Harris’ remark sparks right-wing media outrage. Hear what happened in the room

In a meeting about disabilities, Vice President Kamala Harris introduced herself by identifying her preferred pronouns and describing her clothing. The remark sparked outrage in right-wing media. CNN's Brian Stelter speaks with Lydia X. Z. Brown who was in the room with Harris to discuss what really happened during the meeting. #cnn #News


    1. @Bob Davis Also… If you can prove these facts from CNN not to be true, please feel free to do so… We will wait…

    1. “Our world is more interconnected and interdependent. That is especially true when it comes to the climate crisis, which is why we will work together, and continue to work together, to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together as we continue to work operating from the new norms, rules, and agreements, that we will convene to work together on to galvanize global action. With that I thank you all. This is a matter of urgent priority for all of us and I know we will work on this together,”
      -The VP totally not picked based on her race and gender.

    2. @Ryan Elliott I’m trying to imagine a single republican being able to use the word “galvanize” in a sentence and actually pronounce it, and I can’t think of one.

  1. When I heard her do the description I knew exactly what she was doing she was was making sure that people who could not see knew who she was what she was doing and what she was wearing because as a seeing person I automatically would get that I would see it and know it’s there they don’t they wouldn’t know she was sitting there in her birthday suit unless somebody told them.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman Even those who can’t see? Or do blind people not count as people in your “head”?

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman it’s not a joke to people who have taken a moment to educate themselves. It is NOT as simple as that. And if you don’t understand you could educate yourself or not, but at least have the decency to keep your mouth shut about things you don’t understand.

  2. Before even hearing the story I assumed she was giving a description for people who are sight/hearing impaired. And because she was wearing a mask, maybe the people having sight/hearing issues were not aware of who was speaking. Turns out I was correct. I don’t understand why the VP’s actions are problematic.

    1. @Roguefem76 The fact is that a disproportionately high percentage of autistic people identify as LGBTQ or non-binary. It’s currently estimated that upwards of 2% of the population is autistic, so recognizing gender diversity in a talk on the issue of the needs of disabled people is completely appropriate. There would be little need to even bring up the issue of inclusivity if certain groups of people were not typically treated as invisible to begin with. You know…. As all of us with a disability usually are. It takes absolutely *nothing* away from me to give a simple show of respect to someone who requests it. I’m in my 60s, but I can adapt my language to give someone that. If it’s important to them why wouldn’t I make that small effort?

    2. @Altitude Is Everything Aaaaand here comes another one. Nobody in the _whole entire world_ has problems that can’t be derailed to argue about “gender identities” and “pronouns”, huh?
      A lot of disabled people are black too, but I don’t see your lot demanding everyone say “black lives matter” at every discussion of any kind of civil rights.
      A lot of disabled people are gay, where’s the “show of respect” for THEM at every chance?
      A large number of disabled people are women, so where is the “my body, my choice” acknowledgement?
      Why is it only your group who demands genuflecting at _every_ occasion _everywhere_ before anyone is allowed to talk about anyone else’s problems?

      Stop sucking up all the oxygen in the damn room as if your lot is the only group in the whole entire world whose feeling matter.

  3. Imagine the IQ and the quality of life of a person who looks around and sees the planet burning, gun violence, poverty, corporate greed, intolerance, racism, loss of freedom and human rights, etc. – and then choses to lose their small minds over two pronouns…

  4. related anecdote: because i am quite colorblind, i’m totally left out of most political, news and weather stories that use color coded maps and charts, and it would be GREAT to be accommodated like the audience was by veep harris.

  5. She was being considerate and respectful and the response from the GOP and right-wing media, as is the norm, demonstrated their utter lack of respect.

  6. That’s all they have? Apparently this was more important than the veteran bill they voted down.

    1. @Zero9656 I didn’t elect Donald Trump either that’s how it’s comparable for me so I’m not responsible for answering to either

      but how does that work for you and Kamala Harris?

    2. Saw a lot of mockery but no outrage on Fox but am aware just about every word in the dictionary has different meanings to these two networks

  7. As a person who works in the world of disability’s, to my ears it was perfectly normal. The only new part is honoring pronouns. We’re all working on that. Hats off VP!!

    1. See.. if you show respect for people, certain insecure individuals feel threatened, as if respect is a zero sum game and they have to kick at everyone else to be “on top.” Sad way to live 🙁

    2. @Killed The Cat
      My grandmother died legally blind due to macular degeneration . In her honor I’m asking folks to donate to the Macular Degeneration Association.

    1. Compassion, acceptance, inclusion, and respect have become dirty words for too many on the right.

    1. @Sean McCartney I’m sure you meant *”they”* are stupid. And yes, the people who found the VP’s introduction so offensive that they needed to take to the Internet to voice their disgust are indeed *stupid.*

  8. The real reason for the objections is most of the talking heads have to say “I’m a bald male wearing a dark suit and tie” …after hearing that a million times it get old.

    1. Or: I’m a male, I’m 5’8″, 250 pounds, in a dark blue suit with a red tie, and I’m mostly bald with a really bad comb over…

  9. I grew up in Mr Rogers, like a lot of people… and Mr Rogers used to do this weird thing where he would say “now I’m feeding the fish”. Years later in a book written by i belief his wife or him or both Mr Rogers addressed why he would say as he’s feeding the fish “now I’m feeding the fish” there was a little blind girl that would listen to the show she loved Mr Rogers and she wrote a letter asked Mr Rogers “to please can you tell me when you’re feeding the fish, so that I’ll know because it makes me sad when I can’t hear what you’re doing”. So from that day forward Mr Rogers would describe when he’s feeding the fish. It only shows to the Republicans out there making a big deal about this, is that they have nothing to offer the American people except BS. Because if they have policies that the American people wanted they wouldn’t be making fun of anyone describing in a room of disabled blind people what they’re wearing. I don’t understand why anyone would continue to vote Republican. These Republicans. are so out of touch with reality it’s beyond me but hey good luck with your party.

    1. I’m 47 and any Mr.Rogers reference still warms my heart. What truly genuine loving and caring man. I always wish to be more like him, he’s a one of a kind shining light in this world.

      Great comment, thanks for the memories and inside tip.🙏🏼

      There’s just so much more to be concerned about and this is the hill they choose to die on. It always feels like Groundhog Day with their reactions and outrage. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Based on media coverage of everything Harris says whether media commentary or response to commentary I’m beginning to wonder if a black woman politician with power in American can actually say anything at all without an accompanying flurry of commentary and “interpretation”. That entirely misses the point of what she talks about. 🤔🤔 SMH

  11. Mr. Rodgers would announce he was feeding his fish while it was plain to see what he was doing. The reason he announced what he was doing was for his blind audience. The right wing in this country are hideous villains with no conception of understanding or concern for others.

    1. Beau of the Fifth Column said Mr. Rogers got a letter from a 5 year old who was blind, and when he didn’t say he was feeding the fish, she worried about them. A side note from her dad said she would get really upset about the fish going hungry.

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