Jade Carey wins gold, USWNT knocked out; Simone Biles is back for balance beam Tuesday | USA TODAY 1

Jade Carey wins gold, USWNT knocked out; Simone Biles is back for balance beam Tuesday | USA TODAY

The U.S women's soccer team fails to become back-to-back World Cup and Olympic gold medal champions. Simone Biles announced she would compete in Tuesday's balance beam final.

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    1. @Tēōdēdē good lord “virtue signaling” yall really get tired with your playbook rhetoric. It’s clearly an error in typing because they showed her with a Gold.
      Also Rapinoe has led the team to multiple championships and wins and golds. What have you done?

    2. @Tēōdēdē its a team effort, the team lost. They still may get the bronze which is still more than you’ve ever done with your life

    3. @Phillip Willis the irony of you commenting on social media about what someone else has done is clearly lost on you.

  1. Awwww. USA Today is sore about Rapinoe looking like a clown so they block comments calling her the loser she is.

  2. Umm, you need to repost this video with a fixed caption for Jade Carey. She won gold like the reporter says, not bronze like the caption says. Incredibly sloppy work USA Today.

    1. @Phillip Willis Sorry, I have no sympathy for the woman’s team.. they have brought too much controversy onto their team. And as a vet, and a kid that grew up in the 70’s who said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.. protesting during our National Anthem is a disgrace. Thousands of men and woman have died establishing and defending our Nation. By protesting you are spitting on everyone that has died or served for our Nation.

    2. Did you say the guy who instigated the violent January 6th attack on the US Capitol didn’t love his country? That would be accurate, your whining about the USWNT is not.

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