Gov. Beshear: ‘Don’t Take Anything Off The Table’ For Vaccine Mandates

Governor Andy Beshear (D-Ky.) discusses the surge of new coronavirus cases in Kentucky and if he would consider mask or vaccine requirements. 

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Gov. Beshear: 'Don't Take Anything Off The Table' For Vaccine Mandates


  1. Dr. Fauci couldn’t convince Ronald Reagan about HIV… That really worked out well didn’t it?

    1. Dr fauci also lied about the spread rate of AIDS among heterosexuals to make the panic even more. I remember. I was a teenager. They had us frightened. It was supposed to be the next plague to wipe out a huge chunk of the population. Sound familiar?

    2. Liar!!!!!! Fauci murdered 100,000 AIDS patients with AZT. Members on that team have publicly come forward expressing their contempt for him as both a Dr. And a human being. Dr. KaryMullis, Nobel Winner and father of the PCR test, hated him. As did Dr. Judy Minkovitz. Read Mullis’ interview from 1994 in Spin magazine.

  2. One tough consideration is young people and school, your already required to get vaccinations for your kid to be able to attend school, now do we add covid to those requirements? If you don’t, even with masks, they kids are all going to infect each other, so if half are vaccinated and half aren’t, your still going to have a ton of kids sick. Also, the kids aren’t making the choice on the vaccinations, their parents do, usually at a very young age. I guess you could have schools for vaccinated, and schools for unvaccinated, but that is probably not very practical. It seems like in the end, the only real choice is to require vaccination to attend school, I don’t see any other practical solution.

    1. @Pohaku Mana along that lines, you could even do a small friends and family school, or like what they had in rural places in like the 1900’s. But yeah, it would have to be something of your own that you control what goes on there.

  3. If Kentucky has a Democrat Governor then here’s hoping they eventually replace their two Republican Senators in Washington. Kentucky deserves better!

  4. There’s no excuse not to get the vaccine now, dears. In the history of vaccines, no dangerous side effects have ever occurred after two months of inoculation. EVER. It’s been 7 months, people. Get vaccinated, save yourselves and save your country.

    1. It was actually 15 years ago when George W Bush signed the act that you couldn’t sue big pharma corporations

  5. Remember when vaccine passports and mandates were just “conspiracy theories” people are so blind to the truth its honestly kind of scary

    1. @772 steppa Just a daily reminder about the out of control trolls in the comments . They are William H Music , William H Music 2020 , William H music 2021 , Orange General , Tyrone Shoelaces , Reality , Junior Mints , Timmy Truth , Tweatles , DAVID , DAVID M , Mark Evans , WARRIOR OF GOD , John Holmes , DONNIE Trump , Cameltoe Harris , Donald Ducko , Liberals are a Failed experiment! , The Homeless Travel Network Airways , Bud Fudlacker , Aedammair Ornóraand and more .

      Gonna need to add you soon, keep going numb-nuts.

  6. How the heck did Kentucky get a Dem Governor ?
    Libr’uls must be packing into Louisville and Lexington by the van loads. …. Or…. maybe Toyota was an omen.

    1. The KY public didn’t want a repeat with the previous gov again. He really ticked off a lot of people. I think a Republican probably would have won as long as it wasn’t Matt Bevins.

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