1. Incitement of an Insurrection: “Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

    1. @Vote Your Conscience I don’t think it’s possible for him to f****** as bad as Trump did. Everybody makes mistakes but Trump wants to be an authoritarian leader… Extreme nationalism and jingoism with a lot of racism mixed in. Cult like figurehead demands loyalty to only him, blames migrants and other races and peoples for all problems. Dehumanizes people he doesn’t understand. Intolerant, authoritarian. That describes two people and one way of government right off the bat. Fascism under Hitler. And Donald Trump’s attempt at authoritarian fascism. Trump’s problem is he’s not nearly as smart as Hitler was as much as I hate to say anything remotely complimentary about Hitler but that’s not really compliment. You should be worried about the intelligent Republican who tries to follow Donald Trump’s playbook and ends up destroying our democracy.

    2. @gacj2010 that’s such a ridiculous statement since no one was arrested on site or searched how do you know no one brought a gun? There were two bombs found as well so there’s that part of your statement that’s false as well. Ashley Babbitt got what she deserved she saw the man with a gun on the other side of the window he told her not to come through that window but she did anyway and to avoid cause the whole crowd following her he took her down and he would have took the next person that came through it down too but guess what nobody did after that. Cuz truthfully they were a bunch of f****** cowards. The only person responsible for Ashley Davis death is Donald Trump the sycophantic GOP p and his billionaire buddies propaganda news stations. His lies caused her death.

    3. You need to investigate why the DOJ, DC police and capitol police had weeks of intelligence, yet were not prepared. Why not?

    4. @Studebaker Hoch ok add in some bear spray lol. Bear spray, homemade pipe bombs that didn’t blow, scaffolding and zip ties to “overthrow the government” how stupid can you get Lol

    1. @Jesse Watters go turn on your google machine and type in “title 42” and for good measure look for Human Rights Watch’s comments concerning title 42. Then come back here and delete your made up story with numbers and everything! An apology would be nice but yeah I know trump and his trumpers never admit wrong but maybe you’re different??!!! Hmmm let’s see. Now toddle off and fell free to report back Jesse! This should be interesting folks! Standby…..

    2. @Sharon Durschlag Gas is up a staggering 43% now from just one year ago under Trumps energy independence…
      “No more America first”- Joe Biden

    3. @Daniel Gallagher lol, people move all the time. Remember, they are not republicans going to a red state. It’s democrats moving in to fix the red states, because republicans can’t do anything.

    4. @Sith Lord Yeah, 500,000 people leave California and New York to go to either Texas or Florida is “people just moving all the time”

      You people are airheads. Bunch of morons on one side, level headed people on the other.

    1. Paul Browning, that’s what midterms are for!! Hopefully his constituents are fed up and let him know it,by voting his corrupt a** out!! Thank God I’m not a Republican!!

    2. @Carol Edmonds no I’m thinking when Jan 6 committee gets their hands on info about him helping the Jan 6 attackers will ruin him.

  2. Rand Paul has a vested interest on people getting sick enough to need this drug when hospitalized. There is a straight line from this, to his stance that vaccines and masks don’t work. In a court this is called motive…

    1. @wskah What about Jill Biden?
      She’s a doctor.

      She went to the University of Delaware and earned a Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) in educational leadership.

      Unlike Paul, Jill Biden is actually intelligent and was able to graduate.


    1. @Mutton Chops MAGA hats are made in China; probably made out of toxins. Safe disposal as opposed to burning them.

    2. @Jan Van Besouw They convict these criminals for LYING about committing crimes and let them walk for committing crimes.

  4. Where is it inappropriate for “one man to introduce a man to an other man…” Well, when they discuss a criminal coup that makes it a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY – GOP GOTTA GO! VOTE BLUE!

    1. @Ordinary Mo And if you are calling me a liar, I’ll sue you for libel, that’s what your Orange man would do, right?

    2. @Ordinary Mo Did you completely miss what happened to the economy under Trump due to his bungling of the pandemic?

    1. Agreed!!! All democrats should be put into reeducation camps. I truly believe that leftist ideology is a mental disorder. If only we could develop a vaccine for that?

    2. Their time is coming. I’m glad (for them anyway) that the professionals are dealing with them. Amateurs are unfortunately more sloppy. So it’s better if the GQP coup members enjoy a long stay at the Graybar Hotel with their fellow criminals.

