they put all the criminal and embarrassing Trump calls in there.

    1. Toob247 Toob247 what a totally UNEDUCATED opinion…

      your cult master president dotard chump who has ADMITTED to sexually molesting women, who has ADMITTED bribing the ukrainian,m and who, along with his feckless kids, pled GUILTY to stealing $ MILLIONS from a “CHARITY” that they themselves created giving control of $2.3 MILLION to dotard chump’s trumpuglykkklan cult election campaign and then paying for chump’s personal and political legal bills.

      AND his ridiculous kids were COURT ORDERED to complete a training program on HOW NOT TO STEAL FROM A CHARITY🤣

      yet these trumpuglykkklan cultists keep defending the indefensible and this man-child’s criminality

    2. Probably tons of calls to McDonalds and Dominoes.  President Lard Bottom didn’t grow that big old jello butt without some junk food help

    3. Ross Glasow thank you. I love seeing others who paid attention already dressing down the morons who try to mislead with ignorance so I can read the rest of the comments. It gives me hope.

    1. Republicans may or may not like tRump. But they are all still conservatives and tRump is getting their agenda done. Never forget than most people who turn against tRump are still conservative, often very conservative. They turn on him only because they think in the long run he will damage their long term goals.

  5. We all know how this trial going to end up. With a RIG trial all criminal will be set free.

    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊voting all democrat in 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

    1. If a dem becomes President the USA will be totally destroyed. No jobs, super high taxes, gas prices thru roof food too. Carbon taxes on all things that run on gas. Country totally iver run with immigrants& mexican cartel too. Diseases being brought in with no cure. I could go on and on. Bottom line is you are being lied to by Propaganda pushers people who are trying to cover the crimes and treason of people very high up. Thank God for the Patriots and Trump. I hope you wake up soon

    2. The sad fact is that your comment is correct. Sickening, if the con man in chief is re-elected God help America, there will be NO reining him in, he will be breaking laws every day.

  6. I wish a Democrat would do this and see how Trump and his team would react to asking other nations like Turkey or Russia or China or Qatar etc to digging up dirt

    1. @I Wrote In Bernie go eat shiiit and die coz wether you like it or not he’s going to be our next president.

    1. America is doomed. It will take decades to get rid of the stink of Trump. By then, Russia, China and all the other enemies of the USA will have gotten what they want. Trump will go down in history as the WORST president in history. And future history classes will spend hours debating how his cult of racist barnacles on the Keel of Humanity could have been so mentally challenged.

  7. It’s so refreshing to see a Republican (even an ex Republican) demonstrate some class, dignity and good judgment.
    It’s hard to find those qualities in todays Republican Party.
    Thank you George Conway for putting America first!!!

  8. The one thing that makes him credible is the fact that he says in his own words he believes in Trumps policies.

  9. This guy keeps the balance in his house while his wife lives in an “alternative facts” 😆 lol!!!!

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