1. will women from Muslim country be allowed to wear face vail to see a football tournament in France?
      west is evil uncivilized hypocritic islamophobic.

    2. @JT Allen in someone’s else’s country, yes. What is he going to fix? It’s not his business. He just did it to stir up drama.

  1. 🙄 The Journalists must have missed the Malaysian Singer/writer, Namewee ‘s videos “Things Not To Do In Qatar [Namewee Tokok 110]” and “So many things BANNED in Qatar!”. People can also visit his channel to watch “The Making Of Ya Gamila” – his team’s challenging experience in Qatar when they were filming the MV for his new catchy song “Ya Gamila” , one of his World Cup celebration songs.

    1. Renan Oliveira, a “Brazilian journalist”, on the expulsion of a Welsh fan:

      – The whole world, and before the tournament begins, knows that this thing is forbidden there. You deliberately wear colors and make the press photograph you from afar like thieves, to show us that you are oppressed? Simply, you lack respect because you did not respect the country’s systems.

  2. 0:17 first of all , thats NOT a rainbow on his t-shirt. a rainbow starts with purple on top, not red! the ltbq movement is using the rainbow colors upside down.
    if you lie while telling your stories, you are no better than fox news. i am convinced that if he had really worn just a rainbow shirt, nothing would have happened. but he had to provoke….
    what you don’t do for 15 minutes of fame.

  3. When I hear these stories I feel good about having nothing to do with this World Cup , even though I am usually a fan.

    1. @William Russell I’d say thanks but we’re not exactly on the best of terms guy. Also ToW missiles? Bro you realize I am the opposition not Ukrainian? lol we have Kornett ATGM, if you’re saying we got that tech from you… idk? I’m only 24 I don’t know about none of that but. thanks? nice chat

    2. @William Russell for your service I’ll say *thank you* , but for arguing with a Russian, everything was earned lol🤝also you’re right I could’nt survive, that’s why your a badass and I’m just a musician. 🙂have a good one

    3. I love the game and watch recaps on Tubi.The majority of countries playing are not to blame for Qatari failure as humans.

    4. I see a lot of ignorant fools claiming that Qatar is restricting gays after agreed to host them. The truth is that they just refuse to promote that in their country. You can come and you are free to do whatever you want, but do not promote homosexuality or any of your nonsense there.
      Every country has values and principles that must be respected
      And this idiot wore a rainbow shirt and went there to stir up controversy, knowing in advance the result, and then appears in the media to fool Americans who are known for their naivety and their belief in any nonsense that is said about a Muslim country in their misleading media.

  4. At 5:38 “that level of control at a sports event seems small.”

    Hmm. When I went to college you couldn’t bring more than six cans of beer into the football game at the Big House on Saturday. What is the limit and level of control today?

  5. I’ve watched the documentary on Netflix. The level of corruption that led to Qatar WC was outstanding. It looks like the trend is still on.

    1. @Darren Plum try getting you tube in places like China if you’re a Chinese citizen. The only way you’ll get it is if you get a VPN while in another country.

    2. @Tracy West ok same with Iran and Turkmenistan, its still a worldwide platform. And that has absolutely to do with the complete ignorant comment I was responding too, but thank you for your basic knowledge.

    3. @ACE X the fact that you say in a misleading way that he was “promoting homosexuality”
      suggests that you have the same hate and intolerance for gay people held by the
      repressive regime in Qatar.

      Wearing a rainbow shirt was just this man’s way of saying that society should not treat gay people with
      hate, intolerance, violence and persecution by authorities the same as
      a person wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt in the United States is saying that
      society should not treat Black people with hate, intolerance, violence and
      persecution by authorities.

      Someone with a rainbow shirt is not “promoting” homosexuality or telling people they should become gay
      any more than a person wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt is telling people they should become Black.

      In both cases they are just saying that society should not be intolerant, hateful and repress people
      simply because of how they are born.
      That’s not controversial – it’s simply speaking out for basic human rights.

      The only people or governments who are bothered or upset by rainbow flag shirts or
      Black Lives Matter shirts are those who are filled with hate and intolerance
      because of their own feelings of personal insecurity.

      It’s clear that those in power in Qatar need to figure out why they have such feelings of personal insecurity
      and fix those personal problems and stop lashing out at gay people and women in an attempt to
      overcompensate for their feelings of insecurity.

  6. You know what the rules are going in!
    You don’t like it when they do their thing in your country!
    Come on man!

  7. Disney World Guest Appearance Guidelines

    Disney World reserves the right to exclude visitors to their gated attractions who wear clothing that could create a distraction. This policy is in effect at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney Springs.

    Examples of unacceptable attire include:

    Clothing displaying offensive messages/language
    Adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as a costume (children under age 10 are excluded)
    Clothing made with offensive material, (ie transparent)
    Clothing that is excessively torn
    Clothing which exposes inappropriate portions of the body such as string bikini tops, G-strings, bikini bottoms, etc.
    Guests wearing wedding attire are discouraged from entering the theme parks.
    All Disney theme park guests are required to wear shirts and shoes at all times. Swimsuit tops are allowed when worn with other appropriate clothing.

    Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon have other criteria in place which may vary from the general appearance guidelines. Depending on the venue and event, variations may be acceptable.

  8. Also, part of the agreement to allow Qatar to host the games was that they would allow alcohol in certain areas. On day one of opening they decided they didn’t want to allow it.

    1. @Ummaesn Talks about humanity whilst the implications of atheism is that there is no objective morality, no ultimate purpose and that humans are not more valuable than bacteria 😂

    2. @Ummaesn when you die and maggots eat you they will laugh because even they weren’t stupid enough to waste time believing in a sky fairy.

    3. @skp no, you’ve literally confirmed you know alcohol was withdrawn from sale in the stadiums at the last minute. It’s you who is a barefaced Islamist liar.
      Without lies Islam dies.

  9. “I’m an American..” LOL What’s with this US superiority complex where you just barge yourself into another country and be like “well I’m from the USA so you have to adapt to my laws until I leave, you have to accept all these new things that’s never been in your country you have to”..

    This guy needs to shut up.. he went there wearing that shirt looking for drama that’s so obnoxious, I bet he thought Twitter will cancel the match 🤣

    1. No. Qatar applied to hold the World Cup, ie they deliberately invited a plethora of other cultures into their country. Holding the World Cup is a much sought after privilege, like the Olympics. This is quite different to you choosing to go there on holiday. FIFA should have made it a condition that Qatari bigots accept other cultures.

    2. @Bookie Being gay has nothing to do with soccer, and FIFA is about soccer not representing your sexuality.. no one cares about their feelings .

  10. When you go overseas why do some Americans think they can wear or do whatever they want? Respect they rules simple,you have to remember you are visitors

  11. If their culture is so disrespectful regarding other countries cultures they shouldn’t host an international event like the World Cup. Simple as that

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