Gov. Abbott Attacks TX Dems Who Fled To Stop Voter Restrictions 1

Gov. Abbott Attacks TX Dems Who Fled To Stop Voter Restrictions


Dozens of Texas Democrats left their state denying Republicans in the capitol a quorum needed to vote on that state's restrictive voting legislation supported by Trump ally Gov. Greg Abbott. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Peter Baker, and Julie Pace all join to discuss.
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    1. @Ben Garcia So, Democows hate America but actually display hate for the symbols, whereas you (with an alleged Hispanic last name) love America, but it’s clear you hate Americans who aren’t pasty white because that’s what you want to be.

    2. @NOLA BOY You do realize that the KKK was started by Democrats, right? Strom Thurmond was a long-time Dem Sen (and mentor to a young Sen Biden). He was also one of those Grand Wizards

    3. @FENTON MILLER – The quote to which you are evidently responding was not mine. Read it again. I too was taking exception to it.

  1. Tell the Texas AG to come to Washington, then arrest him for the fraud and corruption he’s under indictment for.

    1. The US has a democrat president and senate, it is time for the Texas criminal GOP to be arrested.

    2. @John Godley it’s the democrats that are the centre of ALL corruption in your country.

      The world knows it.

      Quit the diversion and own it.

    3. @SeismicVisuals Yes, dear… and the eat babies…. and laser your pathetic brain to make you type PUSSUGRABBING comments. OH WAIT…. DEEP STATE!!! YEah… deep state.

    1. @Joshua Frank You are most welcome. I believe any discussions should be scholarly, factual and logical. We should be willing to listen to another individual even if we might not agree with them. I appreciate your post.

    2. @Rick Keeton bet you couldn’t go a day without mentioning the boogeyman Trump. He’s been out of office for 7 months and that’s all you still think about. It’s getting old and boring.


  2. Every American has the right to vote. No American citizen should be stopped from voting, suppressed from voting, harassed when trying to vote in any way! These are things that happen in the U.S. today.

    1. @The Morally Superior Democrat Kinda like putting some of a virus into a vaccine to strengthen the immune system?

    2. @Michelle Bobier-Groves No, to experiment on them. I WOULD LOVE to give you the link.

  3. America our country is facing the greatest peril of our history, this will spread to the other GOP controlled State Legislatures. Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagen would be horrified at what the Republicans have become.

    1. Lol coming from the party of packing the Supreme Court, Taking elections from states and having the feds rule, eliminating the filibuster (which the Dems used 324 times in two years) yeah it’s the GOP telling you that you need an ID that’s attacking our democracy. 🥴

    2. Question: How does the Tx Bill suppress votes? Give me a specific example from the bill. Or have you not read it?

    1. @scrotastic Sorry but theres nothing illegal happening here just a standard political tactic. Preventing illiberal laws being passed by denying a quorum when you have no other options to protect your constituents rights is what democracy is all about.

    2. @scrotastic Republicans use these tactics so what are you whining about? Turn about is fair play until the rules change.

    3. @scrotastic Were you speaking this way when Ted Cruz fled to Cancun when the power wouldn’t come back on?

    4. @scrotastic yeah it was ok when Oregon Republicans did the same thing 5 times though right hypocrite?

    5. @scrotastic I believe you forget the Republicans that did the same thing in Oregon over climate change bill. Oh that’s right you are right leaning. You have issues with having your own thoughts, live in fear and wait for dear leader to tell you what to do 🤣🤣🤣 🐑🐏🐑🐏

  4. Abbott: “The Dems fled out of state to avoid doing their job!”
    Ted Cruz: “Hold my Cancun weekend while Texas freezes to death.”

    1. @Chris Dupree In a time of crisis and elected official is supposed to role up their sleeves an help the people that they represent. Not flee. He fled. When a person has Wealth ,they should remember the Commonwealth. This guy fled to Cancun while his people froze.

    2. @scrotastic Cruz only came back because he got caught on video while trying to take a vacation while everyone froze to death bahahah dead 💀

    3. @Chris Dupree I’ve been reading Ro G’s contribution to this channel for over a year. I wouldn’t crown him the greatest politician in history, but he’s quite funny (at ratpublican expense) and most entertaining. So what useful purpose do you serve here, eggdrop? Looking for new recruits for Moby Trump’s Death Cult? You’re out of luck

  5. I will kick and scream till i get my way, this is getting so pathetic, imagine knowing that if people vote it will be to your detriment, period.

  6. Guess Abbutt doesn’t like, usually repub tactics, being used against them! There outta be a law, as we used to say when something happened we didn’t like.

    1. Cruz won’t freeze though, he’ll just chain his wife to a fence again and head for Cancun.

    2. Yeah i couldn’t tell if you’re MAGA or dem with that comment… i dont find it funny because the electric company cherry picked who to cut electricity and many Hispanic immgrants died due to them not being used to weather that cold

    1. What’s wrong about showing your ID/DL to vote in a state which lives near the border and deals with constant illegal aliens coming? For me that’s obviously creating a path way for legit voting and shakedown on people who aren’t here legally. They always say those who try to avoid showing something so simple obviously have something to hide.

    2. @iPibb Xtra How many times have we caught illegals voting? You think they risk their lives to cross the border to come here to vote?

    3. For weather that almost never happens… It’s like condemning the Japanese Prime Minister for a Tsunami. Yeah certain things can change, but don’t pretend Democrats are squeaky clean either.

    4. @iPibb Xtra well do you know that it’s mainly republicans whom ARE always caught cheating and voting illegally?

    5. @Anacapri10 and cuomo and his nursing home deaths Whitmer, wolfe, gavin, …bad leadership from both sides… vote on policy not identity

    1. Question: How does the Tx Bill suppress votes? Give me a specific example from the bill. Or have you not read it?

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