Guttenberg After Another Mass Shooting: ‘This Is Not About The Second Amendment’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Gun safety advocate Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter Jamie in the Parkland school shooting, expresses his frustration with the lack of gun safety legislation, and calls to end the hold the NRA has on Republicans. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Guttenberg After Another Mass Shooting: ‘This Is Not About The Second Amendment’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. “Gun safety is police safety.” Amen to that. Probably why law enforcement groups supported the Brady Bill and now tend to be in favor of common sense reforms.

    1. @King Parsons Neither did the assault weapons restrictions, or the waiting periods, or the mandatory licensing, or the open-carry regulations, or all those other logical steps Colorado took to prevent gun violence. If nothing works, we might as well stop trying, right?

    2. @Nychelle Brewer Criminals don’t obey laws. “Gun laws” mean nothing to them.Why do you think that burdening lawful people with more “gun law” harassment is reasonable?
      I have no “solution”. I’ll take guns over the alternative all the time however.

    3. @King Parsons If “criminals don’t obey laws” (by definition, right?) then why have laws in the first place? Seriously, what’s the point? If we’re leaving everything up to the criminals, then shouldn’t everyone just take the law into their own hands?

    4. @Nychelle Brewer If everyone owned a gun and was trained gun violence would drop. The “shooters” gravitate to areas where they know they’ll meet the least amount of opposition. Advertising “gun free zones” is an absurdity.
      I also believe that the closing of state mental institutions helped create the situation. In the past many of the nuts would be off the streets. In the recent past people could buy military grade fully automatic machine guns. There was never a problem with “mass shootings’. Why do you think that is?

  2. …nothing will happen…look they shot up a primary school…and a theater and a church…and a…….nothing will happen

    1. Colorado has universal background checks, a size limit on magazines, and has restrictive concealed carry laws. Boulder, where this occurred, banned “assault weapons”. Guess what – all the “common sense gun laws” are ignored. Why do you think more laws are the answer?

    2. @King Parsons ….there need to be more awareness to mental illnesses…there should be a mandatory requirement to report
      people who hear voices…and feel that someone follows them….we all need to be more aware….

    3. @Rosita Huff and who makes it easier for mental illness people to buy guns? Certainly not the Democrats because they’re anru guns.. hmmm.. I wonder which party?.. boy, this is a hard one.

    4. @LiBeRaLiSm USA ….I do not talk politics….I do think we all need to look at this and see it for what it is….far to many mentally ill
      people never get any help….far to many young people have no guidance of any kind….far to many people have guns ….and so on and so on….

    1. @kranky kritter maybe for stupid answers and stupid people should have their 1st amendment revoked instead of my 2nd amendment

    2. @kranky kritter uhhhh maybe you should, while.its still your right to own and purchase one. So you can learn the process.. Are you afraid of not passing the background checks?

  3. Back ground checks doesn’t take 1 gun away from those who are lawfully to own 1 only those who shouldn’t own 1

    1. Apparently this 21yr old man bought his gun 6 days before he shot the place up killing 10 people. I a background check had been done. clearly evidence showed he had a violent past. But hey, these gun owners love what they claim is there “god given sacred right” to own as many guns as they want.

    2. The Georgia’s mass shooter bought his guns on the same day he massacred 8 people in a mass shootings. The Colorado’s mass shooter bought his guns 6 days before he massacred 10 people including an police officer. Two mass shootings incident in ONE week. Like Putin say “The most easiest thing to buy in America beside guns are the Republican politicians”

    3. There may be laws in place but with the problems we have we need to be more WELL REGULATED than we are today.

    1. @Owen Amos
      You think you are going to overthrow the government with your little AR15? Tyranny is stopped with democracy, not violence

    2. @Jock Young No I do not think I’m going to over throw the government. Our government is not tyrannical.

    3. @Jock Young It PLAINLY states a WELL REGULATED militia. Well regulated, many people can live with that.

  4. When one of the right wing politicians lose a loved one in one of these massacres, maybe reality will make them actually get some intestinal fortitude to do something about this horrible American epidemic.

    1. Exactly. They will whitewash the reality until it hits close to their homes. Sindey Powell is now saying that people shouldn’t have believed her lies related to voting machines.

    2. not really. GoP dont care about other people. just look at cruz, he blamed his daughters for the trip to cancun. money worth more for them then family

    1. because of the filibuster. McConAll should lose this power, our Republic will survive ‘them’ without it, whomever they may be.

  5. Exactly! I had to show my driver license to vote. Ynet, Republican has a problem with back ground check to buy a gun. BULL!

    1. @Mr Rey Just because the constitution says you can have guns doesn’t mean you “need” to have one. Especially an AR15. Things have changed since the late 1770s

    2. @melted cheetah I will have one whether you like it or not, those are my rights. You will never take my rights away from me.

    3. @Mr Rey um, well regulated should mean well regulated. your ‘logic’ dictates we remove vehicle restrictions since it’s not in the Constitution.

  6. The question now is whether America is content to continue as a moral cesspit or whether it wishes to embrace progress and avoid impending oblivion.

    1. Sorry. America’s gone. There’s about 4 years left before China’s leading y’all in everything except maybe military power, & you’re irrelevant to them because they’ve got Nukes too.
      I’m not saying it’s a good thing, the World’s prospered with the USA at the helm, but your times up, & you’ve no one to blame but yourselves. American Exceptionalism was never really a thing…

    2. @Tsubadai Khan dream on. it’ll take mother nature’s wrath to stop todays power structures within our lifetimes.

    1. @Eric Graham being well regulated is taking your rights away? I doubt that.
      What gives you the right to have a tool for killing without society’s say in the matter?

  7. This message is coming from someone who has been the victim everyday by the tragic loss of a child through gun violence. It is his opinion. A very heartfelt message. I hope people don’t get on here and trash his view. Instead, respect his view.

  8. A thought exercise: Which is of greater regard, one’s right to brandish a weapon, or one’s right to live?

  9. Fred Guttenberg is a hero to all shooting victims, he fights to protect innocent people, his daughter was ripped out of his life and still has the strength to carry on, his daughter was a beautiful girl, Jamie would be so proud of her dad, It was so awful when Brett Kavanagh turned his back on him, this is someone God watches over

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