GOP Ramps Up Attacks On Transgender Youth | MSNBC

GOP Ramps Up Attacks On Transgender Youth | MSNBC 1


    1. Same here. I’ve watched Chase on DemocracyNow a number of times and at times I feel awe & some serious respect!!

  1. That money talks, I’ll not deny, I heard it once: It said, ‘Goodbye’.
    Richard Armour. Perhaps my favourite quote.
    When I aim it at the likes of Senator Joe Manchin – my spelling slips. Good Buy.

    1. @T Ross The subject isn’t the problem, it’s the fascist GOP trying to force their will onto others out of their fear. The GOP needs to stop being cowardly racists, and start accepting all Americans. This is why Republicans don’t have the numbers to win elections fairly.

    1. I’m not sure the Bible is the best thing to quote. The Bible has been the reason for the persecution of gays and it is the reason to this day some countries introduce laws to execute gays as Brunei did in 2014.
      The Bible says to execute says and Sharia is based on Old Biblical law amongst other things. Therefore the Bible is to blame in both Western Christianity and in Islam.
      I’m just saying because if you quote the Bible they can simply quote the passages saying to murder gays.

  2. The gop and their voters never miss an opportunity to punch down at people who need compassion. Deplorable.

    1. Why is the party of “Limited Government” always the one stepping in between doctors and their patients?

  3. If a doctor’s personal/religious beliefs over ride their oath of care, then they need to find another career.

    1. @Patty Kelly No, I live in New York, and they usually put it in parentheses for me. There’s around 32 genders out here in case you are unfamiliar. Thanks.

    2. @MilkCow Why do you care? Someone is or isn’t male or female or identifying male or female. Again, it’s not that hard. And, it has nothing to do with you

  4. You have the right to practice your religion. You do not have the right to practice your religion on others.

  5. Why is the party of “Limited Government” always the one stepping in between doctors and their patients?

    1. Just take a peek at what legislatures in red states are doing this year. Idaho/Montana, bills against trans people, abortion rights; attempts to politicize the judiciary; attempts to limit abilities of public health agencies and emergency powers of governors. Strip university funding if they don’t toe the far-right line. Oh, renewed attempts to eventually privatize public lands. Privatize public schools via vouchers (and, allow public funding for religious schools–thanks DeVos). You’re correct of course, but fascists love to tell others how to manage their lives.

  6. The Church of Baby Cheesus only cares about females, especially athletes when they can be used as excuses to clamp down on trans rights.

  7. GOP are in a pickle: They need to hate as many people as possible to please their voters, but then also need to appeal to as many as possible to increase their base.

  8. The thing I don’t get, is why do these GOP people even care? How does it hurt them what some stranger chose to wear, chose to call themselves, who they happen to fall in love with? It doesn’t hurt or affect anyone. Let people make their own life choices (I know it’s not a choice but they clearly don’t). And this goes for all those pro-life people too. It doesn’t hurt them or their choice, but what they are doing is actively causing other people harm. It needs to stop.

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