Harrowing New Audio Reveals Panic As Trump Mob Overran Capitol Police | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Mario Off-Topic and yet they have only won 2 popular votes since 1990 and trump wasn’t either one of them. It is in fact a dying party, that’s why they have become so desperate.

  1. This has the same “must watch/can’t watch” sense of 9-11.
    Now it was instigated by Americans against Americans and supported by some who don’t even believe 9-11 happened.
    If there is no conviction, then America has lost…
    That 44 mostly white men have the power to make a mockery of 250 years of history gives one pause doesn’t it?

    1. Wow!!! What a great load of BS! YOU should be a politician!! Meanwhile for FOUR YEARS as democRATS DEMANDED THAT THERE BE VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS OF THIS NATION you were completely silent. As businesses were looted and burned, as Americans were assaulted in the streets, as Americans were SHOT DOWN IN THE STREET OF THIS COUNTYR, YOU WERE COMPLETELY SILENT!!!

    2. @J M M In what was is my comment stupid? 44 senators? They’re not all white and they’re not all men, plus why 44? Is he using this number to highlight those who voted that the trial was unconstitutional?

      Or is he referring to the number of presidents? As we’ve had 44 presidents since Cleveland counts twice, but Obama would be the only non-white one. I’m asking for clarification so if you’re only going to mistakenly question my intelligence, I’d suggest you keep quiet.

  2. After watching the tactics of the GOP for DECADES, I have the feeling that they will acquit trump and ALL will be well again–just accept the fact that the GOP uses loyal people to deface the sign of our democracy [because, he would be there right with and next to them] NOT!! I’m terribly saddened. It STILL affects me!!


    2. There is one and the same scared voice in the record of this video. Isn’t it a voice of the police officer who shot the woman? The woman was threat neither for the police officer nor for anybody else. The police officer committed a crime. The Democrats have no evidence. All they can do now is to play on emotions. The same tactic like with FIoyd. They cut some short part of the whole picture and then try to provoke emotions. The Democrats are criminals. Don’t be a Iunatic.

    1. @DJ Jones I encourage you to give the Q-anon a break and rejoin the adults in reality for a while. You might actually learn something.

    2. @Jeremy Backup He was not. 😆 He was the founder of Insurgence which he formed after the death of George Floyd. He was an organizer and a protestor for BLM. Do you know what Google is? Try it. 😆

    3. @Jeremy Backup Nobody pays any attention to Q. I encourage you to grow up and stop relying on spoon fed news and reading a headline & thinking it’s news. 😆 Most infantile generation ever that can’t even do basic research. 😆

    4. Sullivan *admitted to ‘faking MAGA to fit in’,* so he *could film what was going to happen at the riot* …google his interview with “Rolling Stone” from January.

    1. They won’t convict. But Trump is going down in flames, anyway. He’s got court cases with the Georgia and NY governments. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

      And so is the GOP.

    2. @Lisa Rochwarg – Unfortunately for DTJ, he doesn’t have a ‘Daddy’ who can bully/buy the press the way Fred did for #45✳, way back when…and Kimberly is no ‘Marla’, either. 😏

  3. Those officers protect the Capitol of the United States. Senators, Representatives, the Vice President. They are their physical safety and the symbol of such and each of them is wholly aware of it. I can’t imagine what that experience would have been like for them. That 2 of them subsequently took their own lives is evidence of the profundity of the trauma endured. We witnessed some Joker level villainy that day. The President is in charge of them and he set them up to be grotesquely undermanned and then hurled a murderous mob at them. He got one of the members of the mob shot to death outright. Likewise, he got one of the officers bludgeoned to death. He’s responsible for it all and we all know we all know it. Even Ted Cruz.

    1. There is one and the same scared voice in the record of this video. Isn’t it a voice of the police officer who shot the woman? The woman was threat neither for the police officer nor for anybody else. The police officer committed a crime. The Democrats have no evidence. All they can do now is to play on emotions. The same tactic like with FIoyd. They cut some short part of the whole picture and then try to provoke emotions. The Democrats are criminaIs.

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra the woman was breaking through windows with the rest of the ravenous mob. The officer instructed her and the others to stop. She did not. She got what she deserved. She was not innocent, she was not a martyr. She was a coward and a traitor and she died like one.
      You people are not patriots. Not Americans, your a bunch of cowards who are out of power and out of options. You will never lead this country again. You do not belong here.

    3. @Republicans are terrorists “The officer instructed her and the others to stop. She did not.”

      The officers instructed George FIoyd to stop to resist. He did not.

      Why it was police brutality there with FIoyd, but it is not police brutality with Ashli E. Babbitt? Because only bIack lives matter?

  4. I still think Trump should be charged with crimes against humanity for having his rallies knowing he was spreading the virus

    1. @CynAnne1 furthermore let me drop some knowledge on you to make you feel more incompetent. In 2017 457 white people were killed by cops, 223 black people were killed. In 2018 399 white people were killed, 209 black people were killed. In 2019 370 white people were killed, 235 black people were killed. In 2020 432 white people were killed, 226 black people were killed…. do you know why the population percentage argument is dumb because it attempts to deflect simple math and raw numbers to justify their anger. Saying that those white deaths are meaningless because there are more white people in the total population is stupid argument and is why no one ever uses such arguments.

