1. Mr. Putin you are responsible for this mess these young men are forced to take respondsibility for their country.

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  2. I could be wrong but I see a world of pain in that Russian kids eyes. I truly believe he is sorry. Just not sure if he’s sorry he got caught or sorry he killed an unarmed civilian. Something tells me we’re going to see a lot more of this. On both sides.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Russia put the Mariupol steel plant soldiers on trial. Hope I’m wrong though.

    1. @JathTech But what war crimes can you charge the defenders? They weren’t looting/raping/killing civilians on their land.

      You cant bring charges against an enemy soldier for fighting against you and killing your soldiers. Thats not a crime.

      Thats what In saying.

    2. @Despotic Waffle The point I was trying to make is that Ukraine did not invade a sovereign nation and start targeting civilians.

    3. The old man was a lookout and knew the risks…. civilians and foreigners were engaged as well….
      The kid was ordered to shoot, said no, and was ordered again to shoot
      Not a war crime at all

    4. Do his trial. Then convict him. Afterwards trade him to Russia for some of the Hero’s of Maripol who had to surrender at the steel plant.
      SCrew the Russian bring those boys home!

  3. I think it’s awful that young conscripts are forced to wether the damage both physically, and mentally, and then end up in situations like this. Putin needs to pay for his crimes and by extension he should receive the same sentence as all of the others x100. Never going to happen but morally that’s what should happen.

    1. This kid was in a terrible position. I’m impressed that the first time, he actually refused the order to shoot the man. Even the warrant officer who gave him order was under terrible stress. If I’m following correctly, their tank column had just gotten wiped out. This is on Putin.

  4. So many lives impacted and straight up ruined because of one man’s ego. Completely ridiculous.

    1. @Elizabeth Njoki They appeased Vladolf Putler for years, looking the other way, just like with Hitler and this is the result…When will we ever learn? Why doesn’t NATO finally end this barbarism???

    2. Do his trial. Then convict him. Afterwards trade him to Russia for some of the Hero’s of Maripol who had to surrender at the steel plant.
      SCrew the Russian bring those boys home!

    1. Have you lived with Americans too? It’s the same thing. And many of our best liars are also in political positions.

  5. The fact that he admitted his actions is refreshing in this day and age. Hopefully, he will receive forgiveness.

    1. Honestly? I don’t pity him at all. He choose to commit the war crime. Hope he suffers in the prison for a long long time.

    2. A reduced sentence from the court, perhaps – he deserves consideration for taking responsibility for his actions, and certainly the officer who ordered him to shoot bears equal or greater culpability. Forgiveness, however, is solely up to his victim’s family.

    3. It is my hope and prayer that the Ukraine will judge this man fairly- and honestly, I think they will. There is no doubt that he needs to pay for what he has done. It is good that he is confessing what he did, but he definitely should not get off Scott free.

  6. Isn’t it possible to sentence him to a short time in prison, but do anything to get the officer who commanded him in a much longer time. I wonder how many of these young silly guys have the guts to stand against their commanders.

    1. Grunts might get five years or something, they might want to throw the book harder at the people at the top.

  7. I feel sorry for him. The problem is that if he hadn’t done it, someone else would have and he’d have been disciplined for not carrying out orders. But it shows how much of a coward the person who gave the order was. What’s also disturbing is that Russia has effectively abandoned him to his fate. A nation run by corrupt, murderous, cowards.

    1. Do his trial. Then convict him. Afterwards trade him to Russia for some of the Hero’s of Maripol who had to surrender at the steel plant.
      SCrew the Russian bring those boys home!

    2. @Human08 Have the names ready before you open your mouth, please.
      Otherwise, please take a hike.

    3. ​@Klh 12 not an excuse for murder, in our military we have an obligation to disobey any unlawful order and we adhere to the rules of war IE the Geneva convention. In the Russian Army they don’t have that option, in his case he chose self preservation. He knew it was wrong and he knew that if caught he would be held to account and that is what is happening now. In the fog of war if a unit is not properly trained and lead they will break all moral standards of decency and humanity, as a 2 time combat soldier I know because I saw it happen in some of our units. And those soldiers were held to account just as he is.

