1. he’s being given the GQP benefit of moving targets and having your eaten cake. he is not a criminal/no arrests-when he does “it’s a witch hunt”.

  1. He’s there for the MONEY and the ATTENTION… He’s going to donate his paycheck just like his raising money for the disabled vets dog… And Trump’s Donations to the National Park systems and his other charitable endeavors.

    1. @sad romantic so trump was literally the first dishonorable politician? Seems like Hilary’s scandal was first maybe she was the trend setter

    2. @Bryan It’s normal to still comment on and think about the evil people in history. People still remember Hitler. People still remember trump.

    3. Remember 45? he said the same thing that he would give his salary to charity…. what happened, how much did he donate during his presidency… None !

    4. Trump,. If everyone will recall ALSO made the FALSE CLAIM he would not take a paycheck while in office!
      Strange, but there is no evidence he came through with his claim.
      This man(?) NEVER
      misses the chance to lay his hand on money!
      Like father…most

  2. I really don’t understand, quite literally, on what basis he is still in his position….

    What other job in the world is there where you could make up your entire resume, get caught but keep the job???

    1. @Cowboy X No politician has ever made up almost every shred of their entire life like Santos has, and been elected. His constituents essentially elected an unknown sentient bag of meat that currently calls itself George, and that’s all they know about him for sure.

  3. Make him publicly hand over his cheques to The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He doesn’t deserve a cent of his salary.

    1. Yes, and maybe that’ll incentivize him to go away, lol. He’ll just have to go create a scam somewhere else.

    2. He’ll probably donate it to some phony charity that will somehow return the money to him (for a small fee), Santos gets most of his money back and a fake charitable donation for his taxes..

    3. @Phantom Mensa This would work because the IRS doesn’t seem to care what supposed ‘charities’ do with the donations they collect. For example they haven’t asked him what he did with the $3K he stole from a sick dog.

    1. @ScholaroftheWorld — Alternate History Well, when more than 30 million Americans are living below the poverty line, the least you could do is think of the many tens of millions of Americans who are working hard and are honest people, struggling to get by, struggling to raise their families, but still working and living honestly in their communities – and then they see George Santos brazenly lying, wholly unapologetically, and seemingly with no end to outrageous lies – supported by the Republican party – for which he has been handsomely rewarded with an extremely high salary (certainly relative to everyone struggling just to pay the bills and put food on the table). What a slap in the face to Americans of all political outlooks, and none, George Santos’ outrageous squatting in office represents.

    2. @Luke York any politician lies. But this guy is not a liar. He is fake. There is nothing real about him. Not one thing

    3. You also pay for people to be murdered in far away lands.
      In the US you pay for the feds to enable the abuse of children in 48 states with no laws against archaic forms of discipline in private schools.
      You pay for a lot.
      You’re morally culpable and he’s a liar.
      Quite the group.
      If you live in New Jersey or Iowa you can say you don’t enable the abuse of our most vulnerable by your state.
      Those two states have some morals at least.
      At least when it comes to what’s most important.
      Have a nice day enabler.

    1. @Eddie Rubio You support extremism by claiming the ‘issue is on both sides’ when the issue with Orange Ogre is far from comparable.

      Get your facts straight, stop trying to make it appear like the Dem’s support extremism, we don’t support removing womens right over their own body, we don’t forbid books in schools because of some extremist ‘anti woke’ law, and cries about CRT ‘being taught to young children’ ( CRT is an ELECTIVE COLLEGE LEVEL COURSE, it’s not being taught to kids ). And if you’re the kind of TRASH which wants to deny history because it makes them feel less proud of their own ancestors, jump off a bridge for trying to paint a YOU PROBLEM as an ‘us problem’.

      Slavery was crap, slavery was done by whites, slavery is STILL VISIBLE in today’s society. Facts, cry about them all you want.

    2. @An Acc Only mongs thinks that because someone is gay he must be left.

