Velshi Talks with Maddow For The First Interview About Her New Book ‘Bag Man’ | MSNBC 1

Velshi Talks with Maddow For The First Interview About Her New Book ‘Bag Man’ | MSNBC


Ali Velshi speaks with Rachel Maddow for the first one-on-one about her new book, “Bag Man.” The book is based off her hit podcast series of the same name. It follows the incredible story of the former Vice President whom many have described as “Trump before Trump.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi Talks with Maddow For The First Interview About Her New Book ‘Bag Man’ | MSNBC


    1. @Wally Censorship Yeah, you seem to have all the answers… “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.” – Socrates

  1. I remember this . There were some men with spines back then. Degenerative is a good description of those who have followed.

    1. @Mignon Simpson they didn’t predict Trumps demise. Matt Groening is a crazy liberal (who’s flown on Epstein’s jet) and simply wrote the squad doing it which in turn ruined the Simpsons because they chose a political side.

    2. @Mignon Simpson the fact that you want to believe that would happen to Trump shows your cowardice and weakness

    3. @Kelvin Blackstone if you were among those who knew me you would call me neither coward or weak. Old an well experienced in life and the world. Prudence is obviously not a part of your make up. Unlike trump the only things I hope others see in me is honesty and truth. But in the end the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself have you been a good person but more importantly what God thinks of you. Others will think what they will rightly or wrongly.

    4. @Kelvin Blackstone gee wonder what that cell of cartoon trump in a casket with a date was. I don’t care. When you are as old as trump the grim reaper shows up sooner rather than later. Death and taxes are sure things. Trump may evade taxes. When his times up he won’t avoid death.

    5. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact well, sure the Simpsons are a cartoon but since Trump is a 2 dimensional joke, it’s fitting.

    1. @Wally Censorship : That’s just it. It wasn’t debunked. You just got sucked into believing that it had been by Trump, Fox, et al. Read the report for yourself and see what I mean.

    2. @Trumpocalypse hahahaha. It wasn’t debunked ?nwhy because that’s what msnbc told you ?
      And there were three democrats that went against it. So guess those democrats didn’t read the report ?
      And every democrat witnesses were asked by Radcliffe. Do you have any first hand knowledge of the President doing anything wrong . And everyone said NO.

    1. I’m losing count of all the Dem politicians breaking their own rules…the last guy, Adler had the stones to do it from a vacation in Mexico. It is starting to get funny how pathetic they are

  2. That’s right folks. We let a memo written in the Nixon days supercede the constitution and the Supreme Court. Burr was charged for shooting Hamilton. No, Trump can’t commit felonies while in office

    1. Does that mean that the American people can go after Trump for a for putting the American people at risk because he lied to us and didn’t do what his sworn Duty as the President of the United States he wasn’t putting office to better him and his Children’s Life he’s putting office to protect and serve the American people and the only people I see him serving as his own family and friends isn’t that gross mishandling of his position as an elected president of the United States

  3. The t’rump biography will be titled, “The Worst President in History: From the Penthouse, to the White House, to the Big House.”

    1. @M P. Biden and Harris hate the police and love the BLM thugs! Look at the chaos in these democratic run cities!

    2. Omg Lol I would love to see the American people flood their governor Senators Representatives what’s request assuming President Trump for us 4 is gross intention of letting us die if he didn’t want to cause Mass Hysteria over the Coronavirus he did it anyways. It’s separated our country he’s cause more pain of death by any president of the United States in history

    1. I used to hate them but when I found out they were just actors playing stupid people I became impressed. Great acting guys

    2. @Think about it Do you think that they don’t believe what they themselves are saying? Not everyone’s like Sean Hannity

  4. Love, love Rachel Maddow! She’s so smart & humble, and never lets her personal opinion get in the way of her fact based reporting.

    1. @Kelvin Blackstone Actually, there was a time when she admitted on air that she’d been wrong or hoodwinked. That bodes well as self-examination and admitting your mistakes is the sign of someone that is honest with themselves as well. If your heeha is out of personal prejudice, maybe some self-examination is in order. Knowing you can occasionally be wrong is the key to being right. One must examine pre-conceived notions to get their, put yourself in another man’s moccasins.

