Georgia Secretary of State responds to Trump’s town hall comments

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger responds to former President Trump's comments during CNN's Republican presidential town hall about him and their call regarding the 2020 election. #CNN #News


    1. In my experience, the only thing a bully responds to is to kick their a**. Because the truth is, all bullies are at heart nothing more than cowards. They never bother you again.

  1. Trump-“Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me.”
    Fani Willis-“Just give me a Grand Jury and leave the rest to me.”

    1. @American Patriot Yes, it was. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen you comment about trump’s corruption. I respect that.

  2. I can see Raffensberger giving this information as testimony in upcoming hearings in federal and state courts. Devastating.

  3. I remember when Trump ask this lady to leave a press conference and Wolf Blitzer was appalled because of first amendment.

    1. @Anti-Rioter-15 Nah, we’ve gotten used to it over the last 2 years, and it’s been a refreshing contrast to 45’s term in office.

    1. @Cisco Isoffthegrid Yes. Qualifications to be president are in the Constitution and being a convict is not a disqualification. That said, hard to be president if you’re actually behind bars.

    2. If he is found guilty of insurrection (or giving aid or comfort to insurrectionists,) he is disqualified from holding office.

  4. You all should have never done that ridiculous Town Hall. Populating it with rabbid GOP animals that literally laughed at sexual assault was unconscionable.

    1. I agree. She’s the only reason that anything good is coming out of it. She maintained a good balance of assertiveness and professional demeanor. He’s not used to being pushed back like that and he tripped himself up. The moderator knew what she was doing; a friend and I were watching the body language, etc. and it was pretty interesting. While 45 blathered on, she gradually moved into his personal space and quietly established dominance.

    2. Kaitlyn might be cleaning her dressing room up. I heard that she was so mad she trashed it.

    1. They should have brought back Chris Cuomo to host the town hall. He wouldn’t have been bullied like Kaitlin Collins.

  5. Brad Raffensperger is proof that you can do the right thing while still standing up for nothing.

    1. He has integrity and stood up for truth, something I doubt Trump has ever done in his entire life.

    1. They have never mattered in politics. The law on the other hand is generally cares a bit more about facts though. 🤣

    1. ​@Tim Maloney no, its entertaining to watch, I just want to know how deep he can actually dig before he gets crushed by all the stuff he’s throwing out.

  6. What was CNN thinking when they put Trump again on a big TV? That he will all of a sudden stop being himself and say YES, I think that I lost that election???

    1. Apal M. Think again, and show some wisdom, if you can. Anytime Trump is given a chance, whether through CNN or not, Trump’s very capable of sinking himself. Allow Trump that platform. You guys puzzle me.

  7. I’d like to see him tell trump to “look forward,” Cuz so far not much of that is going on 😳

  8. I didn’t think giving the criminal a platform was the right thing. But several times he gave prosecutors help against him in his upcoming court cases. So it wasn’t all bad.

  9. Respect the Position, yes, as long as the person holding that position respects it first.

  10. Brad Raffensperger taping and releasing this “perfect call” will be his legacy. Good job!

    1. Good point. And a smart move on his part. That was against the law!!! But, face it trump doesn’t care about law and order. Just himself!!!!

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