1. @Petar Vuksic  The country’s that have joined NATO have only done so, as a result of Russia aggression, proof of which is demonstrated, by their invasion of Ukraine, not difficult to understand, or so simple 😉

    2. @Petar Vuksic Nato is seriously living rent free in your head. What are you so afraid of? Nato won’t go and attack inside Russia unless Russia attacks Nato first.
      You have absolutely nothing to worry about Nato being close to your borders or not. In 80 years Nato has not stepped one inch on Russia territory and has no plans to either.
      Just back tf out of Ukraine and this can be resolved once and for all.

  1. Poor people in the middle of madness. The bravery of the Ukrainian forces protecting their citizens has inspired the whole world. Give them the big stuff

  2. That damn Leopard (without the NERA wedge) is very reminiscent of the Tiger I, and I’m glad it’s on our side.

    1. Germany found it difficult to keep the Tigers fed with fuel. It was fearsome when running, but reliability was an issue.

    2. @Future Time Traveller WW2 Soviet historian here! It depends on how you define “better” the T34-76 and T34-85 were excellent machines for the situation but they were not on a par with machines like the Tiger or Panther and could not match them 1 on 1. They were however easy to produce, had good mobility, armour, and firepower and were exactly what the Red Army needed to defeat the Germans on the Eastern front. Were they the best tanks in WW2? From the POV of winning the war yes, from a technological POV, no. As for modern Russian armour, no they are lagging behind in terms of design and more importantly, the ability to actually produce, supply, and field tanks like the T14 in meaningful numbers.

    3. @Jansen the t-34s were flat out better

      im a historian as well of ww2 ; salute

      the t 34’s armour was vastly superior and its wider tracks made is more maneuverable than the german tigers and panthers as they found out soon enough

  3. Abrams need to be sent to just be stationed along the Belarus border and the Leopards sent to the front lines to keep supply chains and logistics shorter until they’re built up and protected enough with stuff like Patriots and NASAMS to extend to the east or Black Sea coast area. Although logistics could be shorter coming in through Romania to the South too. Moldova is also talking about joining NATO, if them and Ukraine can work on getting that Russian occupied area in Transistria cleared, then supply and communication routes to the south could be really shortened.

    1. @John Smith Let’s NOT Invade Moscow And Be Smart About It. OR, Send John Smith In With Whatever Guns He Has And Do It FOR US. GO Johnny Boy GO…

  4. Thank you Germany and USA from the bottom of my heart for giving the aye ok to these vitally important Tanks to Ukraine, SLAVA UKRAINE!

    1. @Tio Swift If this was 1940, I wonder if MAGAs would have called Churchill a fool, supported Hitler and called FDR a demented potato Gimp?
      Well, we know you would have.

    2. We need someone that has bolls to tell putin we also have nukes we can nuke a country with no Mercy putin only Respects people with Verbal power thats one thing biden dont gat just like filled president obama

    3. @Tio Swift WE Boomers Have LEARNED From History And Experienced Wisdom. YOU Are Learning NOTHING From Playing Video Games, Vaping And Doing Drugs All Day. HUGE DIFFERANCE Kiddo…

  5. “Those who can make you believe absurdities (Putin.Lavrov/Peskov/Phrigozhin/Shoigu/Gerasimov) can make you commit atrocities.”


    1. @mr derp If this was 1940, I wonder if MAGAs would have called Churchill a fool, supported Hitler and called FDR a demented potato Gimp?
      Well, we know you would have.

    2. @dan dansen Oh hey! Good one! I saw you copy/paste this one like 3 days ago. Do you keep them all in like a Word document that stays open on your desktop for easy copy/paste access? I’m sure you don’t actually take the time to type out the exact same comment over and over again.

    3. @mr derp Don’t Worry. We Got Plenty Of Cash, Being The Richest Country In The World Kiddo. But Poor Old Poopy Won’t Have Much TIME LEFT If He Keeps BLUNDERING Along WASTING His Soldiers Lives BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS On His STUPID MEAT GRINDER WAR. And Throwing His Worthless Rubles Away On Military Spending Instead Of Helping His People Advance To A Better Life. They Won’t Keep Tolerating His Last Century GOING NOWHERE War Mongering Madness Forever…

    4. @dan dansen well it’s 2023 . Boris is a fool, you support Bellendsky, and Biden is a demented potato. Funny how history repeats

  6. Secretary Austin is doing a damn fine job. I remember when there was some hesitation about since he essentially went straight from the army to SoD. Turns out he has exactly the right kind of experience.

    1. @Andrey Bogunov I’d like to have the Porsche Kyrylo Tymoshenko is currently driving. You can start there. Thanks.

