Retired general on how US tanks could affect Ukraine battlefield

The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send US-made Abrams tanks to Ukraine and could make an announcement as soon as this week, according to three US officials familiar with the deliberations. Germany is also set to send its sought-after Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine to help bolster the country’s war effort, Der Spiegel reported, attributing to unnamed sources. Retired Gen. Wesley Clark and CNN contributor Jill Doughtery discuss. #CNN #News


  1. “When I look into Putin’s 👁💀👁 eyes I see the KGB.”

    Republican Senator John McCain

    American Hero & Patriot R.I.P.

    Silver Star Medal

    2 Legion of Merits

    Distinguished Flying Cross

    3 Bronze Stars

    2 Purple Hearts

    2 Navy & Marine Corps Commendations

    Prisoner of War Medal

  2. The US should supply 50 Abrams tanks along with a crew of “little green men” to operate them. Having an experienced crew would be beneficial

    1. As a tanker I can tell you that experienced T72 crews will take to the Abrams like a fish to water. If push came to shove we could have those guys fully spun up in 2 weeks. It would be 12-14 hours 7 days a week, but it wouldn’t even be a challenge. Just to drive it home during Iraqi we put an grunt on our crew and in a week he was doing everything we needed of him with zero supervision.

      Maintenance is also being way overblown. A tank isn’t rocket science. In fact, agricultural and heavy equipment mechanics work on the same crap day in and day out. Which Ukraine, being one of the biggest farming countries in the world, have no shortage of. Tracks, hydraulics, electronics for instance are basically no different on a tank than a tractor. If you can work on one of them you can work on them all. All the maint. guys will need is the parts, specialized tools, and 24/7 phone support which they will have in spades.

      And all Ukrainian .gov needs to do is keep the parts and fuel in the right place and all these tanks, Bradleys, etc. are going to wreak MF havoc. That is a fact not speculation. Right now it’s basically a stalemate. Once you throw hundreds of pieces of armor into the mix with crews that actually follow modern combined warfare doctrine the results are going to be spectacular.

  3. Senator Blumenthal is engaged and so right as far as the military situation in Ukraine is concerned. Thankfully from Germany.

    1. Senator Blumenthal is engaged and so right as far as the military situation in Ukraine is concerned. Thankfully from Germany.

  4. Pretty simple. There will be more gestures of goodwill from Russian army, that will continue advancing backward 😂

    1. You will find, that the opposite is true. but hey, who am I to trying and entice you to use your brain and fact check the B.S. and propaganda we are spoon fed by the government and in the media.

  5. The important thing’s how Germany’s leopard thanks and the USA’s thanks are used by Ukraine’s soldiers to push and automatically to counteroffensive Russia Federation territorial. Nevertheless, thanks so much to all of NATO and EU always stay supporting and protecting Ukraine forever. God bless you, guys with prosperity and aboundantly forever🙏🙏🙏 go to hell Russia immediately

  6. U.S Abrams way too heavy for the soil conditions in Ukraine. And how are the Ukrainians going to go on refuelling them? Don’t they run on jet fuel?

  7. More Leopard 2, tanks number over 180 for Ukraine have been committed by 8 EU nations. Thanks to the German people.
    These German made 180 tanks, with thousands of Canadian, US, French, British amour vehicles are coming to Poland for spring offensive. While Poland is training these so called Ukraine forces. Poland had called up 100,000 reservist in OCT-2022. Called up another 100,00 in Dec 2022.
    First 100,000 training is for specialist roles, training was to last 4-5 months by Poland, US marines Specialist and Canadian instructors, reconfiguration into battle battalions is taking place and nearing completion by March 2023..

    Additional 100,000 call up are infantry and training was to last just 90 days. Who is paying for this -EU Brussel has a slush fund -” emergency fund” of 363 billion Euros at EU leaders disposable -requires no vote. EU public has zero awareness to these activities.

    You should know, there is more to this, than meets the eye??

  8. The General’s comments on the military side of things was gold; the lady prattling on about Putin was a sheer waste of time.
    Putin should not be our focus at all. Our focus should be on the ramping up of weapon systems and ammunition production for Ukraine.

  9. I’m sick of US taxpayers paying for Ukraine war and the entitled attitude of Zelensky and the Ukraine people. Homeless are running over city and there’s no $$$ for them. Boo, bah humbug to the US govt. 😡😡😡😡

  10. The Ukrainians aren’t easy beats Pres Z has put the right leader in their army they have shown they have out played the Russians at every point give them the things to apply the most pressure on Putin as it is having an affect on him, he now sees he’s getting beat

    1. One could ask also the following: Will they also share how US tax payers pay for the war, and that money ends up in the military industrial complex for more wars? Why aren’t they paying for this war as well? Tax their profit at 100% for the duration of the war! Putin is a despot, US business ethics might be too.

  11. The spring rainy season is just around the corner in Ukraine. Heavy tanks do not do well. The only tank that has some designs for swamps is the South Korean main battle tank. Then there is the time to train the crew to use the beast. Seems there is little time for this to happen.

    1. You all seem to think there is a winner when nuclear war commences, remember it isn’t you playing with fire, its the world leaders, but they won’t get burned as they have there bunkers.

    2. @Shane ESPECIALLY when the RUSSKIES have to get military supplies from North Korea. Putin must be really proud the little TURD !!!!!!!!

    3. @Victory First sorry mate I thought you were one of all the rest of the deadshits who think that the Ukraine is winning, my apologies, you’re onto it 👍

  12. Ukraine before the war, had the biggest batch of tanks in all of Europe after Russia, in the last 11 months Russia has turned them into junk, that is the reason Ukraine keeps asking for more armed personnel vehicles and tanks, the same thing with the artillery pieces, NATO have shipped hundreds of artillery guns and munitions and Russia has managed to destroy them as well. NATO and the US said the HIMARS were a game changer, well, they were wrong, Russia managed to destroy some of them, and the rest have not made a difference. These tanks will be another failure, the US had the Abrams in Afghanistan, and we all know what happened in that country after 20 years, the Taliban are back in power. The only way Ukraine is going to win this war is if they find another army, because Russia has devastated Ukraine’s armed forces, according to US ex-military brass, Ukraine has lost over 122,000 soldiers, 36,000 are missing, presumed dead, and over 300,000 thousand are injured/maimed, no country can sustain such huge loses, this war is pretty much over and the US military knows it, but since they have been lying to us all for the last 11 months, now it’s difficult to tell the truth and change the US government narrative, that the Ukrainians are winning and the Russians are losing.

  13. Senator Richard Blumenthal: ” they have made major progress in the east; the conflict is deadlocked.” Nothing but lies, Russia just took Soledad and has encircled Bakhmut in the east, what is this guy talking about that the conflict is deadlocked in the east. Either he doesn’t know what he is talking about, or he is lying to the American public.

  14. Dear Russia, we love you. We know how it feels to have your brothers subjugated. Your language illegal. We respect what you’re doing for the Russians in Ukraine. However, Ukrainians are our brothers as well. You need not move west. Stay in Novoroyssia. Stay away from Poland, stay away from Free Ukraine. 🇵🇱🇷🇺

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