1. As a Right-wing Republican, you think I would rationally, logically, and intelligently, vote for Trump? After what has transpired over nearly 18 months? That’s a big HELL no! So pardon my language, but seriously, this guy has lost his mind!

    1. I am not a Republican or want Republicans to win but if Trump was out of the picture Republicans would be doing way better. If Trump won in 2024, he could only get 4 more years anyway if the SC does make him president for life God forbid. I personally think its time to dismantle the two party system.

    2. He doesn’t know he has lost his mind. His belief about the Republican no longer exists and he can’t see that.

  2. Ya but he’s unable to say “I’d vote for the most honorable man, if that man is not a republican”. That’s the perfect definition of a cult.

    1. Policy over everything else? He just testified that moral character was what kept him from falling into the trump abyss.
      Dang this guy speaks with forked tongue!!

    2. @Paul Gibbon Being anti-abortion is a policy position. Not a personality (cult) position.

      And many Republicans are not opposed to LGBTQ+ rights. And even if they were, again, that’s a policy position.

      Cult worship is in a different realm, and totally abandons any semblance of reason. Even reason that is totally misguided.

  3. If you want to know how weakness looks, this guy is the pure definition of it and should have his picture next to the word in the dictionary.

    1. @aia8998 No, he didn’t say that. He said he doesn’t like Trump would vote for him if he ran against Biden. His answer did not change. He just added more words.

    2. @aia8998 Well, that was a HUGE mistake. I like to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, but this one is a little hard to swallow.

    3. @trident065 That doesn’t hold water. There are other options available, like putting in another’s name and still voting the republican slate. He’s whimping out, I fear.

    4. @trident065 Did he bring his religious beliefs into it, and did he mention Trump’s goons?

  4. … and that’s why we refer to it as a mafia style cult.
    He didn’t refuse because of his claimed piety, he refused because he was scared of incriminating himself.

    1. Parslow Pongbert: I would say that he already did incriminate himself at the hearing when he told the whole world what he thought.

    1. If you’re point is ‘he testified to stay out of jail for contempt of Congress’, maybe that is so.

      Props to him for being truthful in his testimony, but I have difficulty comprehending his fence-sitting.

  5. Policy DOES NOT override justice.
    Policy DOES NOT override truth.
    Policy DOES NOT override morality.

    1. Depends on whether you’re talking about Dem justice, truth and morality, or REAL justice, truth and morality.

  6. For those on the right; Why is Cheney facing a primary? If this isn’t a cult why primary someone who voted along party lines every time.

    1. Cheney is facing primary challenge because she’s placed her Trump hatred above finding the truth.

  7. One of the characteristics of evil people is that they avoid detection…they expend great energy cultivating a public image of a successful, solid citizen beyond reproach. I’ve always found it puzzling that the primary theme of religion is concerned with good vs. evil; nevertheless, strongly religious people seem even more susceptible and taken in by the charms and manipulations of evil people than those who are not religious. So, if religion is useless in helping its followers identify and defend themselves against evil people, then what good is it? From either a religious standpoint or a psychological standpoint, Trump ticks all the boxes of being a truly evil person, yet many Evangelical Christians believe he is a gift from God to do God’s work. How do they know he wasn’t sent by Satan to sow chaos, hatred, fear, and division?? That seems far more likely since that’s what is happening.

    1. Its pretty simple , Jesus said Love God and they Neighbor, its written that we all will be judged one day, so i try to not get distracted cause that is the devils specialty, these people seem insane but its not surprising because we are warned about the battle of Good and Evil, yet we are not to judge and try not to fall victim to the plots of other imperfect and lost human souls…

  8. “Believes in and practices the virtues”
    That is important.
    Why would so many “Republicans” throw in with someone who obviously only gave lip-service to conservative values and point toward any other Republican who stood up to the man as a “rino” ?

    1. @ Corrie Crazy, for the cultists, makes no difference. The followers job are like a litany, repeat after me, without using your brain just memorize it. The tragedy of the cultists and the poorly educated.

  9. Joe Biden wasn’t my first choice, nor was Hilary, but if Bowers wants to consider a persons “heart and soul” and he won’t even mention Joe Biden, we’ll gee whiz I think we’re looking at a Trump cult.

    1. @Dale Cash LOL That’s fair analysis! Buuutt then again…he IS the oldest U.S. incoming president, elected.

      Also, I consider how different our country has become (covid, mass shootings every other week, Roe v Wade overturned, having DONALD as a predecessor, etc..).

  10. He really has no problem with the attempted insurrection, he just doesn’t wanna risk being incriminated over it

  11. Part of the hold a narcissist has on his/her victim is the victim clinging to the belief that there is a really good person inside them and that if you just love them a little more you can bring the good days and the good person you loved back out from the depths of the latest emotional/physical beating – there are going to be so many victims of Trump’s abuse – they just don’t know it yet

    1. JJ: Been there; done that (for 20 years). As the song says, “I learned my lesson; it left a scar”. Never again!

    2. thank God for my gut feeling when I got caught in the snare of a narcissist–I got out but he got $12,000-tough price I paid (considering I am not a rich person) but worth it to get out!! They can take you down a rabbit hole so fast, unbelievable!!

    3. Two quotes for you Bible Believing Republicans out there:

      James 3:11:
      “Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?” (spoiler alert – NO)

      Deuteronomy 17:7
      “You must purge the evil from among you”

      RNC, dump the Trump.

      God is watching.

    1. And over self-preservation too! Had no idea that kink for Humiliation and Domination was part of the job requisit!

  12. These are hypocrites 🤡 and sociopath liars 🤥, and narcissists👿 who will say and do anything to stay out of jail and to serve their own purposes‼️

  13. This man had my respect for how he stood up for the constitution. Then he defecated all over it by stating he would let this happen again. My respect evaporated.

    1. @Minh Sen I did. I know he stated he would vote for him due to his policies and what his administration did, and if it was between him and President Biden that would be his choice but in my view what he did is indefensible and not worth the risk of happening again.

  14. Rusty believes in his oath of office, democracy, the virtues, family, truth, character and honor. Trump believes in none of those but Rusty would still vote for him.

  15. I love the “I’m a conservative and I believe in conserving our institutions” and yet would still be willing to vote for THE guy that was intent on destroying all of the institutions that we consider a part of our democracy. Absolutely incredible.

    1. I’m willing to bet he couldn’t name any of Trump’s great policies if his life depended on it.

    2. Well sure, that guy I hired to work in my office turned out to be a serial killer who dismembered and ate many of my colleagues, but hey, he was a wizard at Microsoft Excel, so I’d hire him again.

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