Two secret service agents say they heard claim Trump angrily demanded to go to Capitol

Then-President Donald Trump angrily demanded to go to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, and berated his protective detail when he didn’t get his way, according to two Secret Service sources who say they heard about the incident from multiple agents, including the driver of the presidential SUV where it occurred. #cnn #News


  1. No human being alive would never be able to convince me that this is false. Being president made him believe he could do anything that he wanted. He’s a criminal. He’s absolutely a disgrace to the office.

  2. And Tony Ornato was the first agent ever to switch jobs and become a political appointee during the campaign and then switch back to his old secret service job… that needs to be pointed out regularly

  3. 0:34 He thinks the president is omnipotent. 😂 Doesn’t he know that the POTUSA is actually the _most feckless_ job in the world? 🤦 You either waste your term cleaning up the previous guy’s mess, or you try to accomplish stuff but get blocked by the other other party at every step and whatever you do manage to accomplish gets undone by the next guy, 😒

  4. We believe fully MS. Hutchison and every word of her testimony. We pray that Liz Cheney will protect her because as we have seen Trump will stop at nothing.

  5. The one who testifies under oath under penalty of perjury is the one whose words deserve more consideration.

    1. @#SuperOldGameSaturday You have no proof of your statement; it’s merely your opinion.
      I don’t agree with it, nor do many.

    2. @Kim Cissell Stop deflecting!
      All your posts are attempted deflections from the topic.

  6. I’m surprised Trump (and all his flab) was able to move fast enough to grab the stering wheel & the SS Agent. But it doesn’t surprise me. Trump acts worse than a 6th grade bully.

  7. I would love to hear what the Secret Service agents say about Donald behind closed doors. His term was a complete shitshow.

    1. Remember when he had toilet paper stuck to his shoes? If they cared about him, they would have brought it to his attention. Instead, they said nothing, and it made him the laughing stock of many late night host..

    2. me too i bet they got lots of salacious details of trump sneaking into Ivankas room late at night for a quicke .. i hope one of them writes a tell all book

    3. I’m a democrat and I even realize this country was in a lot better shape back then then now w the Biden administration now .

  8. Notice the words used “No one attempted to intimidate.” Intelligent individuals know that one can intimidate a person even in the guise of being “nice.” No one’s denying that they contacted her.

    1. @Tom A 100% Tom. My thoughts exactly.
      Intimidation can be hidden in an “innocent” query.
      RICO is the way forward!

  9. A secret service official with common sense. Life for them must have been very challenging under Trump. To think Trump is not in jail is baffling. Yo think he is still talking about running for office and still has a following defies all logic.

    1. Logic/Reason:
      “Indeed, you can’t use reason to change the opinion of a person whose opinion was not formed by reason.” – Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

  10. Yeah, the thing about all this is that everything we’ve heard about what Trump did is _completely in character_ .

    1. We are talking about a man who suggested that he only respects soldiers that don’t die or are captured in war and who used a sharpie pen on a hurricane map to frighten residents of Alabama rather than admit he misspoke at a press conference. Yep, the creature said it.

    2. @Eric Willis what evidence?! 😂 oh some lady was told by her sisters friends cousins dad that trump sent a mean tweet?

    3. @00 BankZ No, there has always been clear evidence, from what the man himself has said, recorded on video, but I’m afraid it would be wasted on you.

  11. One side is testifying under oath and the other refuses. If they want to protect the biggest liar in history, let’s see them put their own freedom on the line for him.

  12. They can trace calls unless it was done on a “ throwaway” phone which would also indicate the intent behind the call.
    Astounding that these high up officials have the option to testify or not AND dictate how they testify.

    1. I think we need a law where elected officials and people in the administration are prohibited from even touching a burner phone or account that cant be traced back like jared did with the saudis on snapchat or whatever. All communications should be able to be filed for the record.

  13. I believe her. And I hope she is being protected from those who might want to harm her. 🙏

  14. hmmm.. look at that.. multiple pictures of her standing right next to Mark Meadows. but she was “just a low level employee.” right. disgusting how they try to minimize someone because they dont like what they say. and Aranado is a proven liar.

  15. If the secret service special agents lie, they must be convicted sent to prison, and stripped of all benefits.

  16. What’s interesting as well is that the Secret Service assessed the situation at the Capital and realized it was a potentially dangerous situation for the President to be taken to.

    1. Which begs the question: why didn’t the Secret Service do more to help out Congress and VP Pence?

  17. I think the young lady has more courage then 95% of men dealing with an irate child. I just don’t understand why anyone can stand him.

    1. @julio torres Your comment doesn’t refute what they said. You came off quite clueless yourself and had to recycle “right wing sources”

  18. Before testimony, “he’ll be watching you and hoping you are loyal” after testimony, “I don’t even know who she is”

    1. She was Cassidy Hutchinson, but you wouldn’t know that because you either watch Fox News or your bunker has been breached.

    2. So tell me Mr. TRUMP, if you don’t know Cassidy, they why should she be loyal to you.

      She should be loyal to the Law, the TRUTH and the Constitution of the United States of America.

      Be loyal to God.

      Donald Trump is loyal to no one.

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