Giuliani meets with January 6 committee for more than 9 hours

Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump’s onetime personal attorney and a lead architect of his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results, on Friday met with the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection, two sources told CNN.

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  1. I got beaten to it, but worth repeating.. surely you need more than 9 hours to get anything coherent from that lunatic..

  2. Still weird that Rudy made an appearance on The Masked Singer long before he was interviewed about his coup attempt. America is a strange place.

  3. Maybe he “knows the game” but if he does then how did he end up here? 6 years ago he could have said “I am a moderate Republican, I want nothing to do with Trump”. And then he could have retired and maintained the admiration of at least some people. Instead he has been humiliated during those 6 years, not paid by Trump and may yet end up in jail.

    1. Simple – he is and always has been a horrible person – he is every bit as despicable as Trump is always has been . He never has had the charisma – but there is no depth that he would not sink to . Which is why all this hysteria about how could he do this ? is hysterical – he could not help himself

  4. What’s there to “negotiate”? How is it that all these criminals are treated with kid gloves, like they can choose to obey a subpoena? Insane, what a terrible precedent.

    1. @David Fromberg Aren’t you exhausted of that yet ? He’s been “going to prison soon” for 6 years now lol. Do you have a high school diploma? Be honest.

  5. I can only imagine how batshit crazy listening to 9 hours of Rudy Giuliani would be.

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  6. Rudy: Donald the January 6th committee has demanded to speak to me.
    Donald: I am sorry you have the wrong number.

    1. @Cryst C O Right, no one is naive enough to believe that, not even the average Conservative.

    2. @dave mitchell Right, that was debunked before it left the gate, and there are already defamation suits filed against the direction.

      To your point though, one would have to be very, very naive to fall for it.

    3. @gibbs ncis Right, how many times does it have to be debunked, before our least educated stop falling for it?

    4. @Jeremy Backup It’s very hard to understand! I just can’t believe people are that stupid! My wife and I were talking and we believe that they don’t really believe Trump or any of his cohorts! They just are entertained by chaos and dysfunction! And they derive some sort of feeling of a warped sense of accomplishment, if they think they have anything to do with it! Because their lives are so empty! I used to have a degree of distain for them. But now it is more pity than anything! Thanks for being on the right side of history!! Best wishes to you and yours!

  7. I would imagine that after 9 hours of melting, they had to call in the cleaners with their mops to clean that mess up .

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  8. I would’ve started out by asking him if Trump paid his bill for legal services or reimbursed him for travel expenses. That might open him up.

  9. My question is, How did they keep Rudy Giuliani sober for 9 hours?
    And I bet the interview got interesting after his two-hour power launch

    1. @Kevin Tobias I am bummed too. I think it would have been a hoot to hear Rudy’s rambling and saying if it was recorded.

    2. @Gary Wrege I know right! Put it on like stand up comedy. Make a drinking game out of it whenever certain classic Rudy phrases are said. Perhaps one day we can only dream. Best. : )

    1. It probably took them that long to get through: _”Is Rudolph William Louis Giuliani your true name?”_

    2. @David Foster “I wasn’t there at the time. Please refer to my attorney’s proctologist.”

  10. My fervent prayer is that all involved in this disgusting, frightening chapter in our country are brought to justice. To incarcerate those who broke the law is the only way we can prevent this from happening again. Because next time it will be someone/people with more intelligence and they will be successful.

  11. Four Seasons…”between the fire extinguisher and the yellow hose.” I still crack up every time I think of that phrase — like whenever I see a photo…or here a reference to the event.

  12. I can’t imagine sitting through 9 hours of Mr. Giuliani’s babble. Committee members deserve kudos for their patience. And a neat shot of whisky.

    1. Just leave a handle under the table at each member’s seat lmao

  13. I couldn’t stop laughing when he said, “I declare death by combat”, he definitely was watching “Winter is coming”.

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