1. When our leaders can’t get their crap together and constantly belittle and fight with each other, many will follow.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler Hi Vlad the Inhaler (great name ) you are in principal right. But we history has taught us that regardless of the geographical position and crazy things have been done. If I would take a WWII sort of scenario , being pessimistic here, is Russia invades whole of Europe (for now that is not possible, they would not win) as Europe is much closer to the US, the Nazis U-boated around in front of NYC. And China takes the Far East and Australia / Pacific region. Guam and Hawaii are vulnerable. (it has been proven ) and modern armies are much more powerful than they used to be (ours is still the strongest , thank God.) and trust me I never wish such a scenario. I just do not rule it out. I doubt I will be alive if that ever happens. I think the will of the American people would be even stronger than the Ukrainians at present to defend this beautiful land of ours. Yet, I am sure that others also have thought about that the current sad division is not good for our nation.

  2. Get the money OUT of politucs. It absolutely IS corrupt on BOTH sides of the aisle. Term limits in Congress, in SCOTUS, get rid of lobbiests, the Federalist Society, and Citizens United.

    1. The love of money (over people and God) is the root of all evil. Anyone remember the song from back in the day “for the love of money”?? The O’Jays – yeah

    2. @Pamela Wing when I was a little child sitting in at elections, the pastor would invite his fav congressman (yes they were all men!) to speak as a way of telling us how to vote. Thought it strange then and strange now. What happened to separation of church and state? Since there really is no separation TAX them too when they show profit over a certain amount.

    1. @Danbeater so long as that populace is based in reality and doesn’t believe in conspiracy theory nonsense

    2. How is that suggestion even possible? Congress writes the laws. Why would they vote for a law that detrimentally affects their own financial interests?

  3. Take the Dark money out of Government and the Rich and companies need to pay there share in taxes the poor and the middle class are having a hard time paying and doing things for there familys. This isn’t there fault it’s our Government taking from us that we can no longer do.

  4. Yeah well it’s because ppl vote you in yet you hide so much bs from them. Lack of transparency on very important matters.

  5. They won’t say it. The reason for the distrust is corporate control of both the media and the politicians.

  6. remove all donations from companies and 100$ limit donation for individuals, get rid of lobbying and 2 term limits for all congress/senators..problem solved. might as well just get rid of electoral college also

    1. @bngr bngr Probably a great deal but l doubt she has made far less than a lot of others am sure of that! Ask the question of many in the GOP !!!

    2. @NinaNina Pasadena You seem to have all answers maybe you should run for president! What a JOKE !!!

    1. @Ginger Licious It’s a far more complicated situation that involves much more than corporations and the people. The horrible government corruption is a result of several things. Some of which being a bloated bureaucracy and massive federal government, no oversight, foreign and corporate involvement in influencing policy decisions, and an uneducated voter base that is poorly informed on most issues.

  7. “Government is corrupt”: does this question include both the people who think the GOP is corrupt, with the people who think that their mail carrier is a lizard person? Yeah, that’s gonna get to a majority really quickly, but I hope you’re not considering this to be a consensus.

    1. @Paul Hardy yeah, he said when you’re rich they let you get away with it. Meaning he’s never been prosecuted because he’s a billionaire.

    2. @Andrew you’re assuming he touched them without consent tho. When he said “they let you”
      Implying consent.

      You act like he was bragging about holding women down and raping them when you say “serial rapist” or whatever you said.

      Any rich person will tell you girls start falling over them when they have money. Not all goes of course. But a lot.

    3. @Paul Hardy he said i don’t even wait. And they let you get away with it. Both implying the exact opposite of consent. But I mean its only one of a thousand reprehensible things he regularly does.

  8. This is very simple. Our politicians do not represent everyone, but they represent corporations and wealthy donors.

    1. @A Bk
      ✨🙏❤✝💯 🎇May the force of HIS LIVING LOVING freedom be with you. WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS THERE IS LIBERTY! You’re Jesus firework! HIS workmanship created unto GoOD works!

  9. I mean it COULD have something to do with officials on either side consistently acting only for the purposes of either the interests of party leadership, self interest, or actively against sections of their constituency. Once we the people put an elector in office the only real say we have is whether they get replaced next time around and both sides have been running out of lesser evils to choose from. It should be very telling that there’s as much agreement on this topic between our opposed political ideologies as there is. As much as this dialogue points to mis information and conservative media, i feel it misses that point. While I agree that misinformation runs rampant in the media and it is an issue, I feel that we should be analyzing why so many disparate Americans agree that the government is corrupt and working against them. In looking at the logic behind those thoughts is where we’ll be able to start finding solutions.

  10. My best summation is Citizens United was the beginning of our demise as a civilized nation working towards improving America and because of that, America suddenly became for sale to the highest bidder…legally.
    I’m sure we have all stopped to think how is a politician who makes approximately 200k/yr worth 50,60,70 or over 100 million, and on some occasions in the billions. How can that person be relatable and understand struggle while sitting in their personal vineyard. The let them eat cake moment is upon us.