    2. @mr derp How Did You Get Out Of Your Straight Jacket And Padded Room At The Mental Institution ??? The Medications That You’ve Been Taking Don’t Seem To Be Helping You Very Much Either…

  7. Holding Bakhmut does have the advantage of keeping Russia’s forces fixed in one spot while taking humongous casualties for literally nothing of value.

    1. Bakhmut is a death trap for the Ukrainains and they must withdraw before the city is encircled. It is almost criminal to keep sending troops there to be shelled by the Russians, who retain a massive artillery advantage.

  8. I think people are underestimating the capabilities of Bradley fighting vehicles… those things are vicious. Wait till those are all deployed and being used effectively.

    1. @Munguci Timothy The Fragmented And Disorganized Afghan Leadership Didn’t WANT To Win. They Expected America To Do The Heavy Fighting FOR THEM. We Were There To Help Protect Them As They Would Nation Build After We Got Osama bin Laden. But They Had Little Initiative To Advance THEMSELVES. So After 20-Years Of TRYING To Guide And Assist Them, It Was Time To Leave. But Look At All The Longer They Held Up !!! You Don’t Seem To Know Very Much About History, :DO YOU ???

    2. @Munguci Timothy that had more to do with Taliban hiding in caves and Afghanie soldiers on heroin. It was a lost cause from the start unlike Ukraine.

    3. @Claude Maggard Looks like late Summer – at the earliest.

      I suspect the Challengers will be used as a stop-gap to halt the most threatening specific Russian advance, giving time for the Leopards to be formed into functional units in sufficient numbers to be able to punch through and mop up – probably in the south. Abrams will arrive for the final push, maybe into The Donbas and Crimea.

    1. The real problem started in 2011 in Syria during the weak African American president Barack Obama term.

      All the West cares about now is trivial issues such as neutral gender pronouns , whether aliens are blue or green , eating unhealthy and fast food  while Putin was developing  deadly super hypersonic missiles.

      Advice from Morocco , the first country to recognise  the American independence from the British Empire, to the incognisant West.

      Nato has weapons but no courage.
      Ukraine has courage but no weapons.
      Russia has both courage and weapons.
      So give Ukraine Nato’s weapons to beat Russia.

      Vladimir Solovyov  once said :” If you think that we will stop in Ukraine – think 300 times. Let me remind you that Ukraine is only an intermediate stage in ensuring the strategic security of the Russian Federation. ”

      It is almost too late for the West to take action.

      Alas. We do not want to lose the old beautiful Western civilisation.

  9. I’m impressed how Russia can not expand its logistics area beyond 90 miles in a neighboring country, instead how the United States could do it for all of Afghanistan even if it was on the other side of the world.

    1. @S it’s because of the complicated circumstances.
      1) no experts in europe who know how to deal with the unusual technical details of abrams mbt.
      2) very different handling of the abrams must be taught to ukranians
      3) a lot of specialized support logistics is necessary.

      and no, this war won’t be over in a few months.

    2. I’m surprised we got our asses kicked by guys without modern electronics wearing sandals for two decades in a row.

    3. Dude compare apple n orange. Russia against 30 plus countries , Afghanistan against 3 that I know of USA , Australia, n England.

  10. U.S. military source are expressing skepticism over Ukraine’s possible retreat from Artemovsk “not because of its battlefield value, but because its strategic messaging value is so important.”Ukraine is suffering enormous casualties in the battle and expending tremendous amounts of artillery ammunition daily – a style of fighting that the U.S. does not believe is sustainable. In terms of sheer volume, Russia still has more artillery ammunition and manpower.

  11. i was part of the Moschun and Irpin campaigns with the Territorial Forces. I was there for only 4 months before coming back to the states. From my experience, I can say that Ukraine dont have ill trained troop problem. Manpower isnt the biggest issue, its the fact that Russian armor outnumbers Ukraine. .Glad the HIMARS are playing crucial parts but can’t wait to see how the Bradleys and Western tanks plays out. Slava Ukraine

    1. America has only been established for 200years unlike china and russia which have been around for thousands. There has never been a war faught on American soil. Let me tell you something there is 300 million Americans I live in texas and every house I’ve been in has 1-6 firearms sometimes alott more so if russia thinks they will come to america and rape our women ect. They won’t only be fighting our military they will be fighting all of us Americans. And trust me the guns we have are insane. My uncle gots a few AR’s with high powered scopes legally himself.

  12. All for supplying Ukraine with the artillery they need 👍💯🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. It might be very soon that the Leopard II tanks will be in Ukraine !!! Thanks for update, and thanks for mentioning Secretary-Genl Austin..he is a brilliant champion and solid support for world order and peace

  14. I want to express my gratitude for all the help that the people of the United States provide to Ukraine in the war against fascist Russia. Your help helps us stop Putin and prevent him from taking over all of Eastern Europe, which was occupied by the USSR after 1945.

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