Lindsey Graham Tests Positive For Covid After Being Full Vaccinated 1

Lindsey Graham Tests Positive For Covid After Being Full Vaccinated


Sen. Lindsey Graham says he "started having flu-like symptoms Saturday night and went to the doctor this morning." NBC News' Leigh Ann Caldwell tells MSNBC that he was seen unmasked with colleagues last week.
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  1. I’m sure Graham will be fine. He is already a miracle of modern science given how he’s able to walk around without a spine.

    1. Please, write that on Graham’s , wall/page/Twitter… he might be worrying about Sarscov2, that will just help him realize, that he’ll be just fine!!

    1. @mary jo morra That is the Trickle Down Theory the Republicans have been doing. “I just made you all a lot richer” Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Every time Republicans “cut taxes”, the lower classes get peanuts while the upper class gets a huge money grab and the national debt goes up. I am so tired of paying taxes that go to the wealthy.

    2. @TheHugeDwarf I didn’t know that anyone who is hispanic, had to forcefully follow democrats. Who knew?🤔 You really are as clever as “sleepy biden” aren’t you?

    3. @OldManGhost well I don’t see Biden raising the taxes on the rich.. or doing much good of anything else

    1. @Paul Wilson HELLO, It is common knowledge that you can still catch COVID after vaccination but little if any symptoms. Just like the flue. Guess you didn’t get the email.

  2. Wearing masks helped a whole lot from spitting while talking, I’m vaccinated and still wear a mask.Covid not over as long as people getting infected, vaccinated or not

    1. @Curtis FarleyThere’s many causes of death dude, I’m not the one telling people not to protect themselves like lying Republicans. You so called pro-life folks are killing Americans with your lies.

    2. Viruses do not magically disappear. Even the Bubonic Plague still exists.
      Covid, just like every other virus in the world, will always be here.
      Whether you like it or not.

    3. @Jesse Farmer Black people protest systemic racism and police brutality. White people protest fabric.

    4. @blluedragonfly did you guys miss the story? He WAS VACCINATED!!! Maybe time to check on Israel, who started their program months before the US… 80% hospitalized, ARE vaccinated. The vaccine is still experimental… which evidently it has a shelf life, and isn’t effective for very long… act accordingly and stop fighting.

    1. @kingpest 13 I don’t think you understand how Republican works in 2021. If you tell a snowflake something they don’t want to hear, you’re not a Republican anymore.

    1. @Erik Garcia Try the Library of Congress not he media . Name anything the Repubs did that benifited this country as a whole . Even when they controlled all three branches during the last administration .

    2. @Erik Garcia Why don’t we include an attempted overthrow of the US government to install a dictator . History has seen this all before . I would recommend reading the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , especially the rise part , you might learn something . Neo-Fascist ideology openly embraced by a political party within the US , just sad . And if that book doesn’t do it for ya , try Mien Kampf . I hear the last president loved it .

  3. Keep letting other walk around without The vaccine and no facemasks in close quarters they’re asking for it and they’re getting it. Or maybe it’s way of disrupting the vote like usual. I wouldn’t put that passed him either.

    1. @S.A. Us Dems aren’t vaccinated. It’s all fake news. So, get out there unmasked, unvaxxed and congregate in large crowds to your heart’s content.

  4. Lindsey now? “Wait, we need to wear masks even if we’re vaccinated? If only someone had told me…”

  5. He’s either lying about being fully vaccinated OR he is fully vaccinated telling people not to get vaccinated. Either way, he’s disgusting and he gets what he deserves.

    1. The virus is mutating because of the unvaccinated, therefore causing problems for a few vaccinated now

    2. @Truth91 No, not necessarily. These vaccinations don’t provide absolute immunity. The protection wanes over time. You can still shed virus despite being vaccinated. Slow rollout of imperfect vaccines is providing the environmental pressure that will select for new variants, especially considering these vaccines target a single antigen, being the spike protein. It’s the reason that an HIV patient will recieve several medications simultaneously, because the virus can’t mutate in three separate directions s at once, due to cost/benefit relationship of traits.

    3. @Truth91 To be specific, I mean that there is a great environmental pressure that is selection for viruses to alter the spike protein.

    4. @Truth91 yeah, I’ve heard this too. He didn’t shout it out or make enough noise about getting vaccinated. Yep, couldn’t have happened to a better person. Dumb republicans all marching together with no masks on last week. Who’s fooling who. Not me. Republicans just keep making fools of themselves. Stupidity.

    1. But didn’t all those covid bearing Texas Dems fly in and hang out in Washington?? Hmmmm. I smell a rat.

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