Third D.C. Police Officer Who Responded To Capitol Riot Has Died By Suicide

D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Gunther Hashida is the third officer who responded to the January 6 Capitol riot to die by suicide. NBC's Pete Williams has details.
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    1. Where is your condolences for Ashli Babbitt???? Has anyone thought about the 3 Suicides were due to REGRET!!!!! of course not!!! MSDNC IS PURE BS!!!

    2. @Sarah Petty Ashli Babbit was killed while part of a mob attempting to do serious bodily harm to others. That is justifiable. It is also irrelevant to the topic at hand.

    3. @C.C. D Your flippancy reflects your identification with the organized racists and social misfits who stormed and rampaged the Capitol. You people aren’t that difficult to figure out.

    4. @Sarah Petty The sympathy I feel regarding Babbitt is with her family who has to live with the loss and the shame of knowing Babbitt accompanied a mob of organized racists into an occupied federal building and foolishly lost her life as she was lunging through a restricted area. Babbitt assumed the risk when she engaged in violent criminal conduct; her family did not.

    1. @Anne Ashli Babbitt is an honorable veteran who fought for YOUR right to express such an idiotic opinion.

    1. They were so many against just a few police men. I remember they planned another attack but oh nooo, there was military there then. So they Said, do not come, they want to trick us into something. The inviters of the riot are still living a happy life and earn much money and are still proud and have power. It us time to make clear this was an attack of cowards to their own country. If you are attacked by foreigners, they have been attacked by their own president.

    2. Looks like someone’s been Jeffrey Epsteined by the left again, he obviously knew something he wasn’t supposed to know!!

    3. @Vicki McCune they gave him a new identity and put him and his family up for life, soon after the funeral and press dies down the rest of his family will join him on the tropical paradise they set him up in , relax, it’s just a ploy to keep this one from facing charges

  1. So sad! Rest In Peace.
    Who ever damaged his brain and made this decision has to be accountable!!!.

    1. @Faux Que The MINOR riot that lasted for hours? The “Peaceful protesters” that broke down doors and windows? The protestors that came with bear spray and zip ties? You must be a Trump University alumni. A product of the Betsy DeVoss education system

    2. @Riff5150 If he’s a product of Trump University, then you’re a product of the Kremlin. I guess you’d know all about bear spray living in Russia, huh?

    1. You are part of the problem, the swamp/sewer dwellers are supposed to be Representives.
      When you call them” leaders” you Contribute to the problem

  2. And of course this had NOTHING to do with the cruel words rewarding the brave men who testified before Congress.

    1. @Sarah Petty Let’s put yourself in the shoes of the police. Suppose a whole mob of people are pounding on your windows, trying to break them to get in. You’ve got a gun. You have been shouting at them nonstop that you don’t want them to break in, and that you will use lethal force if they do. One of those in the mob climbs up on something and manages to break the window, and prepares to jump through. You’ve got a gun. Are you going to use that gun? Are you going to take time to ask whether it’s a man or woman?

      This is all on film. I saw the film. Ashli Babbitt climbed up, broke a window, and started to go through it when she was shot. What else could the cops do?

    2. @Colonel Farès it’s simply astounding that the R’s and MAGA-types, who usually worship our LEO’s are now suddenly the ones mocking them for protecting our elected officials from harm. Bizarro world.

    1. What about all the police during the BLM and antifa riots they faced way more danger than the capital police!!!!!!

    2. @nick4819 obviously by watching the videos and testimony of the officers, one can clearly see anyone not participating in the riots was traumatized! You would have to have zero feelings to not have been traumatized and that on top of whatever’s going on in ones life! This may have been the last straw.

    1. I certainly don’t mean disrespect…seems similar to Clinton-cides occurring more frequently…random cold killings for no apparent reason!

  3. Rest In Peace, Officer Hashida. My thoughts and prayers are with his grieving family and fellow Officers.

    1. @J. Wright You’re NOT making this world the better place it Needs to be, for all of us…shame!!

    2. @J. Wright Suicide is to fully embrace a divine moment
      Revelations 22:12,“Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.
      13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

  4. May the Lord bless him and keep him. My heart aches for his family. My heart aches for him. Serve and Protect. ❤

    1. I agree also. These keyboard warriors have no clue what it’s like to be in the middle of a demonstration when people are getting out of control. And I have so I know, even though it’s been 45 years it still triggered my PTSD from that day.

    2. @Rosemary Crosman I’m
      Sure people felt the same way when the police just stood by and allowed rioters to burn and loot their businesses

  5. It is so sad that this deliberate action and event has led to this. A man who was doing his job to protect others.

  6. I guess he was “Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall (that) showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes, taking videos and pictures,” and just couldn’t take it anymore.

    Too orderly and old fashion for his state I guess.

    👍👌So Sad!!!👌👍

  7. Just heartbreaking, RIP, officer Hashidas and much RESPECT to all the officers who dealt with January 6th

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