1. When marijuana was illegal and I was surfing in California I met another surfer who liked to smoke weed. I never had any trouble getting my hands on it and I am pretty sure that goes with getting guns today.

    1. @John Smith The point of the argument is banning things does not stop people from getting it. Did you not learn the lesson from Prohibition and the War on Drugs?

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  3. Just saw video…currently there’s a huge group crossing our border..so many distractions .People from everywhere….anyone wanting to do harm could just come on in..it looked like a mess

  4. If the criminals know you are armed you don’t have to worry about them. They want a easy target. Common sense.

    1. When was there a mass killing at a gun show? Mass killings are in gun free zones. Schools, hospitals ect. Stupidest law ever passed.

  5. What criminals need is MORE laws, so they can abide by them. Also, make sure you put a “gun-free zone” outside your house, so criminals know to respect your property.

    1. @Jai Jones It’s obvious there’s such a thing as law breakers, it’s all about the safe margin. When it comes to the number of mass shootings it’s not even close to that. It’s like crossing the insanity of margin.
      My discussion about birth right regulation was going after 1. Individualism and 2. Secularism. Along side with freedom of expression, religion and assembly, the two are pillars of Western Democracies. This is weird at least to me.

    2. @Mohsen ? oh are you saying it’s weird that they’re regulating birth or regulating weird ways of giving birth? Also never stated there was more bombings then mass shootings. Just stated there were bombings

    3. @Jai Jones It’s weird to even think about regulating such personal decisions based on religious obsessions. And here we should either accept the strict regulations on explosives accessibility is working because the number of incidents is insignificant in comparison with that of mass-shootings or the opposite, which one is it?

  6. If you really don’t know the reason why they don’t close all the domestic abuse loop holes , Let me enlighten you . It would rope in a more than little percentage of law enforcement officers and the rest would make up much of the GOP base .

    1. @TheU2001 MIA Oh sorry you got so triggered. I guess the ball must have landed in your yard .

    2. Lol the loop hole is any stalker girl who can’t control her “man” will now be claiming domestic abuse to get back at him.

  7. Gascón says El Monte suspect had ‘no history of violence’ before allegedly killing 2 cops.
    The gang members are caught and released the same day fo assault and illegal possession of weapons.
    During a press conference Tuesday, Gascón said the suspect, Justin Flores, had “no history of violence” prior to the incident that killed Corporal Michael Paredes and officer Joseph Santana earlier in the month.

    “It was basically someone that had been drug addicted for many years. He had been arrested mostly for drug related offenses,” Gascón said of Flores.

    The LA County DA adds it was “almost a decade ago” since Flores was arrested and convicted of burglarizing and stealing his own grandparents’ TV.

    The press conference comes as Gascón received blame from some for letting the alleged gunman Justin Flores – a man with an extensive criminal record dating back to 2010 – end up back on the streets and not behind bars. Flores, 35, was offered a plea deal by Gascón’s office in 2021.

  8. Common CNN, give us a few minutes to celebrate the passing of “any” gun law, which is a miracle in itself in this country. There should be a waiting period put on the media before it rips apart something so desperately needed.

  9. It’s seems like congress loopholes around every problem. Thank God I already have my class three licence.

  10. One thing I would like to see would be stiff penalties and sentencing for anyone that tries to facetiously utilize the red flag laws to target people they don’t like. An example would be someone calling the police on their neighbor and claiming they’re crazy and they need their guns taken away because they had an argument the prior night.

    1. A dangerous man is ALWAYS like that. And all his exes know it. Too.

  11. You know the difference between owning a firearm and abortion?
    Owning a firearm is an actual right that is in the very framework of our great and awesome nation.

    Murdering helpless babies is not a right. It’s a choice. A choice where you’ve literally had to change words like baby to fetus to help it seem like the child isn’t human. You know how men have no rights to the decision as to whether the woman has an abortion? It’s the same for women, you have no right. You can make the ultimate decision but it’s not your right.

    1. @Bigfellr you’re right, it’s the baby’s body. It should be left up to the baby to decide whether or not it is aborted.

  12. So… fill in the blank..

    Someone backhands your Mom, Daughter, Bestfriend… just once..

    You walk up to them and… (blank…)

    I’m willing to bet that what ever you replaced (blank) with is more aggressive than, disarming them.

    Why do we want violent people to have guns in this country?

  13. “…gun safety safety bill…”
    I love you, CNN, but who does your proofreading? 🤦‍♂️

  14. Protective orders don’t stop crazies from doing you harm. It’s good to get it on record of course but plenty don’t give a crap about any order. Have you not watched all these lifetime movies and heard all the stories about people ignoring protection order regardless.

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