1. Am I the only one who saw this and thought, “wow I admire the maturity of this man’s willingness to transfer power peacefully and according to the law” ? When did that become an exceptional quality …

    1. @Taylor Jones didn’t they already hold that vote of no confidence and Boris squeaked by on a handful of votes?

    2. @Chip Chiperson just to clarify there wasn’t a no confidence vote and if there had it would have been limited to Conservative MPs only. If by a fluke, Boris won that internal vote then there would have been a no confidence vote in parliament against the Conservative government he led in which all our MPs could vote. If that occurred, I suspect many Conservative MPs would probably have abstained meaning the government would lose the vote and fall. Basically you must be able to command a simple parliamentary majority to hold power, which is impossible to do when your own party no longer supports you. He lost the support of the country months ago….

    3. What the fk are you talking about he had a no confidence vote a month ago that almost half the parliament including some conservatives voted against him barely surviving against a majority. It was tied too the state of the economy which was tanking in Britain and due to their intervention of Ukraine.

  2. At least he has the fortitude to resign unlike our lifetime cryptkeeper politicians here in the US.

    1. “What crypt? Me and Pelosi are the only people here. We havent seen any crypt keepers.” -McConnell

    1. @vtecharry S. You he won the confidence vote with 60 percent of his party voting for him. He’s resigning because 50 members of his government just quit and party leaders convinced him to quit.

    1. I wish I didn’t have to be the one to tell you but the opportunity rarely comes up in conversation. I’m really sorry, but them’s the breaks.

    2. for a long time i’ve thought the proper context is on the template of “dems breaks, kid”

  3. Weird that Boris was chosen over a more qualified person, however…Its refreshing to see someone actually stepdown, and not claim it was rigged

    1. @Salty03 Can that happen if his party is not happy with the way he is running the country ?

    2. @Theo Pool his own party isn’t even united regarding brexit. Half of them want to reverse it. The lock downs is what ended him. The liberal policies.

  4. As an American I’m often impressed when I see how UK politicians conduct themselves, they seem much more real/relatable and I like watching the way they debate in parliament

    1. @Rick Deckard what we control over more territories than usa the commonwealth includes power in uk, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. And your saying they don’t have much power lol. Get educated

    1. @A l Well its weird to envy a resignation when they have an unelected house of lords and a monarch, while we have term limits on our head of state. I think we have it pretty good. In terms of anti-democracy, the British Empire was pretty up there.

  5. “In politics, no one is remotely indispensable.” Wow. A rare slice of wisdom from a politician that rings true. Ironically, had Mr. Johnson demonstrated similar wisdom throughout his tenure, he probably wouldn’t be delivering this speech today.

    1. @D.A. Oh Theresa May was Prime Minister after David Cameron resigned in 2016 when he didn’t get the result of the referendum he wanted ( or should I say he didn’t like the result that the people wanted) She spent a few years promising to get Brexit done with her slogan “Brexit means Brexit” whilst being too soft and ineffectual that the EU Commision did not take her seriously and quite frankly they were taking the P out of us. She was also a remainer.

      I am not a supporter of the Conservatives but he got the job done.

      On a different note, the world is in a precarious position from the threat that is Vladimir Putin. When that man escalates war and I do mean when, we will need leaders with balls of steel. Winston Churchill was not a great Prime Minister but he as a brilliant war time Prime Minister. Johnson had the same qualities.

  6. “Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason.” Mark Twain AKA Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

    1. Unfortunately that advice is not followed in the country where he penned it. Somehow the Constitution has a minimum age for Pres, but otherwise missed the target with lack of term limits and age limits. At least one amendment made for Pres to be 2 terms, but they should have fixed other positions at the same time. Unfortunately, even when the politicians change, the office staff tend to stay, and many think those staffers and the power brokers behind the scenes are where everything happens – the elected are just faces/voices.

  7. now if only US politicians would resign so we wouldn’t have to suffer more of their stupidity and lack of accountability. If they don’t, then the people will have to force them out and bring in people with a track record of getting things done and no history of wrongdoing. I don’t care how rare that it those are the only people worthy of these positions.

  8. “Genius, talent, enthusiasm and imagination are evenly distributed throughout the population, but opportunity is not.” -Boris Johnson

    1. @devinmcmanus the attribution of the quote was never important to me. I just think his assertion was ridiculous. Like, how would you prove that?

    2. It’s a convenient sentiment for a govt thirsty for power, because who better to help even the score..

  9. Wow in the UK they have honor to step down when it’s time, but here in the US our corrupt politicians would rather stay 60 years more then resign.

    1. That’s one big advantage of the Parliamentary system: in the UK, we elect a party, not a leader. So when a Prime Minister proves incompetent they can be forced out by their own people.

    2. @Celtic Cheetah america doesent have one particular leader much like yours its many different factors that lead our country mainly the three branches which in turn limit what our president can do, that fact is that those politicians in the branches literally are able to stay in their spot for so long due to voting inconsistencies and flaws is the problem I see

  10. Imagine if he came out for his last speech with his hair all done, combed over nicely with some product in.

    1. if you’ll indulge the metaphor there was nothing peaceful about it! 60+ members of ones party resigning because they can no longer tolerate the leader is absolutely savage

    2. @Doog let It goes without saying that “peaceful” in this context means the absence of physical violence

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    5. Isn’t this like people who have a system to win in a casino, and they win for a time, but ultimately they lose, and then you repeat the Wall Street crash, Banking crisis etc. People never seem to learn. Human greed, and the quest for something for nothing, will finish us all. What about actually working for a living, doing something useful, what a strange idea.

  12. This is what was said to Johnson by the other members of his party, “You can either resign now with some dignity or you can hang on and pretend you didn’t lose like Donald Trump in the States.” Can anyone imagine McCarthy or McConnell saying such a thing to Trump.

    1. I can imagine McConnell saying it but not McCarthy. McConnell I think is not very secretive about his dislike of Trump, but hes an opportunist.

  13. That was a pretty good resignation speech. It had a fair level of class to it and I regret that he didn’t have this type of wisdom while he was in office. When it comes right down to it though I suspect he regrets it more.

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