Georgia governor asked if Herschel Walker shares his values. Hear his reply

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia sits down with CNN's Kaitlan Collins to discuss his state's runoff Senate election between the GOP's Herschel Walker and Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock. #CNN #News


    1. @Mark Davis I thought he was a vampire? “I wanna be a vampire because vampires can defeat werewolves most of the time.” – Walker, 2022.

  1. Herschel Walker is a shining example of why the NFL needed to make better helmets!!!

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE 🇺🇸 how’s that “erection” going😂😂😂😂😅🙂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😅😅🥹🥹😅😂🥲🖕🏼🫵🏽💩🤡

    2. @Save 🇺🇸 fyi, when you talk about “free speech”, assuming you’re referring to the 1st amendment, you should know that 1) it only guarantees that the government can’t infringe on your right to free speech – it has nothing to do with any privately owned company, including Twitter or Apple 2) keep the above in mind when you want your government officials to ban books on subjects you don’t like.

  2. This is like giving a free campaign ad for Herschel /Kemp. Make him answer questions. He is running away with talking points.

    1. @NebTheWeb It’s media but it’s not news. If she thinks that she’s a journalist then she is mighty wrong. This interview is nothing more than commentary; her questions are softball questions that anyone could sidestep. I would have hit the governor on why he is supporting a person whose morals and lies would make Jesus blush. He just wants the people to vote for a label and not the person. Hell, my dog has better morals than Walker has and Kemp should be ashamed of himself for pushing the people to vote for this damaged human being.

    2. Exactly! CNN is good for that, they NEVER make them answer & give them road to drive their agenda.She needs to go back to Fox.

    3. @Scorpogee 100% agreed! And she could push him to actually answer or at least point out that he did not answer the question. I’m a GA dem and i am disgusted! Kemp put the cant early vote on a Saturday that comes after a holiday – which is totally random and rediculous in my mind – like why not!?

      They also made the rule that you have to be registered to vote 30 days prior to an election. And then shortened the runoff election to 33 days from the original election so no one could get themselves registered. Its all SOOO wrong! Also they added a Use it or Lose it law – if you haven’t voted in the last couple elections you’re thrown off the viter rolls with no notification. As a volunteer phonebanking to try to unseat MTG i came across a number of canceled and challenged voters and many after early voting had started.

      If thats not awful enough, have you seen the new voter challenge vigilante laws? Sorry for my long rant. Here’s an article on it if you’re interested.

  3. If they are ok with people voting why did they sue three times and took it to the state supreme court? Just some food for thought. Vote Georgia!

    1. @Alpha Nerd Trump isn’t my guy. DeSantis is. I just think Biden has dementia. His actions/words are like my father’s.

    2. @Janice Blount That’s not what we call a southern drawl. That would be more like Rhett Butler or Scarlett O’Hara. Governor Kemp and Walker are both from small south GA towns/country. We call that ‘southern hicks’. lol….. or country. But have you heard people from New York and New Jersey??? Talk about sounding ignorant. We have accents all over America and that doesn’t make you stupid or smart.

  4. Walker is indicative of the GOP looking for their next celebrity to sucker voters into voting against their best interests 🤣

    1. We need regular Americans to become part of the republic.
      We don’t need more corrupt politicians.
      Don’t you want America to be better?

    1. No. Governor Kemp knows that Dem Warnock is a SOCIALIST and very racist. We don’t want that divisive tone in GA.

    2. @kay armstrong Well Kay, Walker appears to know a lot about vampires, werewolves, and cows/bulls. I guess in your mind that makes him capable…

  5. If Herschel can run for public office in Georgia while living in Texas, does this mean I can vote for Warnock while I live in California?!😅

    1. @NY Professional Why all this talk of trailer parks?? I live in GA. We only have very few like most states. We are mostly a state of beautiful suburbs or huge homes on lots of land. GA is a huge state and economically sound under Kemp.

    2. @natural blockade yeah, if you can’t string 10 words together, you shouldn’t be asking people if they’re the ones in a trailer park.

    3. Hey, that’s a great idea, I want to vote for him as well from California. Fingers crossed, this is a nail biter for sure!! Warnock has to win!!! Warnock will win!!!

