Hear retired officer’s warning to Ukraine ahead of potential Russian offensive

Russia launched nationwide missile strikes, as it has done with grim regularity for months, and has fired a notably high number of S-300 missiles, according to Ukrainian officials. Retired US Army Maj. Mike Lyons discusses these escalating attacks. #CNN #News


  1. Well, that’s another senseless waste of time. Where do you pull these dudes from? Just leave this retired major alone, because he is not really up to date. Russia created “weak points” by throwing hordes of people into the line of fire. A war crime on the Russians themselves. Only that dries out at a certain moment and then everything is stuck again. Russia today has lost more than 1000 people and over 30 tanks at least. As result of that they’ve gotten nowhere. Just because they have been active does not mean that they have the initiative.

    1. How hard would one fight while their countrymen holding a gun at your back. Atleast the enemy has the guts to face you.

  2. This leaves me wondering how can any army have much of a lessons learned when they have such a high turnover rate? What is the average survival rate of the Ruzzian soldier on the battlefield in terms of hours/days?? Learn something one day, then gone the next.

    1. The Wagner group is having a hard time recruiting prisoners to serve because they are all suicide missions. You know it’s bad when people would rather stay in Russian prison because it’s safer.

    2. The US had the highest casuality rate in Vietnam during the late 60s. By the time the 70s began, they had learned many lessons and were able to decrease their turnover rate despite engaging in larger combat operations. But you know what else happened during those years? High rates of fragging incidents of officers and noncoms. Higher numbers of drafted. And within two years, the US was already trying to get out.

  3. A very large Russian armored column was just completely smashed by Ukrainian artillery on the Zaporizhznia front, so if the Russians are ‘learning’ they aren’t doing so quickly enough.

    1. @E L Δ T E The orcs have to come out of their hiding positions and attack across those wide-open fields. Looks like a good strategy.

    2. @Tekton Oryx, who only count a armoured casualty if they have photographic evidence of the loss of the vehicle, estimate russian tank losses alone as 1,600+. Ukraine estimate russian losses as 3,000 plus. True figure bound to be in the 2,000+ range. Obviously russia has lost a lot of tanks !

  4. Satellite images could show where most of the Russian backup supplies are situated. The Russian divisions with the most standby supplies will be the most dangerous. Experienced Russian divisions will move with more discipline than divisions made up with civilians with guns. You can see most of this on satellite images. During the Vietnam war the Viet Cong soldiers could tell how experience the enemy was just by listening to how the shots were being fired.

    1. @neilba1 Who “we”
      You speak in who’s name?
      Stop war against Russia before it is too late. Ignore media and gouvernments, they always lie. Maybe than you will have chance to learn the truth.

    2. @neilba1 @neil. Tell you what . If “we” get a confirmation on your hope … I’ll comply . Let’s see how it goes ….

    3. @neilba1 @neil. We do understand that the Russians are shelling at a rate of up to 60 thousand rounds A DAY. They have a matchup of 6 to 1 in Areas where Ukraine is choosing to focus their artillery . Otherwise it’s 10 to 1 matchup . We understand that NATO/America can’t produce this rate in their factories . (Not now or not within two years time it takes to gear up ). This thread is oblivious to realities of attrition. Glad I can help !

  5. So basically we were all way too late in getting Ukraine the equipment they need because we were all too busy cowering to Putin’s nuclear threats

    1. @K M Well done, you are spot on. They should have been prepared since 2014 but even now they should have given Ukraine everything since last year

    2. Too late? Ukraine has the advantage no matter what Russia does because Ukraine is fighting for THEIR HOME. It makes no difference what success Russia has, they cannot hold it. They simply lack the ability to take much more than they have right now (sure, they may move a few miles farther west but they will not go much farther than that, they simply lack the logistical support to do it). So, once this Russian offensive is completed, Ukraine will execute their own, this time better trained, with better supplies.

    3. @Komodo Dragon
      Biden is the only president to stand up to Putin and call him a murderer, Biden told him if he invaded he would pay, and the man has kept his word

    4. @GeekFurious How limited you are? Russians live there where the frontiline is. Russians are fighting arround their houses. How hard is to learn that? Why do people comment and they don’t know first thing. Not even really interested. Started by some media hype and in next hour they are warriors and experts

  6. I *Highly* doubt Russia has the initiative or somehow has gained some insight for tactics. They’ve simply amassed a large number of troops in one area, which gives them a defensive posture Ukraine has yet to attempt to take advantage of.

    Ukraine on the other hand seems happy to hold it’s own defensive posture while increasing Russia’s casualties as they probe their impenetrable defenses, *which is extremely intelligent.* It is a war of attrition after all. This is why Ukraine wants more longer range and armored weapons, to break the defensive posture of the Russians without taking massive a casualties.

    Let’s say Russia does an offensive, that puts Russia as a huge disadvantage; now they’re trying to take well defended land and are going to take massive casualties in the process, which hugely favors Ukraine. Ukraine has things that can shoot down jets and blow up tanks too, so it’s not clear cut that numbers alone could break through Ukraine’s defenses.

