'Hang Mike Pence' Crowd Puts Pence And Trump At Odds 1

‘Hang Mike Pence’ Crowd Puts Pence And Trump At Odds


“We keep seeing this almost Shakespearean test for politicians—particularly in the modern Republican Party—which is what matters more: your pursuit of power or your own basic dignity?” says Chris Hayes. 
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    1. No wonder he needs his mother around. Talk about loving the abuse… Such a freedom… Priscilla Queen of the desert

  1. I honestly think that the Leader of the Republican party gets handed a folder(or USB stick or whatever) that has compromat on all the Republican politicians. It’s the only way to explain the IMMEDIATE falling in line of said politicians behind whoever is in charge at the time.

    1. It might also have something to do with many top Republicans flying to Russia immediately after Trump was elected. Why would they do that?

    1. @arlene irvine For me its the fact that Pence pretends to be devoutly religious and yet behaves as a grovelling sycophant to a man who treats the 10 Commandments with total contempt.

    2. @Swamp stomper In Trump World numbers have a certain magical fluidity. Thus Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest ever even if it was – according to all the evidence – a fraction of the size of Obama’s crowd.

  2. Like Chris said, Republicans said no to the insurrection commission but Chris forgot to mention, THAT INCLUDES Greg Pence!! He picked Trump over his own brother!

    1. An insurrection, tax cuts for the rich, fear-mongering to white America, smear campaigns, culture wars, grrifting, impeachments, intimidation, COVID-19 mishandling and rallies.

  3. So in essence Politicians in general are giving the middle finger to Americans, especially Returds in return for power and money. Yeah that sounds about right.

  4. So now the monster that they helped create is going after them. This whole thing has just been a disgusting farce beyond belief, surprised it was allowed to happen. Jail time for all involved should be mandatory at this point

  5. “No one man should have all this power, clock’s ticking, I’m just counting the hours”
    -k. West.

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