1. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    – Maya Angelou

    1. @T. R. Campbell I hate to be the one who bursts your bubble, but there isn’t a country in the world who’s economy isn’t going through what US’s is.

    2. Репортёр #ПатрикЛанкастер #PatrickLancaster , показывает в ютубе , слово Донбаса из уст народа.
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  2. True friend of Ukraine and I am sure a lot of the citizens of the UK wish he was a true friend of the United Kingdom too! 🤔

    1. The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, said: “At about 5 am, several Ukrainian servicemen landed on the island from a motor boat and took pictures with the flag. A Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft immediately launched a strike with high-precision missiles on Zmeiny Island, as a result of which part of the Ukrainian military personnel was destroyed.
      The survivors fled in the direction of the settlement of Primorskoye, Odessa region,” Konashenkov said.
      For the sake of the PR campaign of the drug addict President Zelensky, soldiers died in vain, probably professionals …

    2. @Hannah Dyson

      The UK began its support of Ukraine in 2014, five years before Boris became PM.

      The UK has never abandoned an ally.

  3. “Some are born great and some achieve greatness and then there are those who have GREATNESS (Volodymyr Zelenskyy) thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare 1602

  4. Too bad we don’t follow suite! Hey Mitch! Hey Jim Hey Lindsay Hey Donnie Hey Marjorie and the rest of you vacant lots… are you onboard???

  5. when he first came in power, he acted like trump (not a good thing) then he got covid…he cooled down a bit from being like trump….but now the past (?) emerged to haunt him?

    1. That’s really not accurate, he was consistently himself. Comparisons are easy, and therefore people leap to them, and certainly some of the populist methods were present, but he isn’t the same person and he exists and has existed in a very different political system and political culture.

      The past didn’t come back to haunt him, his ongoing behaviour did. The final straw for his party was lying to them, and sending them out to lie on his behalf to the public in respect of his latest personal scandal. He then further compounded that by offending a lot of those affected by that scandal. Then he refused to resign when it was clear he no longer held the confidence of his parliamentary party.

      Noone should pretend he was somehow a better person or leader in recent months. The parties during covid, for instance, happened after he got sick, so no he did not change or improve because of getting sick.

  6. Being Canadian, I like Johnson more than Trudeau because of Johnson’s charisma Although both are coated in Teflon. Both have violated their oaths to their respective populations.

    1. @Marc Gagne what “charisma”?! Most of us are decent, honest people & find nothing charismatic/charming about being constantly & often blatantly lied to by the person holding the most prestigious job in the UK. You are more than welcome to him in Canada, just wave enough money & perhaps make up a title to give him & he’ll come running, well lumbering (meaning running clumsily, not chopping wood!) Actually bj loves to dress up so maybe you could offer him the status of honorary chief of the Mounties & give him the uniform. God help the poor horse though!

    2. @Minsky’s feedback Yianni Don’t you know they have a similar clown in Canada already, albeit a little less “clownish”? Most sheep care about the looks. Sometimes they call it “charisma” 🙂 That is what maintains this phony system.

  7. just so you know they connected him to 45 to make any policies that he tries to make look over jealous and he would give Danish people a quick response. which would allow what just happened to happen.

  8. “A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.”

    “Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within.”

    –A. Philip Randolph

  9. Putin comes back from the afterlife and goes to a bar in Moscow. He is very curious to know if Russia is still a great Empire. He keeps asking questions to the barman.
    “So, is Crimea still ours?”
    The barman answers: “Yes, Mr. President.”
    “And Donbass belongs to us?”
    “Yes, Mr. President.”
    “So, Russia is the most powerful state in the world?”
    “Yes, Mr. President.”
    “That is very good. How much do I owe you?
    “10 Dollars! Euro, British Pounds and Swiss Franc are accepted as well, Mr. President”

  10. Boris and Biden should send to Ukraine after resignation to face Russian onslaught with his new boss ZELENSKYY.

  11. What’s the difference between Trump and Boris? Boris hasn’t incited a riot “YET”.

    And what a pity. Zelensky will miss Boris. Boris the hero and repected by Ukraine while here in the uk Boris and his cronies 💩 all over the place and disrespected everybody while doing so. He is NOT the man you think he is however saying that, Ukraine love him so much then you take him!!!! You’ll soon want him gone too

  12. Zelensky should throw Boris a farewell party. He showed more interest in Zelensky and parties than the people he was elected to serve.

  13. Ian Bremner…………

    You have absolutely no idea fella…. My Country is not diminishing, we are in a tremendous position on the World stage as we are one of the 2 main advocates of the support for the Ukrainian people and we’re in the driving seat in the BREXIT process.
    Other people (leftie Tory Party haters) may disagree but he’s done very well on the important issues that have faced the World recently.
    Even though I like Boris, I do think it was best that he stood down, we need a new leader.

  14. I can make up any words a person is saying in a different language while they’re being filmed without their Actual Audio… for example, if you don’t Know Hindi, and can’t Read Lips…. if their AUDIO is not played, for Anyone to HEAR… then I can say that they said… “I Like Ketchup” when what they REALLY SAID was “We Have A Nuke!” As the coverage using a person with a voice over in this News Media says…

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