    1. I wonder why Supreme Court Justice Thomas didn’t say that he is going to revisit Citizens United. You know, since he’s so concerned about reversing those laws that aren’t explicitly codified in the US Constitution

    2. @Ginger Licious It’s not that simple. The most decent and most qualified people aren’t running for public office. More often than not, it’s simply those in a quest for real power and wealth

  11. From the outside looking in, income inequality has got so large and the profiteering by the corporations so great, almost nobody is living comfortable lifestyles with a work life balance.
    The harder things get, the shorter terms people work on, until it gets to survival until sunset, and then people look for radical solutions. People listen to those who are “talking about things nobody else is” and how the “deep state” is against them.
    I saw a report recently that 25% of Americans can only read to 3rd grade standards and half until 8th grade. Education is the key to critical thinking and equitable wealth takes away a lot of the problems

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler

      Well, now, happy to be corrected … if you feel you can.

      Over to you.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler you have to look at the federal reserve data on wealth. You have no idea whatyou talking about. Check government data not right wing think tanks.

  12. Corruption stems from the massive amounts of money spent to promote policies that benefit only the wealthy and big business rather than the economic success of all.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em you’re saying that in a deceptive way.. they may have gotten more donations from corporations… but Democrats received a larger amount of money from corporate and foreign donors

  13. Ask the people who want to overthrow the government what they really want to change. You’ll get 10 different answers. The problem we have to grapple with is this: Can you fix a corrupt government using the laws and elected/appointed people we have now? Or is the corruption strong enough to stop any real attempt?

  14. Election finance reform is an obvious place to start if you are trying to attain voter trust in elections. But, is it too late for that. Our country has abused our “free” system for so long, there may not be any single actions that can repair our broken system

  15. Pass laws that *actually* benefit normal people. Control housing prices, education costs, healthcare, wages, ect.

    1. That would actually only benefit corporations. Those laws you want will only benefit the corporations.

    2. @Daniel Ancona tried that, it didn’t work because Democrats don’t care about breaking up monopolies, because they benefit from monopolies paying them.
      Government regulation is what the founding fathers and continental army fought against during the revolutionary war, and what you are suggesting is we go back to that.

    3. @Man of Truth Definitely not advocating for that. What I do advocate for is armed citizens prepared to defend themselves from extreme aggression however. And, no the founders weren’t fighting against regulations. They were fighting against tyranny. Regulations imposed without the consideration or consent of the people is tyranny.

    4. @tom martinez Good. I am a Communist. But, the measures I mentioned while they benefit people aren’t inherently communistic.

    1. “Wenn die Sonne der Kultur niedrig steht werfen selbst Zwerge lange Schatten” (Karl Kraus). Translation: “When the sun of culture stands low even dwarfs cast long shadows”. The chief dwarf is of course DT 45 himself.

  16. As a political independent, I’ve had numerous instances wherein I’ve been told by republicans that I can’t possibly be an independent, non party-affiliated person. Why? Merely because I have offered criticisms of the direction their party is taking. Only rarely on the other hand (although it has happened) have democrats accused me of being a closet republican when I have criticized the failures of their party. My point being, yes, there is deep division in America, but it does not seem to be in any sense a symmetric diversion from the middle. In my experience republican loyalists are far more likely to strike a caustic, hateful and strident tone and are far less willing (or perhaps even able) to engage in any sort of rational, good faith discussion of issues.

    This reflects the observable phenomenon of elected officials in the republican party breaking from all norms and becoming almost exclusively an obstructionist party wherein everything (whether it be matters of policy, or in some instances even a lack of anything substantively policy-oriented) seems done, first and foremost as a matter of politics. Whenever there is practical, often very needed legislation on the table, it seems they are unwilling to engage in the art of negotiation and the compromise that necessarily ensues, choosing instead to let the whole thing burn to the ground in order to wag the finger of blame at the opposition rather than seeking solutions. I honestly believe that many on the far right believe themselves to be the righteous defenders of truth, justice and the will of the creator and regard anyone who dares to disagree with them as, on some level at least, an enemy, perhaps even an infidel or traitor. The toxic language of open disdain for those who disagree with them is quite chilling.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler They do happen to be, more often than not, the part of division – Always breaking folks up into little groups. Also *not a Republican*

    2. @David “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”
      Persist with your charade if you must, living in denial is one way of coping, but it does create a distorted sense of reality.

  17. Despite the bad news of the polls, I find this broadcast to be hopeful. The news media must accept responsibility for some of these problems. Instead of presenting the news, they have succumbed to using it as a platform to present their own opinions (political and otherwise) often inflaming the situations to boost ratings. I’m showing my age here, but they need to go back to the “Joe Friday” days of “just the facts”, all the facts, rather you agree with them or not. The American public needs our trust restored in the news media. This will not solve everything, but it will be a darn good start. Thanks for a presentation that covered bot views respectfully and fairly.

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