    2. @George Roberts you will never convince me that Maddow, hannity, or Tucker; all of them are bias and let their beliefs get in the way of facts. That’s how they win over their base. People want to be told what they want to hear.

    3. @Kelvin Blackstone Probably not, but it’s not my job to convince you. It’s up to you to pull in information in as unbiased a way as possible and do the critical analysis….if you have the tools. Hannity and Carlson are biased quite clearly. Hannity said out loud on his show he doesn’t vet anything that comes in…moments later the voice in his ear had him backtracking like crazy saying the opposite. But the first statement was the clear truth. He shoots from the hip badmouthing “the enemy” (liberals) automatically. He’s shameless. Carlson occasionally has moments of clarity…but not often. But Maddow I’ve not seen do much but report and react to right wing nonsense and lunacy. She views from a reasonably good intellectual overview. That’s not biased in an emotionally tunneled sense. Left leaning and dealing with facts is reasonable. Everyone has a right to their own opinion…but not to their own facts. Here in lies the problem. Those shouting about fake news are liars themselves projecting. It’s the adult version of school yard “I know you are but what am I.” Make the accusation first and often to confuse things. It’s frump’s mainstay. You can tell he’s lying because his lips are moving. He has to keep the lime light on himself…it’s an addiction…no matte what. He’s totally self involved…his narcissism is text book and extreme. But he didn’t start the lying. The GOP has been shilling for big money for over a century. They used to be the Whigs and Torries. They didn’t change their spots. They pretend to be conservative to hide in plain sight, but they are, at the top, authoritarians pretending to care about conservative points. And they make up lies to demonize liberals and make mountains out of mole hills so often their nose grows. Hence, the smoke screen renders truth buried in bs, making legitimate points lost in the nonsense.

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU You are mistaken, the Republicans have gerrymandered districts, suppressed votes and now Trump wants to invalidate an election with NO EVIDENCE. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY FRAUD OR DECEPTION. Even Georgia’s Republican administration admits that it was a clean election, which Trump lost, fair and square. So, we liberals had to grin and bear it in 2016, when all of the Republican manipulations actually succeeded in putting Trump in the Presidency, and you all will have to accept the fact that more than half of the legal voters in the US do NOT want Trump anywhere near the Presidency that he has soiled so greatly. Trump is a con man, and you have bought into the con. You believe his lies. I am sorry for you.

    2. @Dolores Reynolds sorry, but there is a lot of evidence. By saying there isint any is the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling la la la la la I cant hear you.

  5. “I apologize for lying to you. I promise I won’t deceive you except in matters of this sort.” Here’s an Agnew quote that is relevant today.

    1. exactly. I’m tired of painting these bootlickers as some sort of patriots now after they’ve enabled this criminal since day 1. The only reason they’re speaking up now is because they’ve seen the writing on the wall. They’ll be remembered in history for what they were – spineless cowards.

    2. Yeah, he should have done the right thing and accepted being fired by tweet a week later. All crooks. No pity!

  6. Ohhh, please… don’t ever let me hear the descriptive phase “poor Bill Barr” again. Not for any reason.

    1. It is the reported the big former mayor of New Y has the virurs.Oh Well It is What it is.Trumps #1 mouth piece will get what Americans haven’t got.1 But old Trump got the shots didn’t he.?1

    2. Exactly! I wouldn’t feel sorry for that corrupt turd, if he fell flat on his face, on his way out the door. As Bush Sr’s AG, he successfully advised him to pardon everyone previously investigated for Iran Contra. Because he informed Bush that Bush, himself was likely to be the next one investigated- Bush agreed & the investigations ended. As Regan’s VP & former CIA director- there is NO way Bush Sr didn’t know all about the arms for hostages deal! Then, add every crooked (& likely illegal) thing that Barr did for Trump…

  7. “In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.” Eugene Victor Debs

  8. If a president has enough executive time to commit a crime then he has the time to be investigated and indicted for the crime.

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