Gov. Mike Parson Refuses To Pardon Innocent Man While Pardoning Gun-Toting Mark McCloskey

Missouri’s Republican Governor Mike Parson refuses to pardon Kevin Strickland, who’s spent the past 40 years in jail for a crime prosecutors are now saying he didn’t commit, instead pardoning Mark and Patricia McCloskey who infamously pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in June 2020.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Gov. Mike Parson Refuses To Pardon Innocent Man While Pardoning Gun-Toting Mark McCloskey


  1. Governor Mike Parson should be very ashamed of his morals and values. He is keeping a man illegally imprisoned when he could easily release him. I hope voters never forget what a lame excuse for a human he is. Get rid of him.

    1. @Luis Rosales eh no they shouldn’t be getting favors because blm blows or because of a PR stunt. They should of done what everyone else should. Call 911. This isn’t the wild west.

    2. Just read through the comment section – this man is doomed to stay in prison, and that gov will have plenty of support.

    3. @james joste “Why is it a crime to defend your home from being totally destroyed people wake up”

      Does that include the Capitol police defending the Capitol on January 6th from Trump rioters?

    4. We tried to get rid of him KC and stl overwhelmingly voted for Nicole Galloway a Democrat but as always the inbredsin these small racist towns vote republican

    5. @Poofanator Times oh yeah, suddenly democrats support calling the police…

      What are you afraid that BLM can’t handle citizens confronting them? Next time they should have discharged it after BLM destroyed their property.

    1. @Patton Moore LOL if you think that means I’ve forgotten you STILL haven’t answered the question, think again. Sorry about your tears!

    2. @Patton Moore The CDC clearly states that Blacks and Latinos are the LEAST VACCINATED groups in the USA.

      Try looking at the science and facts instead of viewing the entire world through the lens of partisan politics. Its just kind of shameful.

    3. @Bart Järgengärblbärgeler …I guess, like the rest of your entitled kind, you expect me to answer your question… I’m not here to debate you, cupcake, merely point out your lack of insight and intelligence…

    4. @President Elect Keith …”partisan politics” doesn’t change the fact that red states just like the one that I live in have less than 50% of the adult population vaccinated, sonny, mostly due to your so-called “partisan politics”, wilful ignorance, and utter stupidity… *and it’s not from the tiny minority populations, either…

  2. Can somebody advise if there’s a way to help Kevin Strickland? This guy needs hope and kindness.

    1. @DONNIE Trump yeah right, like YOU really have somewhere to go. See ya, take care of yourself. Hope you at least got vaccinated. 💉 It’ll save you a trip to hospital.

    2. @warpedjaffas1 Except he can’t, as he was prosecuted by the State, not federal authorities. The President cannot commute or pardon state charges, only federal charges.

  3. Keeping an innocent man imprisoned should be a federal crime, punishable by no less than 20 years in prison.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot I guess you’re not “super scary” but you’re just an annoying “Russian bot”‼️😂🤣

    2. @N 827 … that’s “replied to”… and probably because it was sedition like ALL trump supporters spew…

    3. @Rose X, something tells me you weren’t concerned with this case last week, or a year ago, or 20 years ago. Nor are you concerned with the countless other wrongly convicted inmates. You probably haven’t even heard of Kevin Strickland before this week and you know nothing about his case. And you will just forget him once you are done weaponizing his suffering for your own political hatred.

      …because your TV told you so.

    1. @Darthmaul TTV you have that many videos with only 127 subscribers? 🤣🤣🤣 I guess youtube isn’t your thing 💀

    2. @Carol Cisko agree. We in the big cities are trying we vote we get out and vote
      But the morons have us outnumbered they think democrats are taking their guns etc when in reality that is not true

  4. This governor showing who he is, let’s not be surprised…these ppl constantly showing who they’re n they’re cruel!! ” Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

    1. Showing that he’s a good man. We’ve reached the day and age where people who defend their house from rioters or being charged and shamed. You people are naive these are the reasons they call you program sheep

    2. @Upper 90 No son! Your the sheeple! You don’t have the right to pull weapons out on people because they are protesting! Protesting is protected in the First Amendment! See you trying to comment and don’t even understand the law! The sheep herder you follow told you that the law doesn’t apply to certain people and well they certainly found out otherwise! They are lucky we have a republican for a governor because like many Republicans he has a distain for the constitution and constitutional rights that doesn’t fit his agenda!!!

    3. @Terence Bell again breaking through a gated community and on to other people’s property and they don’t have the right to defend themselves 🤣😂 when the rioters play victim 🤣😂

    4. @Upper 90 • Defending it from what? Nobody attacked them. They pleaded guilty, jerk. I’m sure you’re not a racist; yeah, right.

