Georgia Is ‘Ground Zero’ For GOP Voter Suppression Efforts | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Scott Butler,_2020
      In case you can’t read the chart
      Georgia absentee ballot counting -7 a.m., 11/3/2020
      Michigan absentee ballot counting -11/3/2020
      Pennsylvania absentee ballot counting -7 a.m., 11/3/2020
      The rest are all in the chart. It would have been pretty hard for GA to be reporting 90% when the polls closed when they didn’t even start counting the mail in ballots until 7 a.m. on the 3rd. Maybe you should do a bit more research.

    2. sandias2005 education? The only way to get that for free is not be white so no privilege for me again I guess.

    3. @Tom Jones Really? Historically, a LOT more absentee ballots have been rejected for not meeting verification and time guidelines.
      Prior to 2020:
      *ALL* late ballots have been rejected.
      *ALL* absentee ballots that did not follow chain of custody were rejected.
      *ALL* absentee ballots with no postmark were rejected.
      *ALL* absentee ballots that did not pass signature verification were rejected.

    4. @Jacoba Smith In case you missed it, those charts are worthless. They are for when they could start counting, not when they could start receiving ballots…which even the latest started counting election day morning.
      The mail in ballots were being counted all day but somehow, it was only after the 3rd that the *VAST* majority of those mail in ballots started going to Biden. Prior to that, the mail in ballots were much closer.
      How do you explain that?

    5. @Scott Butler Because they were counting ballots. It takes more than a couple hrs to count millions of ballots. I would like to know why you think those charts are worthless. They give the date and time of when the ballots for each state can be counted but maybe you know more than the state governments do. Actually if you would have looked at them alot of those states are not even allowed to process the mail in ballots until after the polls close. Biden encouraged his voters to vote by mail for safety whereas Trump didn’t. The in person votes went to Trump early. When they started counting the mail in ballots Biden caught up. It’s as easy as that.

    1. @Todd Foret 🤷‍♂️ most democrats want to help people Republicans only care about themselves they are racist suppressing black voters its sad really that people like you are like that oh well racism will die one day I guess

    2. @Justin Perez how is requiring an ID to register to vote suppression of black people? Are you insinuating that blacks never cashed their stimulus checks because they didn’t know how to get an ID?

  1. My whole adult life, I always voted on Sunday in Belgium 🇧🇪 Sounds to me the most logic day to give EVERYBODY the chance to cast their vote

    1. @Ben Tupps and who made you the expert? I’m effectively living in a democracy where everybody gets to vote and we’re not trying actively to suppress a whole lot of our country wo-/men

    2. @johan iojo It’s not suppressing anybody, it’s making sure the vote is honest and fair! And you don’t vote here or have a say in how we should be doing things.

    1. @Ok N The word “normal” is defined as “that which pertains to the majority,” or “the most common type.” Given the fact that the Republicans represent a mere 25% of the total electorate, they can hardly be classified as being “normal.” Three out of every four Americans is NOT a Republican. It is therefore _abnormal_ to be a Republican.

    1. @Islamisthecultofsin every video you are referring to has been debunked. I believe if there are any holdups it’s because they don’t want the voter information to become compromised, it has nothing to do with corruption. If I understand, the case is moving forward. I would gladly bet my life savings that the elections were secure. I think when you have a belief, it’s easy to become convinced and to disregard facts. It’s easy to become swayed by things that seem objectionable but that are completely normal IE the ballots under the table in Georgia. Nothing untoward happened and it was easily explained by the Secretary of State.

    2. @Jacoba Smith I don’t know anything about Qanon. I do know that there is an international organization that is trying ot seize control of as much power as it can.

    3. @eljamo93 The Secretary of State should have been arrested immediately. None of the videos have been debunked. Are you so dumb that you don’t know that every vote must be counted with observers? If they don’t have observers then every one of those votes are illegal and must be thrown out. This happened across many states. Biden didn’t win by much because it was all scripted beforehand to be a close race that Biden ends up winning. Instead Trump was winning and they had to pull out all of the stops to win. If they didn’t win they were all going to jail so they had nothing to lose.

  2. I honestly believe without term limits for all good or bad government officials in Washington it is no longer we the people

    1. I just don’t get it. The people can vote out any politician during any election cycle. This term limit argument seems to ignore the fact that if a senator is in the senate for 30 years it is because he won his elections. We the people could have booted him at any one of those elections. I don’t buy the money / power / special interest arguments either. If voters fall sway to manipulative messages that is on them. No special interest group ever jumped into the booth with me and forced me to pull a lever. I also think it is naive to believe that having the same types of people in office, just for less time, will make a difference. It might even make it more important for elected officials to ignore the people and focus on how they will earn mega dollars after their term. I have yet to hear a cogent argument on how term limits will do anything of substance.

    2. @Logic Police  had you thought that you will not get the same type of person if they only have a limited term as that essentially blocks career politicians. It is the career politicians that are the problem…they have as their goal their career rather than service to the country. If it was more like extended jury service than a career I think we would all be better off.

    3. @San Geet & the other problem is one issue voters… doesn’t matter how despicable a candidate is, if they claim to be anti abortion or pro gun & many voters will ignore what a lousy elected official that person would clearly become…

    4. @Rick Chapman I’m wondering what color coolaid you have in your hair.. blue maybe..? Purple..? Stop watching cnn

  3. Voter oppression or voter integrity? It’s funny how when the laws are pointed at you, you call it oppression But when the laws are pointed at us you call it justice

  4. But u didn’t report when black panther was in military garb in Ohio outside a voter’s place, on video mind you, wonder why that is, hypocrite much

  5. The only issue I have with this commentary is that they don’t seem to understand we need 60 votes to pass any legislation . What should we do then ?

  6. Here’s an idea for the gop: how about we go ahead with your voter ID idea, but you have to pass the citizenship test to get one. And to renew it every few years. …What? You don’t want to do it anymore? XD

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