1. “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”

    -Dr. Albert Einstein


    1. It’s absolutely hilarious the amount of hypocrisy that proves a lie as hypocrisy always does. Marxist/Fascists/Leftists are projecting liars first and foremost, history proves this. So this Republican, who could be a RINO/Democrat in reality, took a page from the Democratic Party’s playbook, Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky, and everyone on the anti-American Left is crying about it. Let’s discuss the reasons why Rules For Radicals is factually FULL of NAZI tactics like Goebbels’ ”projection”, and why it’s dedicated TO Lucifer, the recognized Father Of Lies.

      Let’s all realize who/what Democrats really are by looking at what they say/do, history, and their published works, one in particular-
      ”We’re trained Marxists”-Patrisse Cullors BLM founder, vs.,
      ”I have learned a great deal from Marxism as I do not hesitate to admit”-Adolf Hitler.

      I like posting that parallel to show that the stated economic and governmental ”goals” of Marxism and Fascism are in fact identical, making both Leftist ideologies, and all anyone has to do to see this is pick up copies of the Communist Manifesto and the NAZI 25 Point Political Platform and compare them. This is the reason why the Democratic Party’s political playbook Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky is in fact FULL of NAZI tactics like Goebbels’ ”projection” and ”ridicule”, while also being dedicated ”to Lucifer, the first radical” aka the Father Of Lies. Both Obama and Hillary claimed Saul was their ”mentor”. You would figure most Democrats would have read that book because of that ALONE, but sadly MOST haven’t. We have to KNOW OUR ENEMY if we are to defeat them.

      Remember, our subversive CIA did in fact import 1600 WWII NAZI’s to our country right after the war during Operation Paperclip 1946-1954. They recruited a few and released the rest into ALL aspects of our society, academia included. It’s no coincidence that Fabian Socialist academic indoctrination to anti-American Marxist/Fascist/Leftist ideologies began at about the same time based on the Hegelian Dialectic and the calculated lie of ”far Right Fascism”.

      ”We’ll know our disinformation campaign is complete once EVERYTHING the American people believe is FALSE”-William J. Casey CIA Director 1981-1987. And here we are…

      This lie of far Right Fascism has done two very nefarious things,

      1., it’s REMOVED the NAZI’s FROM Marxist ideology thereby making indoctrination TO the ideology easier, the reason Ms. Cullors’ and Hitler’s quotes ”line up”, and,

      2. it’s divided us as Americans by creating a false ”middle”, i.e. no one wants to be too far Right for fear of being called a NAZI, and no one wants to be too far Left for fear of being called a Commie, when in fact there is NO MIDDLE. There’s only PRO-FREEDOM Right ideology based on our Founding Principles of LIMITED/SMALL government and Classic Liberalism, i.e. equality of individuals/opportunity, and ANTI-FREEDOM Left ideology based on the works of Marx, Lenin, Hegel etc. it’s as simple as that, like it or not.

      At one time BOTH the Republican and Democratic Party’s were FULL of Classic Liberals, unfortunately the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by Leftists and Leftists are not Liberals by any stretch of the imagination my friend, just the opposite. This is exactly what has happened over the past 70 years and it cannot be denied, the evidence is all around us.

      ANTIFA/BLM are in fact the Fabian Socialist academia created ”New NAZI’s” who ”activate to violence” at the mention of a few ”key words” from CIA Operation Mockingbird MSM…

    2. “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

    1. The line “He didn’t just break the law he broke my heart” is cringeworthy, no matter how you try and slice it.

  2. the fact that santos has the nerve to get offended by the questions he’s been asked and never answered…it just proves he has no soul. there is something seriously wrong with him and the party that refuses to admit that this joker is an ethical, and moral nightmare.

    1. @JAE X Ha. You don’t have to go that far back. Big example that Republicans used to actually care about the country was that they helped push Nixon out of office. While both Houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats, it would have taken Republicans to convict him of impeachment in the Senate – two-thirds required to convict. It was Republicans and Democrats that met with Nixon beforehand and conveyed to him the votes were there to convict. Nixon resigned.

      Any Republican president before Trump (both Bushes, Reagan, Nixon, et al) would be considered far leftist by today’s Republican party.

