Jamaica Covid Cases Spike in 3 Hospitals: TVJ Smile Jamaica - January 5 2020 1

Jamaica Covid Cases Spike in 3 Hospitals: TVJ Smile Jamaica – January 5 2020


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    1. Testing should stop its a lie. I can’t believe u have people in Jamaica believe the rubbish stil. They get pay to scare the public to vaccine the nation wake up u all don’t get it. They are going to give you the vaccine if u believe in government criminal protocols

  1. People need to stay off the road as best as possible…we are not able to handle a crucial over flow of covid ill patients.

    1. It’s a lie they get pay to scare the people to vaccine them it’s all a game playing with people life the government is going to hang him self when the people found out

    1. U all been fooled. Pure lie evil lies the PCR testing is not accurate they telling lies to scare the public to vaccine the nation lies lies evil lies don’t be fooled

  2. As long as people keep moving from place to place, there are going to be more COVID-19 spikes. Some of the authorities just don’t care at all and let them do whatever they want because they feel it is “right”.

    1. U really believe these demons they are working with the devil u all still in the dark they get pay to scare the people to vaccine them wake up Jamaicans wake up

  3. This woman needs to stop the lies evil evil lies the PCR testing is no good it’s all a game to vaccine the people. U all seems so educated but qualification u all have. People the hospital is empty testing needs to stop nothing wrong with the people they say positive. Doctors politicians are demons

  4. We always look at the effect and try to fix it from a premature cause to fix the problem. Have officers in the streets enforcing covid safety guidelines strongly.

  5. The sarcasm in Dahlia Voice wen she said “the hardest working woman I know” is killing me she knows

  6. Not surprised about the spike in the covid cases…. I see people acting stupid over the Christmas period so I was sure that the cases would go up… Be prepared because it will spike even more.

  7. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the Lord your. God will be with you wherever you go JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE ETERNAL …/…………

  8. Its been rumoured that the hospitals are not properly sanitized and the patients are coming out with covid.

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