1. @Fast Charger well said. I can’t wait for this November to VOTE… We must all do our part. This Republican party has failed us.

    2. @Chris Bammer So, ignorant belief in something very, very strongly is the measure by which one should be given power in govt? Really???
      How about they use the legal processes in place to deal with their concerns?
      Nah.. we’ll just use spears and bear spray :/

  1. Control , Power and Greed not only did Trump know he had lost he knew he was going to lose , including his allies , seeking pardons , and must be held accountable at any cost for their treasonous Acts !
    Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson , thank you , you are a true American Hero.
    Never forget January 6th 2021

    1. @TurboFreak what guys? what business? How you gonna “pay them back”? Got guns?

  2. Expecting republican voters to focus on the character of their candidates, is simply an exercise in futility.

    1. @Jay Gray Rather than cast aspersions read what I said …. America First is the policy that people …. normal people who LOVE America and love to see American’s interests addressed first is what I support. I am not not personalities and support policies whether carried by Trump or De Santis. It will be one or the other.
      I have heard , incredulously that are people , seemingly like yourself who do not want to see America First or its citizens first.
      I ponder where people like yourself would like to place America. You tell me . 2nd? At the median? or Last?
      I heard it said that some people dislike America. I couldnt believe that .. help me understand. Do some? Do you?
      If this is difficult to understand , “get some help” from someone to decipher it for you.

    2. @gacj2010 eesh. Your English still needs a little work, comrade. Are even allowed to vote in the United States???

  3. The expectations of a candidate in the GOP are so low, they are practically none existent. All it takes is praise Trump and you are good.

  4. The average Republican voter: “If you haven’t committed a crime and have demonstrated that you’re not a traitor, you won’t get my vote.”

  5. That should be all moderators’ question to both GOP and GQP parties’ candidates – where you at the capitol on 1/6?

  6. This is really MIND BLOWING 🤯 that someone like this is running for office, and the worst thing is there are people out there that will vote for him.

    1. ‘This is really MIND BLOWING 🤯 that someone like this is running for office, and the worst thing is there are people out there that will vote for him.’ You should lose your right to vote.

  7. A temporary staffing agency wouldn’t touch folks if they were in the middle of ANYTHING actively criminally related to assign a temp job but this man can run for office? So folks wouldn’t be qualified under the same circumstances to work a typing job or on an assembly line or in a warehouse for 6 weeks but he’s qualified to hold office? Make it make sense America SMH.

  8. You don’t have to like the outcome of every election, but respecting the election outcomes and backing the peaceful transition of power are the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS of any democracy.

    1. @Nathan Sutphin you say “I’m sure there are some Americans that would like for America to just forgive and forget but sorry that is not going to happen.” ….. That is good to hear!
      You are a nation of oceans east & west, friendlies north and south. Your only threat is from within, from people like trump, who would be dictators.

    2. @History and Reviews …. Then why does the USA insist on bringing Democracy to other parts if the world ?

    3. @Eric lol you believe the narrative. Worship the government, see how far that gets you

  9. We should all be independent voters. When we see corruption in either side “vote them out”!

  10. There should be formal election disqualification rules/laws for candidates running and officials already in office. I don’t think felons should be allowed to run for or hold office, so if they are convicted while in office then they should be immediately discharged without concerns for their appeal. I don’t know Ryan Kelley’s particular situation or charges, but if he entered the Capital building during the riot, he should be convicted and disqualified to run for any public office.

  11. Weird that you can commit a crime and be elected to office, but in many states if you commit a crime and serve your time you still might not be able to vote.

  12. Watching in Australia and find it incredible that these type of people can be in government. What has happened to America?

    1. @Paul Manegold you need a bit of education, hardly anyone in Australia watches Sky News Australia, and huge chunks of the population wouldn’t even know it exists

  13. What a complete embarrassment this man is. I’m from Michigan and he should not be able to run. Shame on the people backing this man who willingly tried to stop a very important process and broke the law. History will not be kind to any of you.

    1. Shame on you for saying he shouldn’t be able to run! You don’t know if he broke the law or not. What he was saying is true all, -but a small fraction everyone there on January 6’th committed no crime but we’re engaging in peaceful protest which they had every right to do. The mob who actually broke into the US capital were the exception, but there are now mounting politically motivated subpoenas and trumped up charges from this criminal administration. Many arrested that day are still in federal solitary confinement without charges in violation of international human rights law btw.

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