    2. @JAE X Oh I know, took it as such. Can you imagine a Republican today doing what Nixon did? The EPA was no act of Congress, it was by Nixon’s Executive Order. A lot of other Republicans have contributed to environment quality as well. From Teddy Roosevelt forward. Wasn’t around for him but I was in DC for the first Earth Day, lol. Republicans used to be patriots, they helped run Joe McCarthy out of congress. Today, nearly all are Joe McCarthys using another name.

  3. I have PTSD and a service dog. We’ve been homeless. I hurt for this man. ❤️‍🩹 (no, I was not in war)

    1. @Mogamad Greyson Sir,,Im a #NavyVeteranKorea n American Legion Post member-6 decades. I could explain to you Why we have Homeless Veterans. But its a long n complicated subject. I n my Fellow Post members in fact work with Home Veterans. But too many Civilians on social media want to view it thru a nasty Political party lens.

    2. @Mogamad Greyson the earliest folk tales inform us that the Soldier is always a source of shame, and regarded as a burden. There reasons are complex, including PTSD, but also the loss of any job or home to return to – frequently previous romantic relationships and marriages don’t survive the lengthy time abroad. Fear of one among the village, who now is trained to kill, is as cold as the protection they offer is soothing duing conflicts, and always in the background, is the cultural shame, either of averice or defeat.

    3. @Alpheus Woodley Youre welcome. Oh coincidentally mine n the Mrs Baby daughter works at a well respected Service Dog n/p. West Michigan , Paws With a Cause. Shes in Admin,marketing. But they breed,train n gift Amazing Service Dogs to disabled-physical or mental illness and Veterans, etc. Take care.

  4. Santos is the worst kind of liar, the kind that seems to believe their own lies. The most dangerous type of liar in my opinion. But this lie hits so different. I have a service animal who is pretty much the other half of who I am. I would do absolutely anything for the dog, and to know that this man did everything he thought he could do for his dog, and Santos stole the money. It’s on site for him. It’s on site for Santos. I’m not a veteran, but I definitely serve a lot of vets through my job. This really makes me sick lying about where you want to college and being a drag queen nobody cares about that. But you actually stole money from a homeless vulnerable person who actually had the courage to serve this country honorably. Rest in peace sapphire. I hope your avenged.

    1. @Rider 38 Bless your little heart, you actually got to use some mighty big words there and I bet your mummy must be so proud of you…

  5. People who voted Santos for office, I actually feel sorry about their votes of getting this guy in there, and Manu Raja did a great job at the capitol, but condolences go out to Rich Osthoff.

  6. What a great witness. He’s well spoken and sincere…just the kind of person Santos doesn’t mind hurting…at all.

  7. George probably looked down on this homeless veteran thinking he was as powerless, and insignificant! How strange his treatment of him may just lead to his ultimate downfall! Goody Goody!

    1. @Andrew Spratt  Jesus Christ man…

      I suppose the border is secure too right?

      Are you too dumb to find things on your own?

    2. Remember when trump did the “fundraiser” for veterans and then kept all the money. Judge had to force him to hand over 2 million bucks.

    3. @Janky AF Productions Remember when Joe Biden opened the southern border and created the biggest border crisis in American history?

  8. Tears, in my eyes, a dog is unconditional love, loyalty, companionship that most our species can not give, they are teachers of the soul, Santos is not human, he will go to prison, soon, I know a few people he doesn’t want to come across.

  9. She’s such a good interviewer. I hope she goes far in her career. In the meantime, this vet needs to be applauded for his willingness to share such painful memories in pursuit of justice. GS needs to go!

    1. So long as she keeps walking the line her libtard overlords lay out for her and she sticks to whatever agenda the party is currently pushing, she’ll do fine, just like all the others. She’ll get her own show, get crushed in the ratings lose show, get her own show, get crushed in the ratings etc.. etc…

    1. As a veteran with pets and one who died in 2021 and having to raise funds for surgery at UGA VET SCHOOL for her years ago and also being a homeless veteran

  10. This is so wrong and heartbreaking that this individual did steal money from a homeless veteran and his dying dog. Just evilness.

  11. I’m so sorry guy! Losing a dog or any pet is so hard plus some scum taking the money that might have helped. Our thoughts are with you.

  12. Anyone who’s ever been the victim of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder can understand the desire to prevent that person from ever doing to someone else what they did to you.

  13. Boy, I hope justice matters ENOUGH to really happen in this sad, pathetic case. We have waited so long for obvious justice the past few years… Praying this man’s justice does matter and quickly! ❤🙏🏻

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