1. Who cares about the car ride! “We have lots of theories, we just don’t have any evidence”. “Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me”.

    1. Next hearing is when Dems bring out the “anonymous source trick” or the ‘whistleblower”…..Schiff likes both of those….

    2. Who cares about any of this?
      With everything going on, and the dems are focused on this..

      Guys.. you are being distracted.. WAKE UP

  2. Now they’ll have to train on how to defend themselves against a delusional lunatic riding in the back seat.

    1. @Janet Yurkin if you read my comment above it clearly says I’m not in favor of Trump. Read before you speak….it helps.

    2. @Biden2024 Debunked by which agents in which committee when? Which channel you watched that on? ‘Coz I haven’t seen any such agents testify in public yet to properly debunk Hutchinson’s testimony which was delivered in public under oath. 😅

  3. It’s like you are a bodyguard and suddenly you have to protect a vicious spiteful version of Mr Bean.

    1. Kind of reminds me of that movie Alien. Suddenly out pops this little monster. Maybe that’s what happened when Trump was born? Apparently he was unmanageable from the get go. Had to be sent to a military academy, for example.

  4. The “right thing” would have been to immediately tell their superiors that the 25th amendment needed to be invoked and the president sidelined, and then to testify with alacrity before impeachment hearings and now Jan 6 committee. Anything short of this, fails to qualify in my book as “the right thing”.

    1. @Kineahora It was more than hearsay, it was flat out refused as having happened by the agent who she claims said it. If that’s true then that perjury. makes her an unreliable witness and as such brings the entire testimony into question. That’s how real Courts and real judges work.

    2. @JLT Changeshifter Well its not a good thing, but it don’t complain when no charges are laid either because the hearings are not a Court.

  5. Any agency like Secret Service, FBI, EPA, etc., that are responsible for making sure that laws are obeyed should not have political appointments. This is a conflict of interest!

    1. They murdered the Sgt at Arms the day before he was to appear, you think this is a sideshow to distract from that.

    2. Bingo. Politics should Never be mixed with our Home Land Security agencies. Also Religion and Church should never be allowed to be involved with Politics.

  6. Kind of ironic that six years ago he was chanting “lock her up”. Now he might be the one to actually be locked up.

    1. @Bobby Kiefer No, she isn’t. She worked for Mark Meadows. Ornato was SS until trump made him an appointee. Totally different. She did not receive a political promotion.

  7. I support our secret service even as I absolutely abhor the man child they were protecting. Thank you.

    1. @Mark That’s all I’ve been doing in this thread. You just choose not to accept it. All on you.

    1. @The Whole World Is Insane yes, but there is more and it is probably even worse. It may be what gets his followers to step away.

    2. @Tricia C Actually you have 0 evidence, why you have investigated for 6 years with 0 charges.

    3. @Franklin I am not the investigators. Of course I don’t personally have the evidence. Bit they do. You are just being so silly trying to deflect.

  8. The right thing would have been for the Agency to run an inquiry into the event; how can they claim now that it did not happen? Someone is lying and the Secret Service should not allow lies to stand.

    1. @Acer Maximinus Perhaps, Trump told the SS to lie, but I’ll bet it didn’t take much persuasion. 😉

    2. @potcrak1 lmao I wouldn’t ordinarily critique someone’s abilities with English, but you my friend have made errors in all 3 of the comments ive seen by you so far. Was your defence of WE THE PEOPLE because of your own inabilities? Asking for a friend.

  9. It is becoming clearer what Pence did not trust about the Secret Service on Jan 6. Oronato being an operational director, Pence was trusting his personal team leader, but not Oronato’s role as overseer. Makes a lot more sense now.

    1. @Douglas Hagedorn Yes, Pence didn’t like the driver. He knew he would end up in the Potomoc and Grassley was in place to finish us off.

    2. They murdered the Sgt at Arms the day before he was to appear, you think this is a sideshow to distract from that.

  10. Control , Power and Trump’ play-Book Seditious Conspiracy not only did Trump know he had lost he knew he was going to lose , including his allies , seeking pardons , and must be held accountable at any cost for their treasonous Acts !
    Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson , Thank you , you are a true American Hero.
    Never forget January 6th 2021

    1. @Lora Larose they are denying them thats not even possible. U mean they dont wanna bring them on for the same reason they didn’t bring them on from beginning it would disprove their case

    2. @ARB I’m waiting for something she said first hand because even she admits she wasn’t there come on im out of work I got time …..Dont Biatch out

  11. Agent Wakro mentions something I’ve been curious about: Are there “after action reports” from the Secret Service details who were with Trump and with Pence on January 6? Apparently, such reports are routine. But if they exist, I’ve seen no reporting about them.

    1. @Tricia C Silly about what ? Reply with a substantial comment if you have the capacity to do that

  12. For the past 4 years up until now all the craziness and chaos nothing surprises me anymore🤔

    1. I have to say this did surprise me. I didn’t think he had the stones to go after someone from the secret service.

  13. Just think… if they had let him go…he’d probly be indicted as we speak right now. Obviously they did their job but had they taken him we would be in a different set of hearings right now and he would 100% be convicted. So that’s the downside

    1. They murdered the Sgt at Arms the day before he was to appear, you think this is a sideshow to distract from that.

    1. Absolutely Nothing …Say It Again…WAR… What Is It Good For ?…Absolutly Nothing

  14. It’s too bad the Secret Service didn’t let him go. Maybe something might’ve happened (accidentally) and we wouldn’t have had any of the troubles that we’ve had for the last two years.

    1. Then that would mean the end of their career. It’s their job to protect the president no matter what.

    2. @Tricia C Oh I know and I’m very glad that that is the case. You’re absolutely right. Just like with the military, they should never let their personal politics direct the performance of their job. I was just engaging in a little bit of fantasy, alternative history.

  15. The fact Anthony Ornato currently works for the Secret Service when they know at least something of what he has done raises serious questions in my mind about the integrity of the Secret Service. Can they be trust? Not at the moment. Something is seriously wrong inside that organization.

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