Hasan: Manchin, Sinema 'Aiding And Abetting' GOP's War On Democracy 1

Hasan: Manchin, Sinema ‘Aiding And Abetting’ GOP’s War On Democracy


Mehdi Hasan discusses the Democratic push to eliminate the filibuster, and the senators standing in the way — Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

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    1. @Christine King He took an oath to hold up the constitution. How is this bill against the constitution? He there to represent his constituents and not vote how his team is voting. What’s the sense of having reps then from each state. You can’t be for real?

      It’s amazing how shortsighted you are. The Dems used the filibuster 384 times against the GOP in the last 4 years. Now that they are the majority they want to cancel the minority. Remember that’s why you have 5 conservative justices on the Supreme Court Thanks to the Dems they screwed up. In addition the GOP will most likely take the house and senate in 2022. How would you like that if they could pass bills by simple vote? Sheesh grow up

    2. @Giggitty Giggitty yeah, Jon tester is also from a red state, Montana, yet he votes with Democrats most of the time.

    3. @TrollKing9001 It’s rigged if you are in the opposing party when it happens. I look at it as checks and balances. Thank goodness we don’t have a one party rule. If you want that May I suggest a trip to North Korea.

  1. Manchins is doing nobody any favor. He’s in it for himself and his reelection. Not for Democrats.

    1. @Damen Rabbitt It’s sad that after losing in 2020, republicans responded not by looking at their policy or trying to find ways to reach out to voters, but to limit voting.

    2. @Damen Rabbitt No, I’m not. There was no voter integrity issues. It’s entirely about suppression. Claims of voter fraud and that they’re trying to improve election security is fear-mongering the republican party uses to suppress votes.

    3. @Damen Rabbitt You hadn’t previously asked for an example. One way voter suppression is done in minority areas is by limiting the number of polling locations, creating long lines. In addition to that, georgia made it illegal to provide water for people waiting in line, which disproportionately affects minorities. Another way is by purging legal voters off voter rolls. Republicans are passing legislation to make it easier to purge voter rolls. People end up getting purged from the rolls and by the time they find out, it’s too late to register. You asked for an example, I gave you several.

  2. the Congress and Senate are broken by their own rules that require people to act with integrity – which is not something they themselves talk about very much. Everything is ‘along partisan lines’. Manchin’s cover story doesn’t add up. But the money adds up …

    1. Manchin has been overheard saying “Mitch better have my money”.

      I truly believe he’s being paid by the GOP.

    1. @Kenyon Guillory Manchin says he supports the John Lewis Voting Act. Don’t quit just yet.

      Even then, there are plenty of other issues that the Democrats could address which have bipartisan support (such as DACA).

    2. @Bernard Smith If Manchin was tossed from the party (as of today), then yes, McConnell would take control. Democrats only control the Senate by one seat.

    3. @Mr. James If we allow Republicans to suppress the votes, it won’t matter. We need to make sure all eligible voters can vote. That is priority 1.

    4. @Kenyon Guillory Well, you’ll be stuck on that for a while then. It probably won’t go well if you have nothing to show your voters come 2022!

  3. Where have their heads been? It’s time to pull them out and realize that democracy is being defiled by evil.

    1. Both Manchin and Sinema each have buckets and buckets of sand to fixed the “well oiled machine”.

  4. Manchin is a national disgrace! HE’S standing in the way of progress, HE’S going to be responsible for the fall of democracy! HE’S living in a fantasy where there are enough republicans with spines and morals! Sinema is just as bad!

    1. @David Williamson You wouldn’t recognize a real communist if Castro himself bopped you upside the head.


    3. Fall of democracy, well I guess that it’s a great thing then that we are not a democracy…read the Constitution

    4. Bat Boy …no..they realized that the Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020 and Republicans used it only once….and therefore…they just wanted to allow the Democrats to keep a tool they clearly love to use so much.

  5. This reminds me of Susan Collins pretending that these conservative judges haven’t already decided how they will vote issues. Manchin knows the GOP will never compromise or negotiate. I mean they kicked out Liz Cheney in favor of a sociopath traitor who tried to overthrow the government. They are all in on which way they are going.

    1. @Giggitty Giggitty lol oh man “dirty laundry” that’s good. Yes the dirty laundry the party is so full of lying spineless cowards they can’t even stand up to terrorists trying to overthrow the country. yea that’s real dirty. thanks for the laugh. Afraid I don’t know about March 23rd not part of whatever alternative reality that is from.

    2. @Craig B Biden let the supposed Russians attack 4 areas of meat and gas distribution with no recourse. He also cleared sanctions for Russia to continue building their pipe line while stopping ours. He’s also in bed with the Ukraine thanks to his son and China can now buy into the USA utility infrastructure. Specifically the electrical grid.

      May31st you had 60 secret service personal injured 5 critically, the White House went dark for the first time since 9/11 and they took the sitting president to the bunker. Yeah that’s not an attack on democracy at all

      Seems talking to you is like talking to an open minded person who’s brain fell out long ago.

      Real news is now with independent journalists not the MSM (activists) like MSNBC, FOX, CNN,ABC,NBC. That’s all propaganda.

    3. Exactly, hasn’t the Democrats seen enough to now just do all that they can to move forward without the Republican’s agreement?

    4. @birdlynn Lol while two “democrats” are in opposition to the proposals. You are very bright

      They can’t move anywhere. With Manchin and Senima the Biden presidency will get to pass one more bill by reconciliation. After that he’s a lame duck. The filibuster isn’t going anywhere. Remember the Dems used it against the GOP 384 times in the last 4 years. Now that they are the majority they want to cancel The minority. Seems like a
      Party with a ton of Principle lol

  6. Where was Manchin when the insurrectionists attacked the Capitol Building? Having drinks with the Republicans.

  7. Republicans definition of voting rights: the right to vote means only the right can vote.

    1. Landed white men. In the beginning, white men who didn’t own land could not vote. Those white men who lost homes and property the last time Republicans gave money to banks should listen up. They are next.

  8. Imagine if Roosevelt had thought that way, “we can’t land in Europe in a partisan way. We gotta include the Axis nations on this plan. I’m sure they’ll help us.”

  9. “simple math” is beyond Manchin’s critical thinking… and his basic math skills.

    As for Sinema… whhooo-whhoooo… she’s lost.

  10. Manchin: “Voter Rights needs to be bi-partisan.”
    Everyone: “But what if one side doesn’t want to protect voter rights in the first place? What then?”
    Manchin: “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was re-reading Mitch’s talking points.”


    1. @David Williamson Like most Republicans, Manchin is a bigot and racist. I suggest you purchase a dictionary which is a book that explains the meanings of words.

  11. Joe Manchin is literally setting himself up to be the nail in the coffin of our democracy and he’s having a blast holding so much power. What trash

  12. Why is Manchin part of the Democratic party? He should go where his heart is, and for sure is not with the Democratic party. He blocks everything.

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