  8. Revenge cannot be a motivation in these trials. These boys need rehabilitation not punishment. Those who order atrocity or those that instigate war crimes off there own back are the ones needing life sentences. This boy should do 5 – 7 years in a military prison. This is my opinion for what it’s worth. Slava Ukraine. 🇬🇧 🇺🇦

  9. He too is a victim. He clearly regrets everything. It’s not in his nature to kill. He was forced to serve in the Russian army & forced to kill an innocent man he did not want to kill, & that will huant him the rest of life. Him & others like him deserve only to be jailed until the war is over. Plz dont sentence him to death or a life sentence for being forced to act against his nature. 😢

    1. I don’t think that there’s any evidence that he is a conscript. So he wasn’t ‘forced to serve’

  10. The cowardice of the officer to order a subordinate to commit a war crime is sickening. The family of the victim will always live with this pain and that young soldier will live in his own mental Hell also. “War is Hell” isn’t just about the violence, its the inescapable mental anguish that follows endlessly.

    1. war is even worse than Hell. In Hell, all souls suffering are guilty. In war tho, the innocents are the ones who suffer the most.

    2. @G D it doesn’t, but I hope that in the future, they’ll hold war trials, and not normal trials. The war trial would allow to hang war criminals.

    3. Do his trial. Then convict him. Afterwards trade him to Russia for some of the Hero’s of Maripol who had to surrender at the steel plant.
      SCrew the Russian bring those boys home!

    4. It’s a good thing that under International Laws of Warfare Officers are Legally Responsible for the Orders they Issue to Troops, especially in cases like this where the Troops had to be bullied and coerced into following those Orders.

  11. In the US military you have the RIGHT to refuse and unlawful order. I doubt that would even be considered an unlawful order in the Russian military.

    1. It was unlawful to invade a sovereign Iraqi nation, but none of the US soldiers refused.

  12. Ukrainian could go two ways on this one. Make an example of him.To warn other’s of the same crimes punishment. Or show the warmth of the Ukrainian people. And give leniency. He did come forward and own his part in the crime. Avoiding a trial. And he was given orders by his superior.
    I expect the life sentence. And an example made. Even though he was cooperative and honest.

  13. Its moments like this that I come actually close to hating. Despising and being disgusted what Putin is doing to us all.

  14. I think that the wife of the victim who will suffer the greatest permanent loss should suggest the penalty. Her thoughts should be given serious consideration. Should he be sentenced to prison, he’ll find that prisons in Ukraine are not nearly as horrific as Russian prisons. I do not expect a Death Sentence.

    1. There are very good reasons why judges have to be objective.

      Just one of them is that the verdict cannot depend on if you have a relative of a victim that’s forgiving or seeking revenge. Justice has to be objective.

    2. He was following orders you can’t charge him individually because he wouldn’t have done it unless ordered…

    3. @Sam Gibsonaccording to the Geneva convention, being ordered to commit a warcrime doesn’t excuse you from being a perpetrator.

  15. The main commander should be responsible for all this horror, but as usual, usual people are dying and suffering, not him. Most people do not want any war, but all people from both sides are put in between to chose to live or to die and that is how they survive, from both sides of the war. It is all so awful.

  16. I don’t know why.but I feel for this kid. There are no bloody winners. His Commander that ordered him should be on trial with this kid. he looks like a teenager. Life in prison, oh God I hope not. My prayers go out to the wife of the man he killed. But I really hope Ukraine shows this young man some mercy.

    1. I feel for this guy but he had a choice, he pulled the trigger & killed this man, so he has to pay the price regardless .. Hopefully they get more & punish them murderers.. Glory to Ukraine

  17. In spite of everything the Ukrainians have endured they still believe in justice and fairness. They are a brave, courageous and compassionate people. They are an example of how a democracy should be run. They have inspired the world. 🇺🇦

    1. @Vlad Vlad he murdered an unarmed civilian. He plead guilty. There’s nothing kangaroo about it.

  18. Great American people, thank you for staying strong with Ukraine! I am a simple young wooman planed to have a child with my husband this year but russian stole our future… Now my husband is passing a military training and I am crying every minute… Please, don’t stop your military help and don’t delay it by your politics because a thousand of kind and peacufull people are diyng from russian terror everyday here….

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