Secy. Mayorkas: Trump Admin. 'Dismantled Our Capabilities' To Address Immigration 1

Secy. Mayorkas: Trump Admin. ‘Dismantled Our Capabilities’ To Address Immigration

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss threats to homeland security, from surges in illegal border crossings to cyber attacks to domestic extremism. With illegal immigration reaching unprecedented levels, Secretary Mayorkas casts blame on the previous administration that "dismantled our capabilities to address" the issue. The secretary also touches on the administration's message to Cubans protesting repression, saying that while they stand with the Cuban people, they discourage anyone from taking the dangerous trip by sea to the U.S.

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Secy. Mayorkas: Trump Admin. 'Dismantled Our Capabilities' To Address Immigration


  1. Trump’s only idea on controlling refugees at the border was to be as inhumane as possible. No one ever accused Trump of being competent.

    1. @Florida Man oh look, FloridaMan everywhere in these comments like the loser he is. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind by how inept your orange god is.

    2. @Exile so the virus exists when it is in illegals or those seeking assylm but you shouldn’t get vaccinated or wear a mask if a legal American Citizen, got it.

    3. @John Yost – I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of the OP saying the way Trump handled the refugees at the border was inhumane as possible, when Biden is doing the same thing Trump and Obama did by stuffing kids in cages. If Trump was inhumane so is Obama and Biden.

  2. There are millions of Trump cultists who believe Trump solved the problems at the border just because he said so.

    1. @Ricky Bobby You know who constantly talks about State run media? Those from countries with State run media.

      We don’t have that in this country so I suggest you go away.

    1. @Eric H They stopped people from crossing their border and they let people stay there while they waited for their cases to be heard. Try and keep up with the real news.

    2. @Fred A Wasn’t it President Trump, that stopped that pipeline from being built from Russia to Germany. And oddly enough Joe Biden, is letting them finish it. I wonder who Putin’s Puppet is? Joe Biden.

  3. disgraced trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

    1. According to tRUMP he had a bunch of friends over to redecorate the capital and give his best wishes to congress.

    1. @Paul Wilson You need a life, Paul. For comparison, I’m a Democrat and I don’t even have 300 comments on this channel.

      yikes, bud…..

  4. They decimated the deep-knowledge and relationships with stakeholders, business and foreign interests of career civil servants at every agency.

    The department of state is another one where the consequences could be dire and last a long time.

    This is far worse and destructive than when George Bush stacked department of justice with liberty u law graduates.

    1. @Gixellia yes, agreed, but who could have predicted an ignorant constituency the size we saw voting this would be dictator into office?

    2. @Rian Draegon We could. What we could not predict is complicit R senate and lawmakers. There are no boundaries they would not let 45 cross.

    3. I don’t like saying this, buuuuut Hillary looks better and better every time I think of the past administration. A whole lot better for sure…

    1. @S.D. C unlike you Leftists I don’t believe everything anyone says. One of the reasons we’re in this mess is because you’ve been hoodwinked by a Authoritarian Oligarch.

    2. @John_Smith Chiropractor the only authoritarian oligarch in this scenario Is DONALD “the busted career con” TRUMP

  5. House Intelligence Committee releases “Whistleblower Reprisal Complaint” alleging serious misconduct by Senior Trump Administration officials to politicize, manipulate and censor intelligence to benefit Trump.

  6. Yessiree, that Trump is a real law and order patriot…, except his words don’t quite fit a damned thing that he did, as he tore apart our democratic process, broke a range of Constitutional laws and protocols and made a mockery of following our laws by breaking and challenging them at every turn. He lost any chance of gaining my allegiance when he proclaimed the first time, “The free press is the enemy of the people,” then repeated that insane statement probably hundreds of times.

    1. @Soapandwater6 True, but he didn’t grandstand on it like Trump. Nixon just whined, but I agree with your point. I’m an independent and I never recall the Republicans being too keen of democratic rights.

    2. He lost me when he said, “Only I can fix it.” He announced himself king then – he’s certainly against EVERY value America is built on, and cooperation is a foreign concept to him.

  7. There is a pandemic going on and a shortage of vaccines and work in Mexico and Central America, so how is it surprising that illegal immigration would spike?

    1. All those conditions affect South America last year. But we didnt have this ridiculous spike. In fact we had a 20 year low.

    1. @Randall Moore ao Randall, here is one of my favorites since you mentioned it. “Poor kids are as talented as white kids” funny ugh?

    2. @RDL Depends, how much assistance does YOUR house collect? Are you paying for your Internet connection to be on here or am I?

  8. Another excellent interview by a consummate journalist. Ms. Mitchell is a gift to the fourth estate.

    1. @Kevin Maguire well, guess the fascistic authoritarian right wing lies are merely putrid, unpatriotic and contrary to any conception of democracy(small d)
      So, apologies for my mendacity about Andrea Mitchell and the “lamestream” media.
      I hope you understand scathing sarcasm.
      I’m just sayin’…

    1. Marmalade Messiah Cheeto Christ is the reverse Midas man everything he touches rots and dies

    2. He followed Putin’s will. Now that hes gone, Putin has secretly pushed the migrants to go to US border .

    3. @BlueDragonfox Pasons now that’s funny! If I decide to use your descriptor of agent orange should I get an ok from you? Don’t want to use or say something someone else should get credit for.

      1st one comes to mind is agent orange taking credit for what the Obama administration did for us Veterans.

  9. Was Trump’s idea of solving the border problem was having that fund raiser where that one guy kept the money?

    1. In 2020, we only had 540k illegals caught. This admin has already topped a million in 7 months and on track for 2 million.

    2. The Democrats were willing to give Trump $40 billion for more security. But Trump wanted the money to build his waste of money wall. So instead of spending a lot of money on the border with technology and manpower. Trump sold $8 million from the military and started building a wall in places where it’s not necessary to have a wall. Having Trump as president was like having a Child as president

    3. trump has never had the slightest interest in solving *anything*. His only concerns during his entire reign were PR and grift.

  10. It is so good to hear intelligent people speak about serious situations. It is so good to know a competent government is now in charge. It is not difficult to believe there is a huge trump mess to be cleaned up in all departments before movement forward can really take place. No records kept is not a surprise either. Thank God trump and his corrupt co-conspirators are mostly out of the White House.

    1. And now you have out of control inflation, terrible job numbers, 10,000,000 about to be evicted, the growth of the Taliban, and the largest amount of illegal immigration in decades. Yes, congratulations on your “competent” government….

      Seriously, you brainwashed MSNBC sheep are not acquainted with reality.

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