1. Everyone knows these people didn’t pack this up themselves and had aides do it. So it’s clear to me it was sloppy work and an error. The process needs to change going forward. In the case of DJT, he said box it all up, it’s mine and I’m keeping it. It’s obstruction that’s gotten him in trouble.

    1. @Prince and friends Biden had classified documents sitting at his home for over a decade all the way back when he was a senator. You guys acted differently when it was Trump. The same standard should apply with Biden.

    2. @I am Truthit’s not the same. Pence Biden or Trump didn’t pack any of those boxes. Staff did it. The difference is Pence and Biden said let me give them back and Trump said they’re mine and I’m keeping them. If he gave them back when he was requested of them, it wouldn’t be a discussion. That fact that he refused is why MAL was just raided and he’s being investigated for obstruction is why this is a topic.

    1. Thank YOU…..MistressFaven!
      I’m Sorry iambad….
      I Shouldnt Have commented….
      I Dont Deserve your attention…
      I Am Ready for my consequence…
      I Beg You to please begin….
      I Grovel for Redeeming Pain…
      I Thank You for My Lesson…
      Call Me…
      MistressFaven 🙂

    2. We’re still assessing damage and insuring it NEVER EVER EVER happens again to another politico! Or to a Notorious Chef!

  2. It seems our classified documents aren’t as well preserved or carefully protected as they should be. One more clear indication that our “leaders” and our systems need far more scrutiny and oversight.

    1. @Gloon Nug and your views on Toobin are idiotic. Here’s hoping you never accidentally broadcast anything embarrassing as a result of your ineptitude of technology.

  3. Anyone else watching this and wondering how many presidents should have been searched?
    This is becoming an SNL skit along the lines of the 5 times club.

    1. Biden had classified documents scattered around his home and his criminal son Hunter paid 50k per month rent to stay there. This needs to be fully investigated and Joe Biden needs to be held accountable. 10% for the big guy.

    2. @Troy Stewart the National Archives are just that – an archive. They hold documents once they’ve been finished with. They don’t have a list of all the classified documents ever created. It’s the job of the originating agency to keep track of the documents, not the archives. The only reason they knew that some things were missing from the Trump admin was because they couldn’t find things the public knows about, like the Kim Jong-un letters and the note Obama left in the Oval Office. Blame the originating agency, not the archives who didn’t even know the missing Biden and Pence docs existed.

  4. Welp let’s remember Mike Pence was extremely critical of Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents all the while lacking the self-awareness of his own mishandling of classified documents.

    1. Apparently this clown doesn’t remember Joe Biden doing exactly the same thing with President Trump on 60 minutes

    2. What’s wrong Biden lover snowflakes? Y’all are might quiet now after your boy biden got caught with more documents😂😂😂💀💀💀. Gonna get butt hurt, cry and try to defend these facts snowflakes?❄️❄️❄️😘😂💀. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😘😉😂😎💀

    3. Biden is still the only one stealing classsified documents as a senator, 8+ years prior to Trump/Pence being elected. Thats not a staff issue, the only way to get classified documents home as a senator is to steal them. Simple facts.

  5. As these cases of classified documents showing up where they do not belong continue to emerge, the case involving D.J.T. still stands alone as being unique. Only he knowingly committed intentional theft by personally having the documents sent to his private home, only he falsely claimed that they belonged to him, only he falsely claimed that he had them declassified, only he unlawfully refused to return them when asked to by the DOJ. If not swift, the consequences for these lies and crimes needs to be severe.

    1. @Gabs Biden had his for 15 years. Yea he wasn’t hiding anything. He’s such a stand up guy🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    2. @Marc Lewis yes! Biden is a stand up guy!! I agree with you. Who knows how long some of them have been there. Funny you think you know. Take care.

    3. @Franklin hey there, we’re definitely not having a debate. The original comment talked about trump’s actions being worse, you said it took mental gymnastics for that person to get to that conclusion and I thought I clearly laid out why actually it’s quite simple why some of us believe it is quite worse. If we were in a debate you would have addressed what I said and told me why I was wrong. Instead you were very successful at changing the narrative to me being obsessed with trump, you actually did a very good job at it! Take care.

  6. When Pence was asked earlier whether he took documents home and he replied with a scared face no, it was absolutely obvious that he was lying.

    1. @Megalord Ng Funny, I never noticed it. However, I do believe that he has a mild case of Parkinson’s. That would explain what you think you’re seeing.

    2. @EFANDMK im impressed, you think the whole world think what they see while you remain delusional. Which med did you take to hallucinate?

  7. This appears to be systemic. The system ensuring that the chain of custody is unbroken, that classified documents remain secure, has to be completely overhauled. People are just too complacent.

    1. @God’s #1 Child one person and it will be overturned when reached the Supreme Court. Biden just talked about how you need F-16’s to fight the govt but now we are to believe a bunch of geriatrics could do this.

    2. @God’s #1 Child lol , you all can’t make up your minds. Trump is either a buffoon or now you are saying he’s a genius that’s uses the long con. Too funny.

    3. I have vague recollection (there’s to much going on in to many areas and department’s and states) to keep track but yes someone has filed to get access. Don’t hold your breath for the results though, it wasn’t long ago the filing was done. Sorry it’s late and the brain has switched off.

  8. Well somehow they need to keep track of who has what document and they need to find it after a certain amount of time being out. But saying they may get shoved some where etc. sounds IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!! That’s not OK. And you can’t pass the buck on to the staff.

  9. It’s becoming obvious no one really knows what documents are about and where they are. What’s interesting now is 1. how the people with documents behave and act when found out 2. what sort of docs they have 3. if they have any relationships with corporations or foreign nations, where these documents could play a role.

    1. I’m just glad the Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on anymore because they were ready to blow this out of purpose and start calling for Biden’s impeachment when this shows that there’s a big problem with the national archives keeping track of document..trump’s case if different because he didn’t to return them and hid others, while the Biden and Pence came forward and cooperated

    1. Good point!! They lost their ever-loving minds over it and, of course, the orange menace is STILL using that at his stroke the ego rallies to ruffle the feathers of his brain-dead cult members because it makes him money and keeps them angry.

  10. But I’m still amazed, the archives don’t have a list of what’s in the archives, and what’s missing from the archives. Unless you know what, you have, how can you know what’s missing.

  11. The documents that are potentially embarassing to these politicians and were classified specifically for that reason and not any national security issue, should all be declassified and released to the public.

    Classification for personal reasons and not national security needs to stop. Full stop.

    1. Well in front of me right now I have a Manila envelope marked confidential. I’m asking colonel mustard some difficult questions.

      I’ll let the dumbass media know my conclusions here shortly.

  12. I don’t understand how this can happen that classified documents can be at their homes for years without anyone noticing they are Missing. My husband works as a contractor and works with a lot of military data and he can’t even take his cellphone or smart watch into his work place because of the tight security. When he works in the classified area there’s 3 security guards there who will have to sign them off to get in and out of that area and all the clearance he has to go through every year is a lot so I don’t understand how the people who are in top of our highest office be so careless with such information and how they’re even allowed to get away with it. It’s crazy to me.

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