    2. @CynAnne1 see what I mean a typical moron. You reply to one thing with whataboutism, if you understood anything about MLK, which you obviously don’t, then that wouldn’t have been your answer. But its cute that your so good a deflecting, I mean you have to be good at something in life right? God bless you Anne and Goodluck being a habitual victim, although I’m guessing your white so Goodluck with your guilt by association.

    3. @CynAnne1 yes good reply Karen, you must really impress your peers with your intelligence and ability to debate. All you have done is prove all my points about liberals…no objectivity, inability to hold a debate of ideas, quick to be judgemental lol I thought your side was supposed to be understanding and accepting. Your as fake woke as hollywood, rich entitled white people but pretend they support black causes, gtfo Karen

  5. This literally brought tears to my eyes…to listen to these officers’ despair….and they are being attacked by the same people that the GOP is fighting each other over their votes….this from the party of law and order and defenders of the constitution. Remember their names and their faces for they are ALL traitors who would cater to these mobs.

    1. @I AM ZEN A lot of Muslims would be angry, you talk about PlGS. Do you know what is different between the Trump supporters and MusIims? Democracy. You may say what ever you want as long as the Trump supporters rule. Though, MusIims would go after you for the word “PlG”.

    2. @Rico Raynon The BLM Protests were a completely different thing you are comparing apples to oranges; maybe you ought to get a clue about a topic before commenting a bunch of nonsense that makes you look foolish.

    3. @Tidbit and yet those protest still invoked violence that led to rioting….. thats in no way apple to orange comparison. Do you even have any idea what blm stands for? Have you done absolutely any research on them? Are we still seriously playing this “they were mostly peaceful protest game” because all the liberal medias stopped playing that game when they realized that voters did not agree with their characterizations of the protest. Furthermore, Which has actually caused more harm and damages 6+ months of “peaceful” protesting or 1 day. Comparing those 2 events is like apple to orange but you seem to be confused which is more significant. And instead of saying my statements are foolish why not attack them and articulate your position on things I have said rather than make generalized statements that answer nothing. Liberals are all the same, the issue is only important if it fits your narrative, as ive stated your kryptonite is black on black crime, inner city violence is something you all hate to talk about, which black on black crime is a far worse issue and yet where is BLM. The stupidest part is thats its not even an issue of white on black crime but black on black, they care nothing about fixing their own community because they are neglecting the real issues that plague their community? Do you have an actual thought of your own on that subject or are you gonna just deflect like a typical liberal or conservative.

  6. Tears in my eyes as I listen to the fear and desperation in the officer’s voice and I am not even American
    I guess I am just a human being 😰😰

    1. ANY “tears in my eyes” for the businesses looted and burned, the THOUSANDS assaulted, or the at least 70 AMERICANS MURDERED BY THE LEFT AFTER democRATS TOLD THEM TO “TAKE IT INTO THE STREETS”?????? No? I thought not.

    2. They weren’t just abandoned by the ‘law and order’ President…he sent that murderous mob down there.

    3. @Babe Meurer Wait, were they attempting a coup on the US government? They’ve already found those in the crowd, looting and destroying were maga trash, just like you. GFY.

  7. It gave me chills because it sounded like a soldier asking for backup during wartime this was exactly that except the war was Within this is just f****** unbelievable if I didn’t live here I would have thought it’s a dictator being toppled somewhere in Belarus being from a communist country this was something I never thought I’d witness on American soil ever

    1. The right wing is historically violent and tyrannical. Putin is right wing, hitlers 3rd Reich was a right wing party, the kkk, the aryan brotherhood, the IRA. All right wing. All violent fascists who try to get things their way with violence. So long as there is a Republican Party in America so long as these terrorists are allowed to live among us, there will always be the potentially for more of their violence

  8. I called my Senators today to tell them to find TRUMP guilty!
    We ALL need to let them know that JUSTICE must be done!

    1. I called mine to tell them this is ridiculous. The rioters started attempts to enter the Capitol before Trump was even finished speaking. Obviously, they were not listening to him.

  9. My Sweet Lord. These brave, heroic women & men were willing to give their very lives to protect their government officials, & our democracy. Completely overwhelmed, outnumbered, & almost unsupported, they managed to protect & preserve the people in their care, & even prevent a far worse situation. Good job, well done, public servants. A miracle, really.

  10. This is heart breaking. Imagine their fear, the bewilderment, that this was happening in the capital of the democracy of the United States of America. Absolutely despicable.

  11. OMG. And those senators will still sit there, doodling and doing whatever, with feet on chairs, and have already decided to acquit him.

  12. This make the actions of the cops that where aiding the rioters even more deplorable, to think while some of them were helping people committing treason wash pepper spray out of their eyes, their colleagues were laying beaten on the floor crying for help and support.

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