Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: The state saw 'very strong turnout' for runoff race 1

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: The state saw ‘very strong turnout’ for runoff race


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger talks to CNN's Wolf Blitzer and John King about the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

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    1. @Smiley Chris I mean, so far, I see some terrorists marching on the capitol building… is that what you meant?

    2. Last time the Capitol was looted it was the British that did it.
      That was in 1812.
      Today the Capitol was looted again, and this time it was by Trump and Putin’s seditionist mob.
      Donald John Trump’s disastrously inept one term administration just went from very bad to way worse.
      What a complete disgrace, we have just become a banana republic with the whole world as witnesses.

    1. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes To be honest, i wanted to troll people and this was the first offensive name i could think of. I expected it to get banned, but ive had it for over a year and i get reported by butt hurt snowflakes constantly and they havent touched me

    2. @andrew dutcherson You think the DNC is competent enough to do all of that? The GOP lost all of its power because of Trump. And he is going to continue to damage them when he is out of office because of his huge fallowing of blind sheep like you.

  1. They denied Americans $2000 checks in a time of need yet millions of sheep still supporting Republicans…

    1. @len kim teacher’s salary? Definitely not, teachers make anywhere from 40 to 50k a year depending on where they are teaching and if they have a bachelors or a master degree which going to get your master isn’t worth it plus if you’re making 60k a year as a teacher you probably are in a big city or someplace like New York or California where 60k is poverty in some places. But hey sorry some of us can’t start out making millions like you at 24

    2. @Joe McGuire if they could think rationally about abortion they would ask themselves why we have had complete Republican party control several times yet abortion is still legal. They might figure out somebody has been lying to them.


  2. It’s not scattered. The democratic areas have more voters and the rural republican areas have less voters.

    1. @Kevin Lee actually, they are… Based off of historical from Nov.3; they were overwhelming Democratic ballots when counted for both Biden and Ossof/Warnock. If that trend continues this cycle, there really is no hope for with incumbent at this stage

    2. and statistical comparisons are showing that fewer Republicans voted this time than in November. They ‘underperformed’ expectations.

    3. @PrimRoseD Ohh, when I heard 17k military ballots felt kinda down cos I thought they’re usually republican.

    1. @Bob Kozalov 60 million okay thank you for that I thought it was close to 80 million I thought he got more votes last time that he did this time because this time he got nearly 74 million votes, which is absolutely astonishing got that many people after 4 years of this man’s lies and scams and Scandals and hatred towards the American people towards all people, that people would of smartened up oh, it just goes to show you that dumb people vote against their interest and people who think it’s their god-given right to say the N word every 3 seconds will never f****** change

    1. @Smiley Chris Mike pence said he isn’t siding with trump..he said he can’t help what happend?

    2. @the bloody prince of wales Mr. Beautiful head… as if u have a theory… more like conspiracy like ur dear leader Trump

    3. @Stormee_Daniels You must have me mistaken for joe mama ? I’m no Trump supporter correct me if I’m wrong

  3. Just learned that Loeffler’s husband owns the company that runs the New York stock exchange: I guess that must make insider trading that little bit easier…

    1. Crazy ppl will still support them in a public power seat..they are private sector ppl like the rest of us.. They should be arrested and money confiscated

    2. @Jon Hamilton
      Happy New Year
      Everyone learns at a different pace. Let your negative response go out with Don Trump. Trump is done and gone and finished ànd delusional and a horrible human. Move forward with a smile

  4. Brad Is exhausted and has been beaten up by his own party for doing his job ethically, morally and honestly!!!
    That used to be the Republican parties foundation!!!
    Now it is mob mentality, grifting and lies!!!

    1. @Bob Kozalov Not in the current configuration. But some honest folk of a conservative persuasion have been leaving the GOP. Maybe they can form a new party.

    2. My parents are conservatives and they left the party after 2016. Now they are independents.

      They can’t believe what has happened to the GOP. What is wrong is right, what is right is wrong

    3. the republican party was based on protecting the interests of large businesses and now corporations.

    4. Wonder why the Forever-Trumpers never put their fraud allegations to a judge. They talk big outside the courtroom, then mysteriously go quiet when they actually get in front a judge. Why are they so afraid of judges and the forces of law and order? They’re not trying to hide anything, are they?

  5. “Hey honey, this sounds like a pretty cushy job”… this guy has been through the ringer this last month.

    1. Perdue barely even campaigned. I’m sure he figured his “good ole boys” would vote for him regardless.

  6. The fact that Trump cost Kelly Loeffler the election is satisfactory for me. That MAGA troll is toxic.

    1. Im glad the dems are back in, the oil business has been decimated, bring on 5.00 a gal. fuel and a bigger paycheck for me, daddy needs a new pickup.

    2. @Pork Chops and Potatoes ok what about blm and antifa ones a terrorist the other paid by George Soros.

    1. @Tikka Masala there has and always will be a fraudulent votes. But we’re talking about handfuls. The topic is hand a mass scale voter fraud! That has never happened. Yes the Russians interfered with our election last time, but to persuade the American people to vote how they wanted to. Also the machines of the past could easily be broken into and reprogrammed. The new systems went all out to ensure this couldn’t happen again and they were successful. Just to prove the count was right, in some States, the had to recount the votes and found little to no error.

    2. @Matt Brigham the armed forces leaders won’t allow that unless the Iranians have directly attacked American forces. Unless the Iranians do something stupid, there won’t be a military misadventure there

    3. @shizuokaBLUES Let’s hope. I’m still saying that we haven’t even begun to see what Trump is capable of trying.

    4. @Kurtis Lawler you’re so lost and so misinformed and so biased that I’m not going to bother responding to you more than I already did.

    1. Come off it, Joey! The orange clown is a co-participant in this debacle! And the bottom of the barrel candidates … and a party that is in crisis caused by doing a deal with the badly-coiffed devil!

  7. Democrats need to win in order to get McConnell out. Georgia needs to correct the mistake Kentucky made.

  8. trump is his own worst enemy.
    Also, seems like everyone who stands with him will go down with him……..

    1. @Matt 88 He is also the reason for their downfall. It’s going to take YEARS for the party to rebound from this.

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