George Floyd’s Girlfriend Talks About the Chauvin Trial 1

George Floyd’s Girlfriend Talks About the Chauvin Trial

Courteney Ross opens up about the connection she still feels to George Floyd even after his tragic death.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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George Floyd’s Girlfriend Talks About the Chauvin Trial


    1. @Rocky Comet ok? Will do. Crying is ok. Your pretend “toughness” and your projections of your own nonexistent masculinity is embarrassingly sad and toxic. Try crying sometime; It might be helpful for those around you who pretend to be ok with associating with you.

    2. @U.S. Grant As proven by Fox News attempts to make trump look like a human being. A functional one at that.

    1. All his relatives are tickled pink they got millions for that worthless felon and drug addict. I imagine there are lots of other dysfunctional families praying to get as lucky as them.

    2. @U.S. Grant how small of you to reduce a man down to some of his flaws and struggles. Addiction is like any other disease, it doesn’t matter what race, color, religion, socio-economic status or other demographic label you wish to use. All a person has to have happen is to get hurt, the Dr. to prescribe them a medication that we have been conditioned to see as normal (fyi, the drugs prescribed today were only used for palliative care in the past), then we are instructed to take the drugs as prescribed, being sure to stay ahead of the pain. The drugs are highly addictive, and when a Dr. cuts a person off many turn to street alternatives.
      I do have a question, how much is a human life worth to you? Is there a sliding scale as far as value in your eyes? Maybe other people are of the same mind, but whatever group you are put into is seen as much less valuable to them, like you categorize George Floyd.
      I hope you are not as callous as your comment portrays you, I don’t see how a person could be able to live a happy, fulfilling life with that mindset. A closed mind is a terrible waste of resources.

  1. She has me tearing up here, I don’t know what she is going through but I feel some pain for her, I pray she finds peace.

  2. But the killer was put to prison because of these activists, he was given justice because of these activists.

    1. @Jay Lockwood I don’t think she got a dime of that settlement money. She’s not family.

    2. @Constituent A No she isn’t & no she didn’t, but for the cultists, ignorance is bliss.

    1. @The Epstein Diaries Farmers??? Lmao you mean the people who get BILLIONS in government subsidies every year to grow or not grow certain crops? One of my in laws is a farmer and he’s the wealthiest person I know. Stop pushing the bullsh*t pity the poor rich people narrative that the right wants us all to believe. We’re not buying it anymore!

    2. @Elsa Bean I have yet to meet a poverty stricken farmer & I met quite a few farmers while I existed in Ga for a few years.

    3. @Elsa Bean Have you been grocery shopping lately? Maybe those prices don’t hurt the “poor rich” people but everyone else is surely feeling it. And don’t try to tell me people are stockpiling produce because of the pandemic.

    1. @Archiesemus Barnipholous The 2 cases you cite: Ms Damond was killed weeks after a white cop was acquitted of killing a black man, causing outrage. I think Chauvin’s sentence was about right. Noor’s also, as he was fast-tracked and lacked experience. 100s of needless deaths each year at the hands of the police isn’t good for anyone. Including you and me.

    1. @Jay Lockwood Actually, he lives in your head because of your constant desire to see him back in office.

  3. “Mr. Floyd died because his heart was too big. You heard that testimony. Now having seen all of the evidence and heard all of the evidence, you know the truth. And the truth of the matter is, that the reason George Floyd is dead, is because Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small.” -Jerry Blackwell

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