1. Is more funding the answer? Maybe a thoroughly performed audit by a 3rd party needs to be done for all law enforcement agencies? Are the tax payers really getting their money’s worth?

  2. Legally, though, police and FBI are under no obligation to help or prevent crime and have a partial immunity for incompetence in cases like this. To be found liable, the law would have to change.

    1. @Activism of Care yeah the difference is that they probably didnt have to by law or by judicial decree because that would change precedent, they agreed to to avoid looking heartless and useless and indifferent to the deaths of children because that would make them look bad. But they can still be indifferent to you being enslaved, your problems arent in the news etx.

  3. Michigan state, we need to hear their name more because they should have a lot to answer for

  4. “What is the point of reporting abuse if our own FBI agents are gonna take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer?” Surely, she’s referring to the same drawer containing the 4,500+ tips the FBI received regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s misconduct. “If the FBI was not authorized to or did not follow up on any of the tips that it received from the tip line, it is difficult to understand the point of having a tip line at all.” – U.S. Senators.

    1. Where did the millions of dollars Brett suddenly had to pay off enormous debts come from? Why hasn’t this been front page on every newspaper?! This justice perjured himself numerous times, received millions of unexplained dollars right before he became a justice for life and NO One has explained where this money came from?

  5. Wow. They should get it. Billions get thrown around these days. They deserve answers.

  6. “one of the greatest pieces of advice i’ve ever gotten in my life was from my mom… you know, when i was a little kid, there was a kid who was bugging me in school.. she said, “okay, i’m gonna tell you what to do… the kid’s bugging you, if he puts his hands on you.. you pick up the nearest rock or whatever you can get your hands on, and you lay him out….. then i did… and i felt better…. and it worked.. and so for me, that was a great lesson.. because someone had invaded my space, invaded my being, you know.. and was doing something against me that i didn’t want to be done.. so i took control of the situation and i ran with it…” — Johnny Depp

  7. They won’t let the FBI get away with it again. I think this is the right move, after getting sued hopefully the FBI will finally have to make some structural changes to be a more effective organization, which protects citizens. The justice department did not hold anyone accountable for their failings, someone has to.

  8. I didn’t like that parts about {the chuckle} when saying “too bad we have to rely on them”… and “God bless them, they’re American heroes”.. It seemed condescending 🙆🏾‍♀️

  9. growing up I heard about this sick behavior I thought it was rare when I got older I was shocked to hear from my female friends an almost all of them had been attacked

  10. It’s all about the money. Seek and tired of tax payer being misused. Lock up those who were involved but don’t waste tax payers money.

  11. I thought the Police were protected by the “laws of tort & negligence” and were only liable for incidences where they promise they will do something but do not. 🤔

  12. Taxpayers will actually pay that if they settle, not the FBI agents who made mistakes. This would also mean tons of people could sue door what they consider mishandling of investigations.

  13. It’s one thing if this was an individual or group of people but this federal organization. But my goodness if the fbi wasn’t as big it would have requested that amount.

  14. So taxpayers should be responsible to these Gymnasts? FBI people should be held accountable if proved so, but please do not punish the taxpayers.

  15. As a father of a daughter, I never fully trusted anyone while she was growing up. This kind of nasty abuse happens to about 60% of our girls across the board. My heart goes out to all the victims out there.

  16. I doubt the FBI is going to give these women that money and I don’t think they deserve it anyway. I think they kept their mouths shut along with parents to stay in the sport and hopefully get to the Olympics. They may get some type of a token settlement at best.

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