'Glee' star Naya Rivera's body has been recovered in California lake: authorities 1

‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera’s body has been recovered in California lake: authorities


Ventura County Sheriff's officials confirmed at a news conference that the body that search crews found in Lake Piru was the 33-year-old 'Glee' star.

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    1. when a person drowns its sinks to the bottom , gases build in the body over days then it floats

    1. They said Naya and her son went swimming and it was during this time when her son was pushed into the boat but when the son looked back, he saw his mom disappearing into the water.

    2. Michelle thank you. I did hear that, News Reporter said that witness saw her fall off the boat ? I didn’t hear that , am I missing it? I’ll listen again. This all seems strange , an injury would make sense , but the timing sounds off

    3. @Shanzy Kenzy I know what you’re referring to. Unfortunately, what the news reporter said did not match what the authorities said in the same video :/ I guess we need to wait for other news coverage/autopsy findings to be sure.

  1. Check for bruising on an ankle, and ask the little fella more questions. She boosted him into the boat, but couldn’t get in herself? Very fishy!

    1. I said the same thing. I think something probably got caught on her foot and she couldn’t break free so she put her back on the boat.

    2. Strong currents made the boat drift. She went after the boat, bringing her son along. It wasn’t easy and she was probably too fatigued to carry herself up into the boat, and panic might have kicked in, clouding her judgement. My guess but we will never know for sure

    3. YingTong Chow Exactly. Commenters here all suspicious but didn’t listen to the facts. With the 30-60ft? water depth, she would have to tread water the whole time then still have energy to swim/chase after the moving boat with her “son” in tow. Exhausting. Unfortunately, it seems she chose to not wear a life vest.

    1. But why go in water without your life vest while swimming in a lake also if she was drowning why didn’t she ask her kid to give her the life vest

    2. @toxic bucket Most all a dults don’t swim with a life vest. Trying to get on a boat in deep water with out assistance is very difficult. She probably, slipped under the boat. That’s why when her son turned around he couldn’t see her and why she didn’t ask for a life vest. It all happened too fast. Once under the boat she must have lost her bearings. So sad.

  2. The new anchor is awful. He messes up her name and then says “she fell off the boat” the sheriff never said she fell off the boat so where did he get that info from?

  3. Never heard that she feel off and if witnesses saw her fall why didn’t they help or report it right away

  4. No life jacket. Didn’t anchor the boat. Swimming in deep waters with a toddler. I’m flabbergasted

  5. When you’re struggling to stay afloat, turn over on your back, spread your arms a bit and SLOWLY kick your legs to stay afloat. This will give you time to catch your breath and mostly save you. When I’m fatigued, I always do this. Works every single time.

    1. Zay- ellé you can. My hobby is snorkeling and diving. I love catching fish underwater. Every house we lived in was on beach front property so it’s impossible for me to stay out of the water. It’s way too beautiful!

  6. RIP Naya. You will be missed. My prayers and condolences go out to her parents and her son and family and friends!

  7. News Anchor States Naya fell from the boat and witnesses saw that as well, but the Sheriff never stayed that.

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