1. @【u】【b】【u】【n】【t】【u】 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I used Google Translate!!!!!
      You serious! LMAO
      I thought you was making that up, but it really does!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    2. Perdue is a prime example of entitlement, cheating and mediocrity. This all covers a very easily bruised ego and fear of being called for what he is. It is shameful men like him are in the Senate, but sadly he is far from being the only one.

    1. @Jeremy Backup There are actually studies that show conservatives have higher death anxiety than independents and liberals.

    2. @Jeremy Backup “we can count on them to tell us who our enemies are but they’re never the ones to fight and to die”–Jackson Browne, Lives In The Balance

    3. Cadet bone-spurs demonstrated his character when opining that US war dead are “losers” and “suckers”. His record of service stands in sharp contrast.

    1. @Davon Lloyd Racism is soooooooo 1950’s.

      And unfortunately 90% of the people in Senate were born before then.

      We need some fresh, young, people in office. Make America Current Again.

      Or at least Bernie Sanders for President or Majority Leader.

  1. Perdue thinks he does not have to work for the Georgia vote. How dear he thinks he got this in the bag, so entitled.

    1. Mitch McConnel laughed his way through his debate and looked like a fool, yet he won by a large margin. don’t ever underestimate the idiocy of the electorate!

  2. So, Perdue you had no problem with butchering Kamala Harris’ first name, but debating Mr. Ossoff is too much for you. Do you have any good stock tips?

    1. #ChickenPerdue should know better than to butcher Kamala Harris’ first name since his name Perdue means lost in French.

    2. Happy to fire bullets from a nuke bunker cause he can’t handle the fire he has to face and facts against Ossoff

    1. Considering he’s currently under investigation and in court for fraud and insider trading, I know what every question in the debate would be about. I can see why a crook would want to skip out on that.

    2. @Jeremy Backup i do not understand why Gov let them run a State or Country if they are under investigation . any regular job you or me apply the wont hire us , this is absurd .with politicians .that i why the Country is all upside down

    3. Questions like ‘why are you a senator at all”? You know you expected to do some work for your people, don’t you?

    1. @Maggie Hubbard believes what republicans say… remember that time they promised… no new taxes… or how about supreme court confirmations shortly before elections?
      Doesn’t matter they’re family, republicans are known for lying politics

    2. @Random Internet User Don’t forget about the Trump Healthcare Plan, that he promised when he was running. Where’s that Healthcare Plan? Promises Made…

  3. Perdue is counting on incumbency, low voter turnout, and disinformation to see him through, and he doesn’t want to risk actually opening his mouth.

    1. Jock Young he won’t get the votes because they are telling Republicans not to vote because it is “rigged”!!

    2. @Wendy Shackelford yep trump was supposed to rally for them last night to help but I think he hurt them even more. My republican family and friends in Georgia are voting blue

  4. Perdue sounds like a true Trump supporter: Won’t address tough questions. His favorite Constitutional amendment must be the 5th.

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