    1. Well this won’t help.
      The two men convicted of the murders have already served their sentences and have been released.

    2. You and me toots !
      I’m coming to the conclusion that the only good Republican is a d#^% Republican ! Let them eat cake I say ! They can cry me a river as they always do ! They love to throw around name calling and me tarzan , but they wilt like a tiny sprig of Tansy Rag Wort when they look down a barrel.
      Your choice what kind of barrel I’m talking about of course.
      HAHAHAHA !

    3. Yes, that’s the purpose of these stories. You watch Lifetime to cry, MSNBC to feel outrage, and to learn you turn off the tv and read a book. This is entertainment, my man.

  5. I don’t look like you, & I’m also angry. Why is this man in prison if he is innocent? And SURELY, after 43 years of false imprisonment, this man deserves freedom & a home, a wheelchair, social services, health care, money, etc. etc. This is outrageous!

    1. @Darius Meeks
      The Clintons are root of most of this evil. Hildabeast introduced Soros into America politics. Bill sent our jobs to Mexico. Bill and Hillary responsible for the super predator crime bill. Clintons traded guns for cocaine from South America with the help of Ollie North and the CIA. Clintons have promoted their followers and Arkancided HUNDREDS. Oh but why bring that up…

  6. Pardons require a guilty plea. I don’t know if that’s something Parson is taking into account, but when you’re pardoned for something, you acknowledged you did it. Kevin Strickland is innocent and should rightfully be released, which is different.

    1. Pardons do NOT require a guilty plea, but accepting them is said to be an admission of guilt. 43 years… who cares, cut thru the red tape and get him out of there any way, however, whatever method etc.

    2. Can someone please put the governor and prosecutor/DA in jail for 43 DAYS and see how they will like it⁉️

    3. Pardons don’t require guilty pleas, nor are pardons an admission of guilt. You might be confusing a pardon with a commutation. A pardon is supposed to be the executive branch’s check on an overzealous judicial branch.

    4. @Kevin Commutation is substitution of a penalty with a lesser penalty my dude. The word “pardon” literally means “you are forgiven for that thing you did”. Which Strickland did not do.

    1. @Rose X I agree
      I wonder how we do that though
      How do we get these people in jail
      What steps should we take?
      Maybe it’s on youtube
      Are they being investigated rn
      And by what organisations
      If the organisation is faulty how do we ask for a change in organisation or get them held accountable with real consequences
      If that doesn’t work how do we all create a new organisation
      How do rights violations organisations even work
      Part of orgs like this are to find the peeps to hold them accountable
      Do we create a pressure group for rights violation law for the gov for misuse of power, negligence and conviction with massive lack of evidence?
      If so how
      In what medium
      Do we make a petition
      Or do we have people band together and protest for sufficient accountability and the documentation of everyone involved in wrong convictions on grossly insufficient evidence
      And from that we can pressure the gov into subsidising those wrongly convicted with little or no evidence

    2. @David Eby Nixon (D) was governor but Strickland’s case was probably not raised then, right⁉️ The point is not either Republicans or Democrats that will or will not release Kevin Strickland, it’s because he’s innocent and was wrongfully accused and jailed for over 4 decades‼️ He needs to be release from jail ASAP and with compensation for MO’s big mistake either unintentional or intentional and abuse of power‼️

    3. @Rose X MSNBC makes it about Republican vs Democrat. I pointed out a Democrat failed to release him.I TOTALLY agree that if innocent he should be freed and paid $millions.

  7. This is the most disgusting, infuriating, miscarriage of justice!!! Despicable! Gov Parsons is a reprehensible person for failing to aid this innocent man, Mr Strickland. So heartbreaking!! I feel so helpless. My prayers are with you, Mr Strickland. He desires financial recompense!!!

    1. Our Missouri Gov, is a decent god loving man, not a sexual predator like Cuomo, did you pray for Cuomo’s victims? I pray the molesting Democrat party will be banned, no more sexual abuse by those monsters!

    2. @Chad Simmons if he’s not releasing an innocent man, he’s not a God loving man. He’s a thief. He’s stolen this man’s life, and he’s stolen your tax dollars to do it.

  8. It’s not only black people who are outraged by what is happening to this innocent man and all other innocents whose rights and lives are violated daily.

    1. @Dixon Uranus taking a pardon is the same as admitting guilt. The innocent man should never accept a pardon because he did nothing wrong… he shouldn’t have the charges dropped that would be the right thing to do.

  9. What’s happening is they don’t want pay Kevin Strickland for all the years he’s been in prison on a wrongful conviction charge.

  10. The Federal DOJ needs to jump in there and protect that man’s Civil Rights and prosecute those guilty of false imprisonment. Demand Justice.

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