Trump Endorsement Power Faces Another Test In Ohio Special Primary

NBC News' Mark Murray discusses what he expects to see in the Ohio special primary tomorrow where the power of former President Trump's endorsement is facing another test. 

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Trump Endorsement Power Faces Another Test In Ohio Special Primary


    1. @00- 00
      Hey *0* ! Your doctor called with your colonoscopy results. Good news!— They found your head.

    2. @Federalist Papers Ohio is ordering an audit on grounds Trump told his supporters to vote twice…Biden won Ohio too!

  1. Trump’s record of winning candidates after endorsing them is pathetic. It seems that most Americans still have enough pride to make up their own minds.

    1. @truth hurts : Most Americans can’t make up their own minds? Well, that’s definitely true of Trump supporters, at least.

    2. 71 million Americans are definitely NOT making up their own minds, they handed it over to The Orange Turd five years ago!🙄 Can you say, CULT? 🤣💯

    1. @Max and still finding nothing while spending the citizens’ tax dollars in order to “humor” a f’ing coward and loser.

    2. @Jillian Copeland Republicans —> less taxes, dems only gain votes by stealing money from citizens & giving it to illegals

    3. @Max, I get bored when watching news. And I like to use words without spamming multiple responses trying to troll everyone else so I have the time. This is the only comment I’m responding to. How many other videos are you responding to right now? How many of those did you watch? If you didn’t watch them you’re a sad pathetic troll trying to play keyboard hero. And that I find entertaining. 🍿 I love knowing my life isn’t as pathetic as your’s and that makes me feel better. That’s why I do this. Have a great day.

      You’re like that smack-head passed out on the sidewalk. I feel kind of bad for you but you’re making your own choices based on your addiction. The more you act out the less I feel bad and the more you become a joke that makes me laugh inside. So how many more posts will you make before you get all tuckered out? (I checked your homepage and you’re spamming responses to multiple videos. So you don’t need to respond. I see the sad troll you are.)

  2. Ah, the Trump Stain will collect another victim….bad enough Republicans only vote for an R regardless of the person, that they would vote solely due to the delusions of the Dumpster is another level of stupidity

  3. I heard he was endorsing a Trump steak. Cooked to a shoe leather-like texture and doused in ketchup.

    1. @News Troll Download Diaper Don………………………….it gets much worse. He should have just walked around in his diapers sucking his bottle filled with diet coke ..threw enough fits…

    1. He’s been that way for decades, with all the bankruptcies. Being able to play a successful businessman on TV and getting elected president are the outliers.

    2. @Charles A Smith I’m HERE for it, my friend! The subpoenas are rolling out soon, idk about you but I want to know the whole story, too, EVERYTHING they did! America needs to see the truth, accountability, and that NO ONE is above the law!

    3. @tubruton He conned , stole, & lied his way to OUR WH, then tried to keep it..OH NO you dont screw with We The People’s house…So out went 45………………………next……… Diaper don

  4. *”coal lobbyist”*
    Remember when Trump told coal miners not to sell their homes because “he was bringing back coal” and then they all lost their houses because of… reality (coal is dying and Trump did nothing after he got their vote).

    1. @Ver Coda well he said he likes dumb voters and that’s what he has has! None of his supporters can think for themselves.
      He stole millions while in office, screwed this country left and right, didn’t put in one honest days work.
      But there still are over 70 million people supporting him.
      You can’t fix stupid!

    2. The only thing these coal miners got to keep, were their silicosis. I bet they too are Trump’s suckers and losers now.

    3. Yeah, he also thought “clean coal” meant it would be washed after being harvested. It’s clear that Trump’s IQ is in the negative numbers.

    4. Let’s not forget the farmers with his war with China he has Farmers on public assistance. Trump is a loser

  5. t-Rump sat on his wall, t-Rump had a great fall, now nobody wants to see t-Rump ever again at all !!!

    1. He was right, they would get tired of winning. With Trump its under the bus and prison that always is the end game.

    2. @Per-Einar Dahlen Because every single time TRUMP has powwow with they always seem to be under investigationing

  6. Let’s hope the results are the same as they were in Texas–but with an even wider margin between the winner and the “Trump-backed” LOSER.

  7. Trump’s candidate in Ohio is a professional lobbyist which is as swampy as you can get without actual alligators.

  8. Trumps confidence is breaking down fast Donald hasn’t claimed to be a genius for a very long time 😃😄😆

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