      And no, not all of the trash clowns in the ‘freedom caucus’ just have ‘opinions’ which are … questionable, some actually are so far gone they tweet about Jewish space lasers… and there is only ONE party which puts trash like that on an oversight comittee.

      There is only ONE PARTY, the GQP, which refused to take actions against the fraud in the video here, right up to the moment they realized it ‘wasn’t going to go away on it’s own’.

      I differ from opinion with honorable conservatives like Kinzinger and Cheney about most social and economic policies, but I don’t feel a need to claim they ‘lie’.

      That’s left to trash like Orange Ogre.

    3. @Spicy Irwin it seems that the ball was dropped in the Republican Party and the press. Not one person fact checked this liar.

  4. What about his sham marriage to a woman so she could stay in the US? His friends say she was never around and he didn’t treat her like a wife. He tried to talk his roommate into marrying someone saying he could make a lot of money doing it.

    1. It’s a federal offense to have a sham marriage for the sole purpose of becoming a citizen. If caught both parties go to jail. I’m sure his ex-wife is 💩 bricks.

    1. @St Floyd of Fentanyl he lies about his height and weight. Clearly. He apparently had the height and weight of a basketball player. Apparently he has magic fat in his a..

    2. @Asian sex symbol  ROFL!!! You have no clue of your own countries laws, do you? He can only be expelled if 2/3 of Congress votes for it. You can’t seriously think a 3rd of Republicans will vote him out and lose his seat to a new runoff that would surely vote a Democrat in this time?

    3. @Billy Goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Only in RepubliCON land where the pathological liar and criminal are not at fault, BUT it’s the media, the opponents, God and Hunter Biden who are to blame 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Flora Thomson-DeVeaux “”…so they took your shoes in the middle of fifth avenue.” I don’t know it didn’t pass the SMELL test immediately.”😂😂😂

  6. Kind of reminds me of when Eric Trump said his father doesn’t need American money, he gets all he needs from Russia! And so does George Santos

    1. This is what happens when you vote for either the letter R or the letter D rather than the best person for the job.

    1. I have started telling the biggest fattest unbelievable lies to people and it seems like people believe whatever you tell them. The bigger the lie the more they believe it

    1. @Basement Cat … Late night talk shows are having a field day with him. Some skits are hilarious. The Jimmy Kimmel show last night (1-23-23) was funny as heck. Even the comedian actor looked like him!

    2. @not a meat puppet Exactly! This may be the perfect chance for democrats and Republicans to come together and solve one of, if not the biggest crises in the nation. I’m referring of course to drag queen story time. What if we just put Santos in charge of that, I think it’s the perfect opportunity. 💃

  7. The media should constantly follow him around everywhere he goes and constanty pester him until he finally quit. Dont let up. Keep it going and break this fool!

  8. There’s no way Santos is going to donate his salary to charity. This is the guy who stole $3000 from a disabled veteran’s dying dog.

  9. It’s interesting that Santos claims he is busy with “constituent services.” The last report I heard was that he still hasn’t opened his district office in New York.

    1. He’s not busy with “constituents services”. That’s just another lie. Unless, his constituents are ghosts. Actually, I vaguely recall hearing he’s one of the new ghost busters in another sequel to Ghost Busters.

    2. @Honey Badger That’s interesting. Since it is the Republican party that got him elected, I guess it’s only fair that they clean up the mess.

  10. Santos is starting to break under pressure. He’s no longer just trying to duck into the nearest elevator, but now is actually replying to the press and his stress level is obvious

    1. @ivan salazar what will likely happen is he will get on the wrong side of the wrong constituents that care less about the law than he does and he will be found in a dumpster.

    2. Some advisor probably told him that he was going to have to talk to the press sometime. That advice could have been given with the intent to normalize him. Or it could have been intended to hasten his exit.

  11. However reprehensible, those lies are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. What’s really important is that prosecutors delve deep into his financial dealings, find irregularities, and criminally charge him. That’s what will get him in jail.

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