GOP consultant says this potential candidate ready to give Trump ‘a contest’ in 2024

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is expected to announce she’s running for president on February 15 in Charleston, according to a person familiar with her plans. Haley would be the first Republican to jump into the 2024 presidential race this year, facing only former President Donald Trump, who launched his bid last year, as her competition out of the gates. Former Trump White House official Alyssa Farah Griffin and Republican consultant Katon Dawson discuss with CNN's Anderson Cooper. #CNN #News


  1. Nice. Thank you. I appreciate you keeping us informed. Really, I’m impressed. I will always appreciate Daniel. Our government has no idea how much people are struggling right now. Your truthful advice on mental health, homelessness, gun violence, mass killings, elementary schools, hunger, lack of access to healthcare, racial tensions, hatred, fentanyl overdoses, gang violence, police brutality, violations of human rights, mass illegal immigration, the collapse of the financial system, the extreme economic downturn, record-high inflation, and the Great Depression has been very helpful to me and helped keep this story alive. It has been a true blessing. Can it really get any better than that? You are brilliant

    1. That’s a sophisticated argument you present. Well supported with facts. Fair and balanced. Well thought out, oh great political scholar.

  2. I found a moldy piece of bread in the back of a cabinet that would be a better president than either trump or Haley.

    1. @Lewis Balentine my comment showed up in the thread aren’t you smart enough to figure…..oh nevermind you are a Potato supporter lol

  3. Even if Joe BIden’s wheelchair bound w/ a catheter bag in his hand by 2024… Nikki Haley could never beat him.

  4. “This race is gonna end up in the gutter” is not something a person should sound proud saying 😂

  5. You can see it in Mr. Dawson’s face, right after Alyssa noted that she hopes Nikki is not aiming toward a vice presidency, that it is exactly what she’s doing. The look on Dawson’s face says it all: “Shucky-darned, if that pretty young thang didn’t go and figure out our plan!” Such an obvious goombah – an easy read – would be fun to play poker with that rube.

    1. Nikki doesn’t want to be Trumps VP, she really does want to run for president. MTG is the one who’s wetting herself to be Trumps VP, or maybe his 4th wife. She’s getting divorced ya know.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no barrier to run for President from jail. There is no limitation for being President while serving time in jail.

  6. It is nearly TWO years before the election, so why are they all already running? What a waste of energy, money and everybodys time? Why not make a rule that nobody can announce their candidacy only 6 months before election day? That would be long enough!!!!

  7. Positioning herself for a potential VP to whoever will be the nominee. Any nominee will be inclined to pick a woman to undermine Kamala’s effect.

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