  6. My favorite part about this particular situation is that these Republicans who’ve put forth, supported, and promoted Walker as a serious potential senator, they all think that because Walker’s black, now nobody can say they’re racist. These Republican voters in Georgia who still support Walker, they’ve been trying so hard to not think for themselves for such a long time, they don’t even know what’s ridiculous, and what’s not. They’re so turned around in their thinking they don’t even see how nominating and supporting a guy like Walker (in any situation, but ESPECIALLY against Warnock) screams how racist they all are. That they are touting this guy as a role model for young black conservatives, this man who’s an ANTI-role model, and think just by him being black is gonna get some votes away from the Democrats, and away from Warnock, someone who’s an ACTUAL role model for anyone of any color… well, that just shows how much contempt they have for all Americans, for African-Americans especially, and particularly the black voters of Georgia.

    1. @Nerysk Kiran No. I have lots of black and mixed friends. Most of the Black men are turning Republican. They want jobs and cheap gas, etc… As a whole, most Americans are not SOCIALIST and Warnock is. Was even friends with Fidel Castro. If you like socialism then try out Venezuela and see if you still like it. Look, I’m sorry if you feel your life turned out badly because you are black. I grew up white but dirt poor and I’m now a Major in the Army. I don’t believe in playing the victim because it keeps you stuck in the past and not able to move forward and succeed. God Luck!

    2. @Nerysk Kiran Yes. He did say those things. They took those SERMONS down. He and Walker BOTH have a past. But most of that stuff about Walker was reported to the Daily Beast which pays big $$$$ for stories that are 99% false. Walker, too, is a man of God. He was saved several years ago. He’s a nice man. And he has the common sense that I would like to see more of in government. But I’ll still like you if Warnock wins. Good Luck!

  7. he didnt go NEAR Walker during his race cause he didnt want to be associated with him and possibly endanger his campaign. now that he won and is safe, he’s Team Walker all the way.

  8. I wish Kaitlan Collins would have asked Kemp “What experience do you feel Hershel Walker has that makes him qualified to be one of the 100 most powerful legislators in the country?”

    1. @Mick Nizz NEW cnn has been told to go to straight news that is balanced because since they went completely left they have fallen to the bottom and are losing money. They may be dissolved by their parent company.

    2. @Adam Devoe He will vote against socialism, unlike Warnock. Lower taxes, closed southern border, stronger military, and police, etc…..

    1. Herschel is a great candidate because he’s not a politician.
      Don’t you want America to be great again.
      Or is 7 $ a gal gas fine with you.

    1. Yeah and 40 year inflation .. like hes talking to a dog . Why is it so hard for people to think , there were no problems with economy until Trump over stimulated an already stimulated eco.
      Republicans always just spit out these talking points like rain drops are gum drops. Please when politicians speak it is our duty to make sure of what there saying is correct , more people need to do there home work . If things are really going to get better .

    2. Unfortunately there so dumb they do. They ignore the fact that all the oil and gas companies reported record profits.

    3. @B P In fairness, the over stimulated economy/ stimulus packages from the Covid era were bipartisan. The QE quantitative easing that has occurred throughout the Obama, Trump administrations is also to blame. The Fed lowering the interest rates to zero are at fault. The USD fiat (essentially counterfeit) currency that can be printed up through multiple means is the fault. It is not a presidents’ doing.

  9. “We do not need to get distracted” Kemp says, as he throws his support behind the single largest distraction in US politics.

    1. I think Walker will win. Neither is popular and it will all come down to turnout. I’m going with Walker because I just can’t stand preachers who run for office….like Al Sharpton his friend.

    2. @kay armstrong Well, that is your opinion and you can vote for you want. That said, Walker won’t win. I would bet money on that.

    3. He’s scared to say ANYTHING against trump, cause the next time he’ll have him speaking French, with that old distasteful drawl. I’m Southern and Black, and I sound NOTHING like that !

  10. Herschel is supposedly going to go to Washington to fight for Georgia, while he gets his homestead exemption in Texas by declaring that is where his primary residence is. Makes total sense.

  11. “We do not need to get distracted” seems like code word for, “I don’t think people are smart enough to see what else is happening around them.”

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