    Meanwhile, Ukraine is training and equipping NATO quality troops, not Russian orcs. Every day that passes favors Ukraine right now. but, every day that passes also is more suffering, which is why we need to give them longer range missile systems and more of them to break Russian resolve.

    1. Russia has The same tactics as in attacking Finland and ww2 Russians never changed, they havent upgrade anything, Ukraine is flexibel adjusting counter measurement they will this battel in this spring, 3 batalions is nothing could easily be defeted, destroyed and that is whats to come

    1. They are. This General is trying to encourage the Russians to go ahead and attack. When Russia pushes the attack in earnest, that is when they will be mowed down like sheep. Putin’s slaves die for nothing.

  7. I pretty much disagree with the guy. Russia doesn’t have initiative. They are just sending enormous amount of canon meat under Ukrainian fire forces and not advancing (taking one empty village means nothing in terms of this war). And I know this Russian tactic for a fact

    1. @The truth nothing else And if the Soviets didn’t defeat the Nazis, US wouldn’t be enjoying “king of the world” status.

    2. @RayDaBlade Germanys industry was bombed to hell, ukraine has the aresenal of democracy behind it and at also the germans stopped at Kursk because of the Italian campaigin they were doing decent at the end .

    3. @Neth Komba and if the soviets hadn’t invaded Poland, Frances’s attack would have fully commenced and Germany would have been beaten before either US or USSR had to join.

  8. Holy cow! Didn’t expect to watch this in CNN. An honest opinion from somebody stating the truth? What happened CNN?

    1. CNN is pretty good, compared to the rest of mainstream US media, which unfortunately is a really low bar for rating against. Much better than MSNBC or Faux News( the owner of Fox news/Sky news is facing legal problems right now for pushing Trump’s false election fraud).

  9. Ukraine already had more than 15 million Refugees who left the country and with 257,000 dead not including wounded and more to come great job Zelenski 🤣😅🤣😅

  10. Before everyone gets over excited about a Russian offensive with 60k new troops think how long it took for RF to take Bakhmut and they still haven’t finished the job. There are 3 larger towns to conquer in the Donbas and much open ground to cover vulnerable to accurate artillery. Also, Ukr has deliberate kept reserves to fight any offensive. If Bakhmut is any measure it will take RF at least a year to take Donbas.

    1. @Franky Yaggabot How many Ukrainians starved to death during Stalin’s reign of terror? That’s when the Russians moved into that territory. Time to move them back to Russia comrade. Russia has already lost. Only slaves bow to a thug like Putin.

    2. @Franky Yaggabot
      Russia has little money to put it’s economy on a war footing, tell me, which factory is churning out 50,000 shells daily, why is Russias asking North Korea for shells if it can produce so many, also, why have the Ukrainians and west noticed that Russias shelling has dropped by 75 percent of Russia is well stocked ?

      It’s actually the opposite, Russia is so desperate it’s getting assistance from China, and North Korea

      Russia cannot out manufacture the West.

    3. @Diogenes Ataraxia If you are going to relate to past History to justify the present then: How many Ukrainians joined Nazi Germany in their march on Moscow? How many Ukrainians contributed to the killing of Jews during WW2? How many Ukrainians secretly yearn for Polish Hegemony? Not really anything that relates to the present!

    4. @Kirk Patrick Nice to see you rattling off CNN talking points. Both China and North Korea say Russia has not asked them for artillery shells (but who knows who to believe). Remember 6 months ago when Russia was supposed to have run out of shells (and serviceable tanks). Russia has been firing about 60-80,000 shells a day for the last 3 months. They have dropped off recently and this is indicative (so say the military people I have listened to) of a buffering period that precedes a major offensive (i.e. they intend to massively increase that firing rate in the near future).

    5. @Franky Yaggabot
      On November 27, Russias Military transport Antonov-124 aircraft was observed visiting China 9 times in 7 days, the aircraft, in order to hide itself, turned off its transponder on 4 occasions, therefore only 3 flights were observed by electronic tracking leaving, yet all left physically .

      A video of the incident can be viewed on Telegram, this shows the Antonov -124 arriving at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International airport in the Henan Province.
      I am 100 percent certain these huge military aircraft aren’t delivering flowers to China,

      China is assisting Russia, Russia has little capacity to make much as its crooks over the past 30 years were too busy robbing the nation instead of developing it’s industries.

  11. Three hundred thousand or more new Russian draftees on the front surely make a difference. Let’s not forget however, it makes a difference in Russia as well as Russian people are eventually finding out what a bloody mess they personnally are in. It’s now much less simple to just obey orders without any concern.

