1. If it isn’t alcoholic, it isn’t booze. Just drink tea and don’t waste your money on make-believe bs

  2. I love it good job we are going forward but still need to keep talking about 😘 and I am totally going to try I really like Rouge whiskey so 🤞

    1. Alcohol is an adult beverage for responsible adults. There seems to be a global shortage of responsible adults.

    2. ​​@D M some of us are actually driving home..and this would be a fun alternative. Being a ” responsible adult” at 5′ tall means there’s really no
      ” safe” amount of alcohol I can consume if I’m driving. I only have actual real wine if I’m not driving. And liquor, yeah, maybe if throwing up all night sounds like fun . The discrimination you demonstrate against 3/4 size adult humans is not cool. Tiny adult humans have to follow far different rules than more standard size adults. so BE NICE to us tiny adults!!

  3. Nice! I stopped drinking alcohol a while back and have been looking for another way to spend too much money on beverages.
    Seriously though, as an (recovering) alcoholic, I’ve drank everything but never ever drank because I enjoyed the taste.

    1. I only drink because I like the taste (and head feel). I love the whole experience of a glass of scotch. I never drink to get drunk… But I like the buzz and the head feel.

    2. I drink alcoholic drinks for the taste, I’ve tried alternatives but find sparkling water the best option.

  4. I think it’s a great idea, a healthy alternative..unless you want to get drunk but do we…is that the point?

  5. I don’t know how to feel about this … U might as well get a soda spritzer maker or make kombucha or it’s cousins kefir and kefir water 😑

  6. This is great I have stomach issues and cannot drink because alcohol will make it worse. I think this is a great idea so people like me won’t feel so left out.

  7. “Something called ‘vacuum’…” I hope that was said for their typical customer and not the average American viewer.

  8. The real question does it get you the good old alcohol numb buzz feeling. If it don’t it’s worthless.

  9. People who drink alcohol every day should be red flagged. People who need to fake drinking should be red flagged.

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  11. Have heard all of this before. Hopefully now the products are actually drinkable. Previous attempts at NA were hideous.

  12. good for them if they enjoy these beverages for the “taste”. it’s a pass for me, though. taste is secondary, the head buzz is what i’m looking for when i choose to drink alcoholic beverages.

  13. There’s a market for everything so I applaud them in reaching out to those ppl who loved to drink but can’t or don’t want to. If im going non-alcoholic, fresh squeezed orange juice or an ice cold glass of water is a vibe all it’s own.

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