Hear what Chinese citizens think of Putin

CNN's Selina Wang asks Chinese citizens how they feel about Russian President Vladimir Putin as China's leader Xi Jinping visits Russia for the first time since Putin's war in Ukraine began. Then, CNN's Ivan Watson reports on the reaction to the visit in Ukraine. #CNN #News


    1. @Mickey Webb Jeff and I have the same thing in mind and so do you: The burial of truth happened over 60 years ago in Kamloops.

    1. @jimbo43 O’hara Speaking with Zelensky is like talking with the child of a parent. It doesnt make sense. He doesnt decide ANYTHING. He has zero power.

  1. The real content starts at about 1:49 and ends at about 2:47. The rest is either filler or unrelated to the title of the post. I hate news posts like that.

    1. CNN always does that. 80% comments that we don’t need and the rest what title says. Classical manipulation.

  2. I used to think everybody went broke during the Great Depression and other major crashes but they didn’t… Some made millions, I also thought everybody went out of business during these times but they didn’t, some went into business, there’s always depression/recession for some people and there’s always a good time for others, it’s all about perspective.

    1. Well if isn’t that the hard truth…this investment-adviser that guides you must really on to something…who is he?

    2. It’s a She actually, Christine Blake Mckale I initially came across her on a CNBC news report then on smartadvisors and I decided to hit her up. Best decision I made to stay afloat 2020.

    3. Thanks for the contributions, I just skimmed through Christine’s Ruth webpage, interesting stuff, wrote her an email.

    4. Many people including my grandparents suffered during the depression. How many lost jobs, couldn’t pay rent or mortgage during the recessions that republicans are responsible for. Remember trump shut down the government when he didn’t get his way. Not one Government Employee received a paycheck during that time. I give Democrats a lot of credit for getting us out of a republicans inflicted recession. President Obama inherited a massive recession when he was elected. Despite that he managed to reduce the deficit , then republicans came to power and pissed it away including their tax scam that added trillions to our deficit. President Clinton left a surplus which republicans pissed away again. See the pattern. The only time republicans are concerned about the deficit is when Democrats are in office. What hypocrites republicans are. What have they done to benefit the American citizens? Nothing

  3. Well I guess it is a good match but only one side is getting flushed so you guys better figure out which side you’re gonna live on saying the 2 were standing shoulder to shoulder against America’s increasingly open

  4. Associating with bullies, bullying leads to wrong. Dating with graduates. Graduates take them to find results.

  5. Lol.. “The meeting of two friends”. I am sure one will not hesitate to end the other given the opportunity. For now, one is being used and the other is taking advantage.

  6. Lmao imagine going all the way to Beijing, the heart of China, to do interviews and then conducting them in some random detached 1900s alleyway instead of in the actual city lol. And with all due respect to the elders interviewed, but it would be more insightful to ask educated and young professionals in the city instead of random shoemakers and grandmas regarding their insights on such a complex issue.

    1. 93% of China is over 35 🤣🤣🤣 Who do you want them to interview, the minority or the majority?

  7. What’s great about Xi’s peace proposal. Is it emphasizes respecting sovereignty and borders.
    Can you imagine the relief in Taiwan!!
    Even possibly Tibet, and Xinjiang.

  8. Little Bear and Pooh Bear forming their own little playgroup because they don’t like the mean things being said about them

  9. Whenever I see a dictator is very tense, I don’t know what’s going on, anyway, I know that I’m still far away from being happy.

  10. 3:23 said “….it’s pretty much the only viewpoint that Chinese people can see” Yet on Wei bo (Chinese Twitter)there are Ukrainian and US embassy’s official account which send post to support Ukraine all the time. And on Bilibili (Chinese YouTube) there are many Youtubers who dislike Russian and have many viewers, like 10 thousands+ likes per video……. the most uncomfortable part to me is this asian host’s face when talking about China’s “censored news”, as if she was saying ” keep in mind that these Chinese people lives in a world that is much different with the freedom world that we live, that’s why many of them support Russia, because they are brainwash😢

  11. I hope this just teaches everyone to be open-minded and that it’s all about perspective, there’s only True and False, there’s no Right or Wrong.
    It’s like watching an alternate universe where everyone is inverted, very interesting.

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