  12. Have to disagree with the General here. Russia started its campaign in February 2022 with its best troops, best combat vehicles, stocks of weaponry and hardware and in that period could not take Kyiv, lost Kharkiv and Kherson and has barely advanced. Slight gains in Soledar and around Bakhmut mean nothing. They are also losing forces at the rate of 10 to 1 daily. Remember also that the new force may be large in numbers, but they are mainly conscripts with little experience. The Russian Army has shown that it is still on the limits of its supply line, the only reason it appears to have success now is that it is right back on its own borders and can utilise artillery and air support from behind its lines and resupply a little easier. I think Russia will certainly launch another offensive, but the only potential benefit is numerical superiority, but all warfare doctrine will tell you that the attacking force will always need more numbers than those defending. I think once they try to push forward they will bog down again with supply issues, their fleet of active main battle tanks has been decimated, nearly 3000 lost and now using old stock and their artillery can’t operate at the same distances given HIMARS ability to counter their effectiveness once they are back on Ukrainian soil en-masse. as for Russians learning, sorry but they don’t learn and the General gives them too much credit. They fight today as they did in WW2, as they did in Chechnya, as they did in Syria and Afghanistan, the doctrine does not change and its predictable. Russia still uses a top down command structure with people waiting for orders to act at lower levels, whereas Ukraine with its western training since 2014 now uses a bottom up approach, ensuring the NCO level has the autonomy to make decisions. That has been critical so far. So I think we all know a new push is coming, it will cost more Ukrainian lives, but Russia is going to suffer enormous losses again and it will not have the success some pundits are now hinting at. Ukraine will hold them off and in the long run kick them out of Ukraine, maybe not Crimea, but back to pre 24 February 2022 positions.

    1. “Russia started its campaign in February 2022 with its best troops, best combat vehicles, stocks of weaponry and hardware”. Obviously your brain is British😅😅😅

    2. He is not a General, he is a retired Army Major. Like I pointed out previously, he is too junior and inexperienced an officer to be giving expert-like opinions on war. CNN must have run out of experts and hurriedly filled in with this fellow. Notwithstanding though, you are regurgitating war propaganda of the West’s. Granted that Russia has performed beyond expectation in this war, I still won’t count them out completely—there must be a reason for their still pushing on. Can Ukraine win with donated weapons or will Russia get better the longer the war lasts? What if China and North Korea start some trouble elsewhere, would the West be capable of containing them while still donating weapons to Ukraine? These are the questions that experts should be ruminating over, and through answering them proffer solution to ending the war.

    3. @Larry O Disorganized? Badly supplied? Poorly led? No. Who is going around to different countries begging for wonder weapons, foreign fighters and money? Who is hurting for fighters so bad, that their recruiters have to disguise their vehicles as taxis to kidnap men to send to the front lines to die? Who lowered the recruitment age to 16 and raiding homes snatching men in their 60s out of their homes to fight? Answer: Ukraine.

  13. Everything is fine. Ukraine as always managed to down 100% of Russian missiles using Ukrainian weapons depots and power stations. Tell us about the ghost of Kiev or that Russia ran out of missiles for a change. 😂😂😂

  14. Valuable insights and assessment, Sir Mike. You’re absolutely right. Russian Commanders is applying new tactics on the battle field.
    Keep on traying..

  15. Let me remind you that by 1994 treaty Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in exchange that US will protect them militarily. Little did they know that they’ll have to beg for help when the time comes.

  16. He’s right. When I was 17 I was a elected boys state governor of New Mexico . I was in high school and even though I didn’t like Bush I was still a republican. That year they stopped sending the governors to boys nation in DC but they started sending two elected boys . Senator and Representative. So I ran by just being genuine and taking to everyone. Those two guys that ended up getting elected to go to boys nation. I specifically remember them being democrats and they stated “ I really need the election for my future political career.” these guys were smear campaigning their political rival . Even though I win governorship I was so disgusted that 17 year old boys could pretend play corrupt political made me sick. I remember telling myself that I could never become a real politician because they are inherently corrupt.
    Very rare to find a person willing to stand by principal over party. At this time received a aide-de-camp award from Governor Gary Johnson. Then the speaker of the house of reps (1999) Dennis Hastert came to my school gave a media tour about bringing down the national deficit from 10 trillion to zero in 29 years. I got to interview him with a question and the local news put me on at 7 pm. Later I found out Dennis was a pedo. The same year I took state in wresting and the news reporter came and interviewed me . He twisted what I said and painted his own picture. Pretty much I knew that media, politicians,
    Are corrupt .
    This is from a then 17 year old boy from Albuquerque. I knew I could have become a all star politician at this point but I prefer my privacy and honor. I knew then that if I finished my Christian mission in Brazil for two years I could become a elected official. After learning Portuguese and Spanish and living in Brazil while the war started in Iraq I was being targeted my Brazilians in the street for just being American . I knew when I came home from my mission I could apply and enroll to West Point with my recommendations and rewards but by this time I saw other all stars around me who actually wanted to become a ruler .. I was out. I hold my eternal soul more valuable than political clout. I love De Santos because of my humble experience I can decent he is a actually down to earth politicians. I hope and pray he keeps his position humble . I pray he will be our next national leader after all these career politicians and political bulldozers like Trump . You know Trump who was a long time democrat but when he realized his own party would not allow him to run for office as democrat he just high-hacks the Republican Party.
    Screw that . De Santos of Trump all day any day.

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