The Pope's Surgery, Explained 1

The Pope’s Surgery, Explained


Pope Francis is in the hospital for a scheduled surgery. Doctor Nahid Bhadelia explains the procedure.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Pope's Surgery, Explained


  1. Oh my this is potentially very serious. My ex had this illness and when you require surgery it can be really bad. I know a friend who had to have so much of the colon removed they had to use a colostomy until it healed – for about a month. Praying for you Pope Francis!

    1. @TRANSCENDENT TRUTH ANTIFA Forcing people to adhere to your beliefs is FASCISM, take a look in the mirror you hypocrite.

    2. @Justin Stender Where did I defend the Catholic Church? I said ANTIFA behave like fascists.

    3. I’m surprised fake news MSNBC to a break from their minute-by-minute Trump coverage to even do this story lmao

    1. Just reassure him that, as long as he has never put anything larger than a Q-Tip in his bum, he is highly unlikely to be stricken with such an affliction.

    1. @Damian Thorn That very well could be. Adrenochrome is commonly used in BloodFart therapy.

      An inflamed colon can be caused by lots of things. Diverticulitis which is when seeds or nuts get stuck in little pouches in the colon. A bowel construction of some kind. Even colon CA. It sounds serious for Pope Francis and Im sure we all wish him a speedy recovery. We will pray for you Pope Francis. God bless you.
      I wanted to take your question seriously. No one else seemed like they new. Best regards to you, my friend.

  2. My grandmother had Diverticulitis. and one thing i remember is she couldn’t have anythings with small seeds like strawberry’s.

    1. Have it on this end. You have to watch what you eat certainly. Most times it doesn’t bother me. But somedays.. not so good.

    2. Could she have little children to eat? That’s all the pope would like to know

  3. I thought he had a politician stuck somewhere unpleasant. Hope his surgery is a success and better days ahead for him

    1. As a person with internet access I can say the pope is a very vile evil man

  4. صلوات ربي وسلامه على قداسه البابا الأب العظيم فرانسيس الأول وعلى الاخوه الكرام من الرهبان

    1. The pope is a blasphemer!! Haha doesn’t trust gods plan. Depends on science? Take a lesson religious fanatics ! Even the pope knows god isn’t real. Even the pope knows god can’t do anything to help because god….all gods from the beginning of time have only existed in one place… your heads.

    2. Atheism vs Catholicism vs… uh, Protestantism?
      Why do we have to fight in this world of intolerance…

  5. I thought it interesting he chose February 21st 2018 to call a meeting of Cardinals to discuss the issue of child abuse with the Roman Catholic Church. One Bishop tried to suggest the problem was related to the “swinging sixties”. Pope Francis chose the Feast Day of Saint Peter Damian author of The Liber Gomorrhianus (Book of Gomorrah) circa AD 1051 a treatise regarding various vices of the clergy, and the consequent need for reform.

  6. Holy should be interpreted as being full of holes, like the bible story. Good storeys but complete fiction.

    1. @David Lytch although there can be some coincidences or some truths in the Old and New Testament, plus the Holy Bible, their was a Jewish uprising in Egypt, report of flooding in some regions but not as exaggerated as in the Bible, Roman did crucified some Jews and traitor, including one who would later be named after his own religion.

      I not a gullible catholic extreme, wishing for a Christian state in Jerusalem or another crusade.

      I believe in science and I don’t believe most of what the church says, but I know there are some truths in the Bible.

      Not supernatural divine tales, but coincidences plus word or guidance and tolerance.

      I’ll try to place my evidence in the end of this comment.

      Several sources like the Smithsonian found that in about 1800 BC, the Black Sea might’ve flooded, plus an account from the Epic of Gilgamesh.
      Exodus might be a myth but famine, disease, and plague of locusts where common, the Egyptians did had issues with Jewish slave revolts.
      And even thought the remains of Jesus Christ, an excavation in turkey might’ve found the cross were Jesus might’ve died, with was told to toke place on April 3, 30 AD or 33 AD.

      Again, not saying that the Bible is complete truth, but there were some moments that were complete coincidences.

    2. @Terminal Impact you either believe in science or believe in a mythical being, you can’t be dedicated to both equally.
      One you can’t hear, see, feel, taste or smell, but the other one, can be proven by recreation over and over seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled which makes it REAL… Science should be the only religion!

  7. As he clothed himself with cursing like as with his garment, so let it come into his bowels like water,and like oil into his bones. So Be It. Genesis 15:13&14! Still stands. It is set. Wii are 0ur Ancestors. Matthew 10:34! Kjv.

  8. Hes the pope but yet he still needs normal help like normal people?? Sup with his god just fixing it? Makes no sense. Lol ahh I see it’s a Job thing. When people gonna give up on this fantasy?? 3307?

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