    3. @lynda medley DeSatan is busy putting children on ventilators, and killing off his own people, and that’s going to leave a mark come election time. The guy’s dumber than a box of hammers, yet still loyal to Clump’s original lies about the virus, and by doing so he’s guaranteeing his loss in the next election, if not his removal sooner than that.

    1. @Rik Mehta you still need to wear a mask. Vaccinated people can still get covid and pass it to others!

    1. @Jesse Watters people are waking up to how bad trump was for the United States. Biden has been better for the country. It’s a slow recovery process with the aftermath of the trump disaster years. All your points you think your making by trolling cnn and msnbc can easily be debunked. Shouldn’t you be doing more productive things with your life? You’re better than this. You sound pathetic… or maybe your on Putin’s payroll moonlighting at a troll farm. You must be desperate and hard up.

    2. @TOM Pastian only in your mind. tRump lied over 30,000 times as President, he lied over 4,000 times while he was running for President, and he committed scores of crimes along the way.

    3. @carlos Magana Glad to have you as a friend here ..I’m blessed and enjoying the moment of life and greatful to the Lord for making my life better including giving us the wisdom to protect our great country and how is life treating you ?

  5. “Stop the steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-Lie McEnemy in the starring roles.

    1. @Joe Conner says who CNN? you don’t know that! regardless Tumps list of accomplishemnts is very long, he got more done in his 4 years thanbush obama and biden combined, and all the while the left was trying to impeach him every day the press had just bullshitty things to falsly accuse him and his family of! well Biden is actually putting us in a reverse status. maybe you should look at that list before you judge Trump

    2. @V V sure he will just like everything else he is supposedly guilty of colluding with the russians, the insurrection etc dont hold your breath!

    3. @redman840 well Biden has committed treason and according to Hunter his crack smoking son money laundering as well, why don’t any of you dems get upset about that? you all sit complacently by while the highest crimes in the land are being committed Biden is on video bragging about blackmailing Poroshenko to the tune of 1.5 billion american tax dollars why dont you say anything about that?

  6. You can blame Perry but he has gotten a long way in life being douchey. It says a lot more about how douchey the people in his district are.

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    2. @owen okane Umm, he is a Republikan. I know as I am a PA resident living not far from him. NEVER voted for him.

  7. “Stop the steal”, one of Trump’s favorite slogans, it’s ironic he’d use that garbage line when that’s what he himself was attempting to do…

    1. Trump has the mind of a 12 year old boy that was never allowed to mature. He is literally just as predictable.

    2. Your comment is more ironic than it seems at first glance

      In addition to trying to steal the election… in Dec 2020, according to Federal Election Filings, Trump was forced to refund over $122 million in donations for his ‘stop the steal’ campaign. Turns out that by default, donations would recur monthly in the amount of the original donation unless donors manually visited the website and opted out, a fact that was hidden in the fine print. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, fully 3% of all credit card disputes that month across the country were tied tied to RedWin, the company that Trump used to process those payments.

      Irony: Pleading for people to stop the steal, as YOU literally steal from them.

    3. Cheeto Mussolini’s main playbook is PROJECTION: Anything he accuses others of, you KNOW he’s doing himself.

  8. Perry should be investigated.
    Objecting to certifying votes huh…
    Why don’t we count the votes that he got when elected?
    Let’s audit Scott Perry’s election results!
    Come on…I suspect fraud…let’s go!

    1. Call the people he talked to then him, give them immunity and ask who got them to not certify the election to find the ring leaders in Congress. Then check emails and phone records to see if they are lying, then as the ring leaders if Trump called them to get them and as many other to not certify the election. Trump calling Congress to not certify his election is interference with a government function and a felony, joining in and recruiting others is a conspiracy of that crime. Maybe you let Congress off with immunity, but they lie or refuse to answer you nail them on obstruction or perjury.

    2. @Aliza Kessler Actually, Hillary Clinton conceded the morning after Trump stole the 2016 election by accepting Russian interference. Where did the Democrats challenge the ‘results’?

  9. I hope Perry is held accountable for his actions in the big lie ! And be expelled from his position in Congress !

    1. He deserves to be rewarded for standing up for election integrity. Trump won the election by a landslide, and it was stolen by the democrats.

  10. Perry sounds as willing and ready to lie as much as Clark did, all for their good old buddy Trump, now infamous himself for lying to the American public nearly every day he was in the WH. Did Trump ever tell us the truth about anything even for just one day? LOL!

  11. Repugnants are all in on donnie. A guy that has never had 50% of the popular vote. Sounds like a losing proposition which is fine for the majority of Americans.

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